RE: [Flashcoders] (AS3.0) new TextField -- what is wrong?

2007-01-30 Thread John Mueller
Johannes, at a minimum the following attributes need to be set for your text field: [textfield instance].html [textfield instance].wordwrap [textfield instance].multiline 'wordwrap' is necessary unless you also include tags like br within your text. jm

RE: [Flashcoders] File upload in flash

2007-01-30 Thread John Mueller
Cladio, perhaps it is the FileReference class you need.. its in the Help file..used to upload/download files from the server... x From: Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: Flashcoders mailing list To: 'Flashcoders mailing list'

[Flashcoders] cell renderer load times

2007-01-26 Thread John Mueller
My cell renderer (combo box in an editable grid) works ok (tabbing etc) ...but it takes a long time to load.. i'm new to Flash.. and would appreciate any suggestions on how to speed up load times..The visible gride displays 5 X 5...the mc takes about 3 seconds to appear.. ??? thanks,