[Flashcoders] Cool !

2007-10-19 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
It's been a long time ... so glad everything is back online, we were longing for you ! Gilles ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com http://chattyfig.figleaf.com/mailman/listinfo/flashcoders

[Flashcoders] Array ordering

2007-09-14 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, i know it must be simple, but how do i generate a copy of an array of clips, ordered by one of the props of the clip (increasing _x for instance) ? thanx, Gilles ___ Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com To change your subscription options or

Re: [Flashcoders] Photoshop CS3 breaks Flash development workflow

2007-09-08 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hi Francis, i'm always looking for workflow time-saving techniques, and yours is really great thanx a lot Gilles Le 8 sept. 07 à 17:22, Francis Turmel a écrit : Hey Steven, you can always go another route to have the same result. At the bottom of the History palette, there's a button

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash CMS

2007-08-21 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello Corban, I've been working on such a CMS for 2 years now, but i haven't yet totally finished (no doc, code optimisation not done, etc...) As for today, this CMS lacks a 'creation' module, i.e. I generate by hand the first site with chapters, subchapters,etc as a 'template'. Then

[Flashcoders] status text in navigator when loading external content

2007-08-20 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, i've noticed that when a flash movie loads some external content (images, texts, videos, etc), in the navigator the status text is very often set to loading content from.. and stays like that even when the content has been totally loaded. The status never gets to Done. Is there

[Flashcoders] BlendModes MovieClipLoader

2007-08-07 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, I work on a bitmapEditor module for a large project, and i have experienced some problems between hte MovieClipLoader and the blendMode of the loaded clip. It seems that whenerever I load a clip using MoveClipLoader, the prerecorded blendMode of the clip switches to normal...

[Flashcoders] DataGrid Column

2007-06-06 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, is there a simple way of selecting an entire column in a datagrid ? I need to select (or to simulate a selection) the column using the headerRelease datagrid event Thanks, Gilles ___ Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com To change your

[Flashcoders] compare Objects

2007-04-30 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, seems trivialo, but is there a simpler way to compare two identically formed objects than recursively compare their props (and types and values of their props)? var obj1:Object = {a:0,b:1,c:[0,1,2],d:[{x:0,y:10},{x:10,y:0}]} var obj2:Object =

Re: [Flashcoders] Find size of the bounding box of a particular frame of a loaded SWF

2007-04-18 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hi Matt, try to make a clip from each of your frames (ie frame1_mc, frame2_mc, etc.) then test the width of the specific frame/clip (var myWidth:Number = myLoadedClip.frame1_mc._width;) Gilles Le 18 avr. 07 à 16:10, matt stuehler a écrit : All, I'm working on an application that

Re: [Flashcoders] Init generic clip

2007-04-18 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello Jiri, do you absolutely have to use an enterFrame function ? you can write an init function like this : function init (myMc:MovieClip,myLabel:String,mySize:Number,hasIcon:Boolean) { myMc.setLabel(myLabel); myMc.setSize(mySize); myMc.setIcon(hasIcon); }

Re: [Flashcoders] Weird removeMovieClip problem

2007-04-17 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hi Eric, i often got the same problem, which I usually resolve with these basic rules : - when creating MCs inside a loop, first create an empty movieClip before the loop to contain the other clips : var containerMc:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip (containerMc, 10);

[Flashcoders] POST with FileReference

2007-04-16 Thread Gilles Roquefeuil
Hello, For an upload, i use FileReference with a comboBox listing the differents directories (ie. images, templates, files, etc.). I want to pass the chosen directory with the upload method. So, as the Flash Help mentions it, i can pass the url to the upload method using POST, which looks