Re: [Flashcoders] Adobe Open Screen!

2008-05-02 Thread Cutter (FlashRelated)
All well said. One other nugget to add to this conversation: Adobe is not open sourcing these proprietary formats, but rather removing certain licensing restrictions and opening the format itself to certain selected partners for the improvement and advancement of the platforms. For more on

Re: [Flashcoders] ot : Flex RIA running on multiple servers

2008-03-27 Thread Cutter (FlashRelated)
You could also use Adobe ColdFusion, which has native AMF support built-in, as well as a gateway for interacting with Flex apps. Then you have the power of a J2EE app server, the agility of RAD development with ColdFusion and Flex, plus the scalability of ColdFusion, with it's clustering

Re: [Flashcoders] As3 Reccomended Book

2007-03-26 Thread Cutter (FlashRelated)
Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns ActionScript 3 Bible The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript 3.0 ActionScript 3.0 Essential Training Learning ActionScript 3.0: The Non-Programmer's Guide to ActionScript 3 Amazon is your friend;) (not all titles currently available, check