Re: [Flashcoders] AS2 Sound.stop()

2007-09-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
If you had the sound imported into your library, assigned a linkage ID, and then attached it using Sound class's attachSound method, you'd have a 'idName'. If you loaded your audio clip using loadSound method, you wouldn't have a linkageID. So don't worry abt it. Sound has no static field stop.

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 Sound = wtf

2007-09-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Why don't you: 1. List down your queries, and ask for suggestions / help from the community here 2. Write to adobe's feature request list about the features you think are missing, but essential 3. Stop ranting on the list, and go use ur personal blog for this crap. Btw, Stop looking for detailed

Re: [Flashcoders] Help with listener for custom class (AS3)

2007-09-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
From your cssLoaded and xmlLoaded methods, dispatch an event each, announcing the completion of load. eg public function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void { newXML = XML(; dispatchEvent(new Event(xmlLoaded)); } And on the timeline, you can add a listener to that event by

Re: [Flashcoders] dynamically attaching a movie clip to a class/object

2007-09-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
You should be assigning the movieclip reference being returned from attachMovie to your myPost variable: myPost = _root.attachMovie(signPost, myPost, _root.getNextHighestDepth()); Without that, your myPost variable is gonna be pointing to nothing. ~Arul Prasad. On 9/12/07, Charles Parcell

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 _url?

2007-09-04 Thread Arul Prasad M L
loaderInfo.url eg: you can use stage.loaderInfo.url to get the url for the swf. On 9/5/07, eric e. dolecki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: _url has been removed from AS3. Trying to find its replacement... is there one? - eric ___

Re: [Flashcoders] Gaia - Anybody wanna share?

2007-08-14 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Heard that Steve's previous employer has raised intellectual property claims on it; And he is working it out. He is not supposed discuss any details. May be we should keep discussions in here discrete as well; Don't want to get him into trouble, for doing something good to the community.

[Flashcoders] Gaia - Anybody wanna share?

2007-08-13 Thread Arul Prasad M L
I understand why it isn't up there anymore, so If someone else who downloaded this (during the brief period it was online) can pass it to me offlist, it would be great. Thanks, Arul Prasad. On 6/18/07, Steven Sacks [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The Gaia Framework for Adobe Flash v1.0.3 Update is

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash movie background color not showing in Firefox browser...

2007-07-22 Thread Arul Prasad M L
you dont have wmode set to transparent, do you? ~Arul Prasad. On 7/23/07, BOYD SPEER [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes I did check the html and the color is correct there (#99)... but as a workaround I will add a layer to insure the movie appears the same in each browser. I am surprised that

Re: [Flashcoders] Strange class scoping problem?

2007-07-10 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Hi Eric, try setTimeout( Delegate.create(myConduit, myConduit.getAutoCompleteMatches, 500, login_dialogBox_mc.entry_txt.text, user.zipcode, 6 ); instead. Should work. ~Arul Prasad On 7/10/07, eric e. dolecki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Have a scoping issue of some kind within a Class itself,

Re: [Flashcoders] Coding suffixes and prefixes triggering code hinting

2007-07-02 Thread Arul Prasad M L
This is the one: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\First Run\ActionsPanel\ActionScript_1_2\ActionsPanel.xml or, you can safely modify the copy of the same file available in ur home directory, in here: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash

Re: [Flashcoders] E4X not for external XML docs?

2007-05-30 Thread Arul Prasad M L
E4X can be used for external xml files too. Your problem might be a namespace issue I blogged abt a couple of days back ? Don't bother about the jabber part in the post, just look for the namespace related details.

Re: [Flashcoders] wrapping excel in Flash?

2007-05-30 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Importing excel data - One thing you can do is, save your excel sheet as a .csv file, and then parse it in Actionscript. password security? If its a web app, you can provide some server level authentication etc. Its very much doable. -- Arul Prasad On 5/30/07,

Re: [Flashcoders] Error 2152 when selecting Fullscreen Button on Flash CS3 AS3 FLVPlayback component

2007-05-29 Thread Arul Prasad M L
The flash player can go fullscreen only if the html tag for including the flash object sets a param to allow it to go fullscreen. In the publish settings window in html tab, you'll see a 'flash with full screen' html template. Use that template and publish ur html. That should help. ~Arul Prasad.

Re: [Flashcoders] Hi List!

2007-05-25 Thread Arul Prasad M L
If stripping off all html from an input textfield is what you are looking for, You will be able to do this in a simple process: I'll put in a lil function in here: function stripHTML(input:String):String { var util_txt:TextField = _root.createTextField(util_txt, _root.getNextHighestDepth(),

Re: [Flashcoders] how to write a class that loads XML?

2007-04-27 Thread Arul Prasad M L
1. May be coz you never really created the XML object. You'll need to define the XML object as well, not just declare the variable. 2. Try using the Delegate class. Its pretty useful in avoiding confusions. Now the code: import mx.utils.Delegate; class XMLoader { private var

Re: [Flashcoders] String to array

2007-04-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Looks like you are not waiting for the data to be loaded into your SWF before you split. Try using LoadVars and wait for the onLoad event, and then do a split. something like: var _lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); _lv.load(FlashMenuLoader.asp); var my_array:Array; _lv.onLoad = function () {

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Over HTML

2007-03-27 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Am not very sure about CSS, but, z-index = 1 is below z-index =2, isnt it? So, from your CSS, I understand that flashcontentis definitely gonna be below the html in 'izizu_div_content'. Shouldn't 'flashcontent' have a higher depth than the other layers? On 3/27/07, Karim Beyrouti [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash CS3 Announced

2007-03-27 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Adobe Flash CS3 is Flash 9 Professional. ( there is no Flash 'basic' anymore) Its a complete version. Not just Flash 8 with AS3. Flash CS3 comes with quiet a lot of new features. AS3 being one of the most important( developer ) feature. I saw a comprehensive list of features here:

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: attachMovie vs createClassObject

2007-03-26 Thread Arul Prasad M L
createClassObject and createObject (and a few more) methods are defined in the mx.core.ext.UIObjectExtensions class, and are added to MovieClip's prototype when UIObjectExtensions gets 'initialized'. This happens, if you have a UIComponent in your library. So createClassObject method will work,

Re: [Flashcoders] empty textfield of type input and embedded font

2007-03-26 Thread Arul Prasad M L
try moving your setText(__text); call from constructor to the onLoad method ? like private function onLoad() { setText(__text); } On 3/26/07, Matthias Dittgen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello list, I have a dynamic textfield like this in the constructor of a class extending

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash chat and Smiley

2007-02-23 Thread Arul Prasad M L
*Jolan SmileyTextField v1.3 * ( Its in AS1 though. Haven't seen anything better yet. I had to tweak it a lil to get it to work for FP 7+ ... -- Arul Prasad

Re: [Flashcoders] FLV issue within IE7?

2007-02-19 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Is the HTML in the same folder as the SWF too? If not, are you using relative path(just the FLV file name) to target the FLVs from the SWF? On 2/20/07, Charles Parcell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Anyone have suggestions on what I could possibly do to correct my FLVs not appearing in IE7? I

[Flashcoders] [OT] Intermediate level Actionscript developer needed at Singapore

2007-01-05 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Hi, There is a requirement for an intermediate level Actionscript developer ( 2 - 3 yrs of development exp) in our team at my current work place. Skillset expected: - AS2.0 development experience - Good knowledge of OO development methodologies - Experience in XML parsing, Flash V2

Re: [Flashcoders] timeline control of flv video?

2006-12-18 Thread Arul Prasad M L
looks like all you need is a FLVPlayback component. (in Flash8) or Media Playback component (in Flash MX 2004) Open up the components panel - Window menu components. And its right there. ~Arul Prasad. On 12/18/06, John DuQuette [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it possible to dynamically load flv

Re: [Flashcoders] Allow smoothing on imported jpeg:s

2006-10-10 Thread Arul Prasad M L
There is no one line solution to this: Tinic Uro on the Flash player team had a way to do this using BitmapData class. Check this out: ~Arul Prasad. -- Forwarded message -- From: Johan Nyberg [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] opening flex projects in flash?

2006-09-28 Thread Arul Prasad M L
flex compiler (mxmlc) has an option that would let you 'keep' the generated AS files. if thats what would interest you? check out the docs for keep-generated-actionscript ~Arul Prasad. On 9/28/06, til [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it possible to convert Flex files into flash? I assume so...

Re: [Flashcoders] generate gif from flash

2006-09-18 Thread Arul Prasad M L
for the PNG encoder - check out Tinic Uro's blog, he had implemented one.. btw, Thats in AS3... ~Arul Prasad. On 9/18/06, rishi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I want to make an animated gif from an swf at runtime. Any ideas most welcome. Also I have ben having hard times to implement PNG encoder

Re: [Flashcoders] Color

2006-09-18 Thread Arul Prasad M L
al_mc.onRollOver = function() { _root.reg.text = Alsace; var my_color1:Color = new Color(this._name); this.defaultColor = this.getRGB(); myValue1 = 0xFFF; my_color1.setRGB(myValue1); }; al_mc.onRollOut = function() { _root.reg.text = Alsace; var my_color1:Color = new

Re: [Flashcoders] extending built-in classes and scope

2006-09-17 Thread Arul Prasad M L
seems like your pikkle.WireMenu class got imported before the compiler reached your timeline code to add findFirstNode method to the XML object. Try adding your method, using a class ... Or, may be, try wrapping your code to add that method to XML object's prototype in a initclip/ endinitclip

Re: [Flashcoders] ListBox component, get Data (2nd Value)?!

2006-09-01 Thread Arul Prasad M L
AFAIK, addItem takes only the label and ONE data element. To save 2 data elements into the data part, you can make an array with both the values, and add that array as the data. Like this: lista.addItem(categorias[n + 1], [categorias[n + 0], categorias[n + 3]]) Now, to access the second

Re: [Flashcoders] empty HTML

2006-08-30 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Use FileReference API instead, to activate download. ~Arul Prasad -- Forwarded message -- From: Laurent CUCHET [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Aug 30, 2006 3:02 PM Subject: [Flashcoders] empty HTML To: Flashcoders mailing list Hello When I put a

Re: [Flashcoders] [:::] appending html to a var for display not working and code not runnign as expected.

2006-08-16 Thread Arul Prasad M L
just where you do a trace(myHtml) try tracing (this._targetMc.collectiveLinks); and see if it returns the full path to the txtfield. just in case that textfield isnt accesible in that path you've coded in ... ~Arul Prasad. On 8/16/06, dnk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I wanted to thank

Re: [Flashcoders] Can't access mc

2006-08-11 Thread Arul Prasad M L
declare theClip as a member of the class linker. like, private var theClip:MovieClip; Also, try to keep ur code out of the constructor. Write a onLoad function and put ur code in there. private function onLoad() { trace(theClip); } On 8/11/06, Mendelsohn, Michael [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi

Re: [Flashcoders] Can't access mc

2006-08-11 Thread Arul Prasad M L
But, Arul, what is the advantage of putting it in an onLoad function instead of the constructor? Just to be on the safer side, thats all :) Try this: add a trace each in the constructor and the onLoad. And test your movie. You'll see that the constructor gets called even before onLoad. Now,

Re: [Flashcoders] DK - destroying objects from a class using arraynotation

2006-08-10 Thread Arul Prasad M L
If its mx.core.UIObject's destroyObject that you are talking about, destroyObject takes the instanceName of the object, not the instance reference. you'll just have to pass the instance name as a string. So, your code should look somethng like: function killElements() { for (var i:Number = 0; i

Re: [Flashcoders] Help...cant unload the xml menu...!!

2006-08-01 Thread Arul Prasad M L
might be a problem with the URL. 1. Make sure that the ../xml folder is in the WWW folder of ur server, not above it. or 2. Try doing this: var urlString:String = _root._url; urlString = urlString.substr(0,urlString.lastIndexOf(/)); urlString = urlString.substr(0,urlString.lastIndexOf(/) + 1);

Re: [Flashcoders] Interactive Map Examples

2006-08-01 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Came across this one yesterday.. ~Arul Prasad On 7/31/06, Matthew Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi. i'm looking for examples of interactive flash maps. i'm trying to see what else is out there as i build out my application...which will be a map of the US.

Re: [Flashcoders] How to change reference?

2006-07-28 Thread Arul Prasad M L
_root.attachMovie(as,as,100); _root.something =; wont this provide u a reference at the root level ? ~Arul Prasad On 7/27/06, natalia Vikhtinskaya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I attach clip with this code: _root.attachMovie(as,as,100); Is it possible to change reference

Re: [Flashcoders] Video project - advice

2006-07-28 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Also - does the FLVPlayback component work with Flash player 7.0? NO. You wont be able to publish the FLA with a FLVPlayback component, to Flash Player 7.0 swf. If you can get ur clients ( or boss ) to agree for Flash player 8, you can use FLVPlayback component. FLVPlayback works well with local

Re: [SPAM] RE: [Flashcoders] String Empowerment

2006-07-28 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Those convert the entire string, capitalize only uppercases the first character and then lowercases the rest of the characters. umm... Title Case as MS Word calls it... ~Arul Prasad On 7/28/06, Steven Sacks | BLITZ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just a quick note on capitalize()

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 scripting, first try - some Q's

2006-07-27 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Y'see if I could work it out I wouldn't have posted would I? and u worked it out now! ~Arul Prasad On 7/27/06, Mike Mountain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: for(var i=0; il; i++){ Not for(var i=0; i=l; i++){ M -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On

Re: [Flashcoders] Components in Flash 4/MX

2006-07-27 Thread Arul Prasad M L
flash MX - it was the age of AS1 Flash V1 components.. V1 component tutorials on the net should help u .. flash 4 ... umm... i dint even know Flash then :D On 7/27/06, Weyert de Boer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone know some good resources how to make components for Flash MX/4 ? Yours,

Re: [Flashcoders] as3 and attachmovie

2006-07-25 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Everything in AS3 is classes, so you can't do anything without using classes. not necessarily. You can use AS3 to code on the timeline as well. check out ~Arul Prasad. On 7/25/06, Meinte van't Kruis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Carl,

Re: [Flashcoders] Problem creating Shared Objects

2006-07-03 Thread Arul Prasad M L
1. Right click any flash content on the browser, 2. select settings from the drop down menu, 3. click the folder icon in the tabbed pane, and 4. increase the slider which determines the amount of memory used by the flash player for local storage. Your client must have changed this settings and

Re: [Flashcoders] [Ann] The world's largest Flex Application

2006-06-22 Thread Arul Prasad M L
thanks Chris. ~Arul Prasad On 6/22/06, Chris Velevitch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: FlexDaddy ( ) ttalks about it. Unfortunately, no recording will be made. On 6/21/06, Arul Prasad M L [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [Flashcoders] [Ann] The world's largest Flex Application

2006-06-21 Thread Arul Prasad M L
sorry, if am being ignorant, but what is this world's largest Flex (1.5) application that you are talking about? Is there some place I can see this? Am not in sydney, so if you dont reply, I'll probably never know about it at all!! Thanks! Arul Prasad. On 6/21/06, Chris Velevitch [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] counts backwards?

2006-06-20 Thread Arul Prasad M L usually loops thru the elements in 'reverse' order; though, the loop's output is supposed to be in a unpredictable If you want the elements to be in a

Re: [Flashcoders] Java's wait(timeout) and notify() in ActionScript

2006-06-16 Thread Arul Prasad M L
use mx.utils.Delegate class to solve the scope problem. simple! On 6/16/06, Michael Stuhr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Scott Hyndman schrieb: Yeah, sure. Use setInterval. If the user interacts before the time expires, call clearInterval. jupp, and beware of the scope. this can be deadly with

Re: [Flashcoders] width of a component in livePreview

2006-06-16 Thread Arul Prasad M L
if you are extending the V2 component architecture, dont use the _width and _height properties; use 'width' and 'height' instead. ~Arul Prasad On 6/16/06, John laPlante [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a component that doesn't size properly in livePreview. When I reference the width and

Fwd: [Flashcoders] XML load and Draw line problem

2006-06-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
in your code, make the following change: for (var k = 0; knode_xml[j].childNodes.length; k++) { tempValues.push(node_xml[j].childNodes[k].firstChild.nodeValue); } what u were pushing into the temValues array were xmlnode objects, not the corresponding nodeValue strings. The drawing API

Re: [Flashcoders] Player question

2006-06-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
In general, what do people need in order to play swf on their desktop? In general, people create EXEs ;o) ~Arul Prasad On 6/12/06, 8ball Developer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks, but: 1. I don't want to send and executable, 2. In general, what do people need in order to play swf on their

Re: [Flashcoders] OT: Have you been working with Flash all day?

2006-06-06 Thread Arul Prasad M L
:)) reminds me of the animations on ~Arul Prasad. On 6/6/06, Mendizabal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ah. I see. On 05/06/06, ::: curdiss [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: very cool.. i love it dude! On 6/5/06, Ramon Miguel M. Tayag [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: That's

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash drop down menu problem

2006-06-05 Thread Arul Prasad M L
If it wont be a problem, make wmode = transparent for the swf. Will help. But there are a few bugs with flash plugin player (FF, Mozilla etc), related to wmode. I've made a few posts about it in my blog before. Check out

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash drop down menu problem

2006-06-05 Thread Arul Prasad M L That rar archive has a html which shows a SWF and clicking on the first circular button shows a DIV on top of the SWF. clickign the button below tat hides it. I confirmed it works on Flash player 7, 8, and 9. check it out. ~Arul Prasad. On