Re: [Flashcoders] what is the current 3D best-practice?

2009-08-11 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey Sebastian, While Away started life as a PV3D branch, they're pretty diverged by now - while they do occasionally share code, they're certainly two distinct engines and will remain so. General consensus here is that PV tends to have more whizzy features and is the more 'bleeding-edge' engine,

Re: [Flashcoders] Batch wrapping a bunch of FLV files in SWFs

2009-05-01 Thread Henry Cooke
Not with any great degree of accuracy though, as far as I know? 2009/4/30 Muzak You know you can control flv's right? - Original Message - From: Henry Cooke To: Flash Coders List Sent

[Flashcoders] Batch wrapping a bunch of FLV files in SWFs

2009-04-30 Thread Henry Cooke
Anyone know a good way of doing this? I've got a big stack of FLVs that I need to wrap up in SWFs so I can control their timelines properly. I'd love it if there was a command line tool like swfmill or swftools to do it, but I'm willing to try anything that works ;) h.

[Flashcoders] Duplicating a loaded SWF

2009-04-03 Thread Henry Cooke
hej folks, I'm writing an assetloader class, with the intention of attaching a whole bunch of instances to the stage of a loaded asset. Because I want to attach more than one instance of the loaded SWF, I'm having to duplicate the asset instead of just using addChild, because you can only addChild

Re: [Flashcoders] Duplicating a loaded SWF

2009-04-03 Thread Henry Cooke
) Actually load multiple instances of the SWF. This isn't anything like as heavyweight/slow as you might expect (and was the way to do it in AS2) as the SWF will be in the browser's cache. HTH, Ian On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 12:49 PM, Henry Cooke wrote

[Flashcoders] Flex Builder: AS Application files outside of /src root?

2008-11-04 Thread Henry Cooke
Hello all, Something that's been bugging me for a while: why can only AS files in the root of a Flex Builder project's source folder be nominated as an application? Like, I've got a bunch of classes all neatly packaged up in packages inside /src, but in the Project / Properties / Actionscript

[Flashcoders] Type Coercion errors when loading remote Interfaces

2008-10-24 Thread Henry Cooke
Hi all, I'm working on an API to allow developers to write apps which connect to an AMFPHP service. For security reasons, we're placing all the code that actually deals directly with the service in a connector SWF which sits on our server and is loaded in the developer's app by a loader class

[Flashcoders] Payment processing in Flash?

2008-09-19 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey all, We're working on a site for a charity in which we want to build a really quick, streamlined donation process - basically, a user sticks their credit card details and email address into a simple form in our Flash site, we process the transaction in the background and the UX continues in

[Flashcoders] [AS3] Memory leaks unloading

2008-03-12 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey all, I'm currently working on a Flash module to sit inside a larger Flash site being developed by another agency. This module needs to be loaded and unloaded as needed, and has a fair few library assets, quite substantial codebase and will be running PV3D or Away3D, so I need to be very

Re: [Flashcoders] [AS3] Memory leaks unloading

2008-03-12 Thread Henry Cooke
to wait for the flash plugin to dump it once it has been marked you can check chapter 14 of essential actionscript 3.0 (moock) for more info about that On 12 Mar 2008, at 15:54, Henry Cooke wrote: Hey all, I'm currently working on a Flash module to sit inside a larger Flash

[Flashcoders] Exporting AS2 classes across multiple frames?

2008-02-12 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey all, I'm trying to work out if there's a way I can export AS2 classes to more than one frame: I'm experimenting with fine-grained loading and preloaders written in AS2. So for instance, does anyone know if it's possible to write a preloader in AS2, then export *only* that class to frame 1 of

[Flashcoders] Implications of using GPL'ed libraries?

2007-05-02 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey folks, I'm looking at using some GPL licensed code (Flade, to be specific) in a game I'm building for my employers. However, I can't find a clear answer anywhere as to what that implies for our source: does anyone know if using GPL licensed libraries means that we would have to release the

Re: [Flashcoders] Implications of using GPL'ed libraries?

2007-05-02 Thread Henry Cooke
Thanks guys. I emailed the author earlier today and got a nice, positive response - you were right, Mark, his position is that he doesn't want to place any restrictions on the way people use his work, short of passing it off as their own ;) I'm just trying to be super-careful here, because

[Flashcoders] DisplacementMap - Mode 7 (perspective distortion)

2007-03-09 Thread Henry Cooke
'lo all Apologies if this is an old topic, but I can't find anything in the Flashcoders archives, and Google just throws up some gnomic it's possible blog comments without any actual hints on *how* it's possible... I'm attempting to perspective distort a bitmap to use as a floor in a parallax

Re: [Flashcoders] DisplacementMap - Mode 7 (perspective distortion)

2007-03-09 Thread Henry Cooke
displacements, you can take a look here: Im sure there are better sources available, these links just document my own fiddling in that area. greetz JC On 3/9/07, Henry Cooke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 'lo all Apologies if this is an old topic, but I can't

[Flashcoders] Loading images directly to BitmapData in AS2?

2007-02-13 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey all, It it possible to load an image (PNG/JPG) directly into memory or (even better) a BitmapData object without having to faff about loading it into a MovieClip first, in AS2? I've been poking about a bit, but nothing seems immediately obvious (disclaimer: I am recovering from a nasty bout

Re: [Flashcoders] flash and mp2 actionscripting

2007-02-11 Thread Henry Cooke
Short answer: no. Sorry! Maybe the AS3 soundhacking warriors could come up with something, but there's no native support. h. On 10/02/07, lincoln [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can flash use mp2 audio files in the same fashion as mp3's? Are their any actionscript limitations with mp2 audio? Does

Re: [Flashcoders] Antialiasing BitmapData in AS2?

2007-02-05 Thread Henry Cooke
way of doing this? h. On 04/02/07, Alias™ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can you throw the example image onto a web server so we can see it? The list strips out attachments :( Alias On 01/02/07, Henry Cooke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey all, I've been mucking about with a metablob-type thing

[Flashcoders] Antialiasing BitmapData in AS2?

2007-02-01 Thread Henry Cooke
Hey all, I've been mucking about with a metablob-type thing, and have got it rendering quite nicely. However, it only renders a black-or-white (1bit) bitmap - does anyone know of a good technique to do fast antialiasing on such a bitmap? I've tried blurring a bit (which is slow as hell, and

Re: [Flashcoders] full screen window

2007-01-31 Thread Henry Cooke
if opening a fullscreen window on a click is possible then y can't on onLoad event. It's a matter of user experience. If they've clicked a link, you can be pretty sure they wanted the popup. If you're doing it in an onLoad: 1) the user hasn't asked for it 2) it could be used to mislead the

Re: [Flashcoders] File upload in flash

2007-01-30 Thread Henry Cooke
Or FileReference, if you just want to save the file out on a server somewhere.. h. On 30/01/07, Petro Bochan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio Hi guys, I hope you can help me on this. I need to add an upload file control inside a flash form, like the one in html. I'm

Re: [Flashcoders] File upload in flash

2007-01-30 Thread Henry Cooke
Hmm. I don't think you want a Loader if you just want to pass the file through (as opposed to loading its content *into* Flash) - if you're just duplicating the functionality of an HTML file upload form element then FileReference is definitely what you need - you give it a form catcher to POST

Re: [Flashcoders] JSON vs. XML for CDROM configuration

2007-01-30 Thread Henry Cooke
I'd probably do that in XML, as what you're defining is a bunch of different sections, each with a number of different properties. A simple text config is more suitable for basics like screen size, basic interface text strings, resource locations etc (IMHO) I'd probably do it something like

Re: [Flashcoders] full screen window

2007-01-30 Thread Henry Cooke
Ravi, It's a tricky one, most modern browsers are specifically designed not to allow you to size up to fullscreen onLoad, as it was being abused by scammers and such. Probably explains why

Re: [Flashcoders] full screen window

2007-01-30 Thread Henry Cooke
buttons of the same window? RaviKiran Marella -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Henry Cooke Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 9:20 PM To: Flashcoders mailing list Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] full screen window Ravi, It's a tricky one, most

Re: [Flashcoders] Invisible re-draw

2007-01-26 Thread Henry Cooke
Er, I'm pretty sure it won't redraw if nothing changes... I could be wrong though. Doesn't the debug version of the Flash Player plugin have an option to outline the stuff it's redrawing in red? h. On 26/01/07, Micky Hulse [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Shang wrote: But I feel the Flash redraw

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: flash on osx thru parallels/bootcamp

2007-01-25 Thread Henry Cooke
SEPY is *horrible* on OSX/Intel - at least it was last time I tried it. Buggy to the point of unusable :( Interesting that you get decent response in the Windows IDE in Parallels - I'll have to give that a try. Though surely you're dealing with an emulation layer either way, either Rosetta to

Re: [Flashcoders] Saving out XML direct from Flash?

2007-01-22 Thread Henry Cooke
PROTECTED] wrote: I managed something like this by embedding my Flash movie in a Director movie, which managed the saving of the XML. I'm afraid I no longer have access to the files, but I seem to remember it didn't take me very long to implement. Andy - Original Message - From: Henry

[Flashcoders] Saving out XML direct from Flash?

2007-01-19 Thread Henry Cooke
'lo all I'm noodling around with a little app that I'd like to be able to write out some internally generated XML directly to the user's hard disc. Preferably with a nice FileReference type interface. But this seems next to impossible. I was hoping it would be possible to hack FileReference to