Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 ROLL_OVER or MOUSE_OVER ? Which one, and why ?

2007-09-08 Thread John VanHorn On 9/7/07, Patrick Matte|BLITZ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In the AS3 class MouseEvent, what is the use for ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT? They seem to be the same as MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT...

Re: [Flashcoders] coding a world clock

2007-09-06 Thread John VanHorn
yes, the flash Date object provides all the necessary properties to calculate the time for different time zones, but it still wont be accurate if the user's clock is off. for more accuracy, youll need to have the time from the server. this should be simple to do with any server side language. in

Re: [Flashcoders] PreLoading Multiple SWFs

2007-08-16 Thread John VanHorn check out the QueueLoader class at the bottom of the page. On 8/16/07, Shawn Steward [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm working on a flash presentation that is quite lengthy that ends up around 16 megs. It is about 20 minutes long. It is broken up into

Re: [Flashcoders] Tips and advice for online bugtracking

2007-07-10 Thread John VanHorn
works in IDE, but not on server usually = security/crossdomain issue, or path issue. look for 404's using servicecapture. essential debug tools: flashtracer - links above servicecapture - On 7/10/07, Marcelo Wolfgang [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I

Re: [Flashcoders] attachMovie from library - fails to work with preloader

2007-06-16 Thread John VanHorn
you must force those movieclips to load before you use have access to them. what i usually do is to set the export frame for classes to 2, and then go through the library and uncheck 'export in first frame' for all exported Mc's. then, on frame 2, make a single key frame and place an instance of

[Flashcoders] different _global objects?

2007-06-15 Thread John VanHorn
I have encountered a situtation (in as2) where a loaded swf cannot access a class in the loading swf. the situation is like this: swfA contains class: class MyClass extends MovieClip{ public static function getText():String{ return some text; } } swfA _root:*);

Re: [Flashcoders] Accessing all properties in an object ...

2007-03-28 Thread John VanHorn
theres one included in the mx package: import; trace(ObjectDumper.toString(myObject)); On 3/28/07, Stephen Ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Anyone have a small script they use when they want to trace out both the name and values of all properties in an object. I'm

Re: [Flashcoders] Dragging a clip gives erratic ._x numbers

2007-02-28 Thread John VanHorn
this seems to be tied to using a mouse listener. onMouseMove is not synchronous with the frame rate, so it can fire more than once in between framesthat being said, it still doesnt make sense that the _x seemingly increases if you drag left. if you use good ole onEnterFrame, everything works

Re: [Flashcoders] Dragging a clip gives erratic ._x numbers

2007-02-28 Thread John VanHorn
of asynchronous function call. John VanHorn wrote: this seems to be tied to using a mouse listener. onMouseMove is not synchronous with the frame rate, so it can fire more than once in between framesthat being said, it still doesnt make sense that the _x seemingly increases if you drag left

Re: [Flashcoders] onLoadComplete, but no onLoadInit

2007-02-14 Thread John VanHorn
this problem has been discussed before. is this what youre referring to? seems that MovieClipLoader events do not fire correctly when content is loaded from cache. if this is your problem, would appended a cache-killing

Re: [Flashcoders] adding nbsp; in html enabled text field

2007-02-07 Thread John VanHorn
try #160; which is the unicode value i believe(?) On 2/7/07, Matthew Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi. i didn't find a concrete solution in the archives so am asking here. i have an html-enabled text field with a var reference. the var is a string that i want to add nbsp;'s to. has anyone

Re: [Flashcoders] adding nbsp; in html enabled text field

2007-02-07 Thread John VanHorn
try without the var reference. set the htmlText property of the text field instead. On 2/7/07, Matthew Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: unfortunately, that isn't working either. i've tried not embedding the fonts (as i read from the archives), adding a space plus a period, i.e. . in the include

Re: [Flashcoders] Detecting mouse events over non-white parts of a movieClip

2007-02-07 Thread John VanHorn
cant you just use hitArea and make a transparent vector shape hit state for each visual element? On 2/7/07, Dave Wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I need to detect mouse events on a movieclip's non-white content rather than it's bounding rectangle even where the contents are bitmap based. I'm

Re: [Flashcoders] Detecting mouse events over non-white parts of a movieClip

2007-02-07 Thread John VanHorn
oki just realized you said that would be a pain in your original message. sorry...i am tired. how many elements do you have? a hitArea for each one does seem like a simpler way to goor maybe i'm just tired. On 2/7/07, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: cant you just use hitArea

Re: [Flashcoders] how to tell if you're running in the ide

2007-01-25 Thread John VanHorn
check the help docs. for as2, look for System.capabilities.playerType. for as3 check flash.system.Capabilities.playerType. On 1/25/07, Josh Santangelo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way for a SWF to know if it's running in the test movie environment vs the browser or standalone players?

Re: [Flashcoders] - javascript error

2007-01-23 Thread John VanHorn
also, make sure that the id/name of the object/embed tag is unique in the dom. id conflicts between two elements will give you this error, too. how are you embedding your swf? object/embed tags? swfobject? On 1/23/07, Nick Zotta [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello flashcoders, Does anyone know the

Re: [Flashcoders] FLASH REMOTING HELP!!!

2007-01-18 Thread John VanHorn
yes i can... On 1/18/07, [p e r c e p t i c o n] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've been struggling with this all week and really need some help... i'm trying to call a method in a servlet (java) and can't seen to call that method nor get a response back

Re: [Flashcoders] Attaching bitmap data to arbitary coords

2006-12-14 Thread John VanHorn On 12/12/06, Mike Mountain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Charles I'm well aware of both those methods, but they still won't let you position the bitmap data anywhere other than with the registration point at TL or positively

Re: [Flashcoders] RE: swf and referring domain

2006-11-16 Thread John VanHorn
the allowScriptAccess attribute of the embed tag can be set to never or always. if its never, you can write all the javascript you want, but it wont get called. i see embeds with both always and never on myspace pages. im guessing that any third party swfs will be set to never.if thats the

Re: [Flashcoders] Weird movie corruption

2006-11-14 Thread John VanHorn
ive found that when i use ExternalInterface to call a JS alert, that my movie will often hang. I get the JS alert like i should, no JS errorsit just locks up the swf. without having the time to dig deeper, i found a quick fix, and called the alert with a setTimeout, like this:

Re: [Flashcoders] am i stupid?

2006-11-09 Thread John VanHorn
you can click on. you should see a handcursor above clickable movieclip instances or even _root, when you set _root.useHandCursor = true (default). hth, Matthias 2006/11/9, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED]: i know it doesnt make any sense to use onPress on the root because of children, and nested

Re: [Flashcoders] Grabbing data directly from the HTML page

2006-11-09 Thread John VanHorn
ryan's solution would be the easiest thing to dojust load the page in as xml. if you're using flash8, you can use the idMap to grab the node that the swfObject overwrites. On 11/9/06, Ryan Potter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Not sure how complicated your html page is, but I have been playing

Re: [Flashcoders] Grabbing data directly from the HTML page

2006-11-09 Thread John VanHorn
i think you misunderstood the suggestion. you can load the page in as xml in flash, just like loading in any other xml. i would change your swfObject javascript to pass in the location of the page: //javascript swfObj.addVariable(loc, location.href); and then load that as xml in flash:

[Flashcoders] am i stupid?

2006-11-08 Thread John VanHorn
on the root timeline: this.onPress = function(){ trace(this); } does not work? the _root/_level0 movie does not take onPress or onRelease? other events like onMouseMove or onEnterFrame work finewhy not onPress? how have i not run into this before? -- John Van Horn [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] am i stupid?

2006-11-08 Thread John VanHorn
Welch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: what about onMouseDown? -- Carl Welch [EMAIL PROTECTED] 805.403.4819 On 11/8/06, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: on the root timeline: this.onPress = function(){ trace(this); } does not work? the _root/_level0 movie does

Re: [Flashcoders] am i stupid?

2006-11-08 Thread John VanHorn
in, say, mcHolder clip would be, and not ()... Yes.. long winded I know, but I hope it sheds a little light on the differences. :) On 11/8/06, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: onMouseDown works fine.which got me to thinking

Re: [Flashcoders] am i stupid?

2006-11-08 Thread John VanHorn
... On 09/11/2006, at 3:19 PM, John VanHorn wrote: no, no. i totally understand the difference between onMouseDown and onPress for movieclips. i am saying only one works when placed on the root. the player seems to ignore _root.onPress or _root.onRelease.which makes no sense to me

Re: [Flashcoders] Remoting Connection fault?

2006-11-06 Thread John VanHorn On 11/6/06, Diversity [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why can I not receive a connection fault? According to the docs I should be able to receive a fault import mx.remoting.*; import mx.rpc.*; import mx.remoting.debug.NetDebug; NetDebug.initialize(); // incorrect path

Re: [Flashcoders] ExternalInterface class and multiple getURL IE bug

2006-11-06 Thread John VanHorn
is your issue that a getURL call to javascript will overwrite a call made right before it? if so, then yes, you will not have to worry about this with ExternalInterface. it is synchronous. On 11/6/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi trying t justify use of Flash 8 to make use of

Re: [Flashcoders] problem with flash 7 flv player

2006-10-30 Thread John VanHorn
the request for the flv is 404 On 10/30/06, Tony Trapp [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey guys need help with something. I am trying to play a .flv file with the built in component that comes with flash MX 2004 pro. When testing it works great. When I try to play it from my web site nothing

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference and mac file types

2006-10-29 Thread John VanHorn
the mac file type for an mp3 will be (note the spaces in the strings - mac file types are 4 characters) MP3 or Mp3 .i think. mac file types and pc file types are not the same. check this article: i did some stuff with FileReference a while back

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference and mac file types

2006-10-29 Thread John VanHorn
heres another good article: On 10/29/06, Carl Welch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have an project that needs to allow users to only upload mp3 files. It works fine on a PC. But on a mac the mp3 files are greyed out and the user

Re: [Flashcoders] Q: Javascript Injection Examples

2006-10-19 Thread John VanHorn
i saw some interesting, but simple examples at flash forward. i wrote a function for using javascript's regex for email validation: var s:String = ; s += function checkEmail_flash(email){; s += var s = /^([a-zA-Z0-9_\\.\\-])+\\@(([a-zA-Z0-9\\-])+\\.)+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/;;

Re: [Flashcoders] External Interface causes error in IE

2006-10-16 Thread John VanHorn
you have a url we can look at? are you sure you object/embed tags have id's and/or name's? did you use an operand or space in the file name of the swf, or id/name? all those will cause ExternalInterface to malfunction. i had a problem with ExternalInterface and IE for a while that gave me the

Re: [Flashcoders] Movieclip To BitmapData won't work with .flv

2006-09-25 Thread John VanHorn
first thing that comes to mind is a cross domain issue. are you loading the flv from another domain? if so, bitmapdata.draw will not work. On 9/25/06, Martin Baltzer Hennelund [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I'm using the BitmapData Object to take a snapshot of the pages in my flash app and

Re: [Flashcoders] Right-MouseClick

2006-09-22 Thread John VanHorn im not exactly sure how he does it, but robert taylor has a custom right click menu component. On 9/22/06, Michael Bedar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a reliable way to detect a r-mouse click, and at the same time suppress the context

Re: [Flashcoders] ExternalInterface error

2006-09-18 Thread John VanHorn
read this tech note: if thats not your problem, then try try calling the alert with a setTimeout. i had a problem a little while back with alert, and calling it with setTimeout solved it. also, in your example, you really dont

Re: [Flashcoders] ExternalInterface error

2006-09-18 Thread John VanHorn
i forgot one param above:, alert('some message');, 50); On 9/19/06, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:, alert('some message');); ___

Re: [Flashcoders] Help needed on Loader Component

2006-09-04 Thread John VanHorn
Jeroen's solution would work, but the onLoadError event will fire for other reasons, beside a 404.I wouldnt use the onLoadError event to determine the end of your file list. why not use another technology?.php, asp, remoting... any of those could generate an xml file or even an array from a

Re: [Flashcoders] File upload : getting Flash to know the new name

2006-08-29 Thread John VanHorn
what you can do is have a script or remoting method that you can call that will generate a file name for you. you can then pass that string to the upload script. On 8/25/06, Serge Jespers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey guys, I'm doing a fileUpload in this project and in my PHP script, I rename

Re: [Flashcoders] Tabbing and Components (again) ...

2006-08-25 Thread John VanHorn
i had this problem a while back and was able to solve it...but i cant remeber exactly what i did. i think i had to set focusManger to false on every onKillFocus event. so if you had 1 combo box and two input text fields, you would need to write, for every component and text field:

[Flashcoders] flv / flash player 7 prob

2006-08-18 Thread John VanHorn
im having a problem with a swf that plays a progressive download flv. a coworker has IE with flash player 7, and she cannot view the flvs. there is nothing flash 8 specific, and the swf is published for player 7, and the flvs were converted with flash 7 settings as well. serviceCapture shows the

Re: [Flashcoders] Help Getting Size of Text Dynamically

2006-08-17 Thread John VanHorn
there are many ways to do the spacing. if your mc is sized after the width of the textfield, just add the witdh of the mc to its _x plus the 15px for spacing to get the _x of the next mc. On 8/17/06, Aaron Roberson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm half way there... I figured out how to resize the

Re: [Flashcoders] Net Debugger not working

2006-08-16 Thread John VanHorn
you said you called NetDebug.initialize(), but are you including the RemotingDebugClasses in the library? also, are you including an absolute path to gateway.php? ___ To change your subscription options or search the

Re: [Flashcoders] WSIWYG HTML text editor in Flash - follow on question

2006-08-07 Thread John VanHorn
have you tried using the unescape function?.something like this: test_txt.replaceSel(unescape(img src=\mountains.jpg\ width=\350\ height=\120\ /)); On 8/7/06, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Oh, and to follow up with some further information: It seems to only encode those HTML

Re: [Flashcoders] Invalid gateway URL

2006-08-05 Thread John VanHorn
get ServiceCapture: On 8/2/06, Wade Arnold [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was wondering if there is a way to capture the error that happens when you do not have a proper gateway URL for flash remoting. Flash just traces out that it can not open the url. Is

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference.upload onComplete event fails on OSX

2006-08-05 Thread John VanHorn
this has been discussed before. On 8/3/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi I have a flash 8 movie that upload jpegs to a server side script. When hosted on an NT server, with a php script

Re: [Flashcoders] Custom cacheAsBitmap with scale and rotate

2006-07-31 Thread John VanHorn
cacheAsBitmap is a boolean property of a moive clip, so cant you set it to true while it is static, and then false before you have to scale or rotate it? On 7/31/06, Seb L [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes that's exactly what I'm about to do, but I remember seeing someone else had done that a while

Re: [Flashcoders] sequential tweens ?

2006-07-23 Thread John VanHorn
i think the setInterval thing would work just fine. you could pass the same time to the interval that you do to the tween. or you could do somehthing like this: //if pics are loaded dynamically, these can be set dynamically var mcNum:Number = 1; var mcMax:Number = 4; function nextTween(){

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: BitmapData.draw() peculiarity

2006-07-20 Thread John VanHorn
of the matrix are the amount of offset. On 7/20/06, jim [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Im interested, do you have a quick example of this. Jim -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of John VanHorn Sent: 19 July 2006 15:29 To: flashcoders

[Flashcoders] Re: BitmapData.draw() peculiarity

2006-07-19 Thread John VanHorn
ok, luckily a friend had an answer for me. if any body is curious, you can offset the negative space by passing a transformation matrix as a param to the draw() method. On 7/18/06, John VanHorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: has anyone tried to use the BitmapData.draw() method to draw a movieclip

[Flashcoders] BitmapData.draw() peculiarity

2006-07-18 Thread John VanHorn
has anyone tried to use the BitmapData.draw() method to draw a movieclip that has content in the negative coordinate space? it seems like no matter what i do, i can only get the draw() method to start from the point 0,0 in a movie clip, when i need it to start at say -20,-20. even passing the

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Site Looses FUcntionality on Server

2006-06-28 Thread John VanHorn
pierre, i wouldnt be suprised to see a 404 error get serviceCapture must-have for any developer. it captures http requests and responses. it has definitely helped me out countless times. if somethings not working for me, the first thing i do is

Re: [Flashcoders] Export frame option disabled

2006-06-23 Thread John VanHorn
two things you can do to remedy this problem: attention to the bandwitdth profiler when you test your sounds like the bulk of your movie is being loaded in the first frame. make sure that the only thing on the timeline in the frame or frames where the preloader works is the