[Flashcoders] RE: quiet in here at the moment

2011-03-08 Thread dave matthews
quiet in here at the moment... Flash has been losing steam for a long time. The base of noobies got away from Adobe. The tools are too expensive and complicated. The players and platform too disjointed with: PC Flash, phone Flashlite, Linux Flash and no Apple Flash. Buyers want

[Flashcoders] CS4 IDE menu text size too small

2009-10-27 Thread dave matthews
hi All,   Checking out CS4 IDE.  The menu text size too small to read on a 1920x monitor - is there a way to make it bigger? thanks, Dave   _ New Windows 7: Find the right PC for you.

RE: [Flashcoders] Advanced Rollover Physics/Math...

2009-02-13 Thread dave matthews
it does work. hth, Dave Matthews -Original Message- Subject: RE: [Flashcoders] Advanced Rollover Physics/Math... Do you know kinda where to start... I'm trying to figure out how I would program the awareness of the elements. There must be some kind of idle position, and every element

[Flashcoders] Re: Is Adobe fixing this big FP9 problem?

2008-04-15 Thread dave matthews
. Inside Flash! ...Except, there is no way for us to unload any of that independently hosted work.swf from the Flash based zoomer interface - even when we unload/replace the parent 'internalWindow.swf' containing the other guys.swf. bummer, Dave Matthews http://www.2GoTo.com p.s. The zoomer

[Flashcoders] RE: AS3 memory management - loaded content

2008-04-14 Thread dave matthews
... time to look into Sliverlight - i guess - nice. Dave Matthews http://www.2GoTo.com --original--- Message: 6 Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 13:55:41 -0700 From: Steven Sacks Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 memory management - loaded content To: Flash

[Flashcoders] AS3 memory management - loaded content

2008-04-12 Thread dave matthews
hi All, Our app is designed to load Flash content examples and widgets from outside servers - anyone on the web can enter a URL.swf into the demo list and those .swf's are loaded as visitors view different areas of the site. Many of the examples we've experimented with setup processes

[Flashcoders] descriptor file probs stops AIR publish

2008-02-28 Thread dave matthews
Trying to use AIR, Wasted six hours yesterday. Tried tutorials, samples form the web, reinstalling updated player, uninstalling AIR upgrades, reinstalling AIR upgrades... no luck finding - fixing - creating a 'descriptor file' for any sort of tutorial or tutorials from the web...

[Flashcoders] AIR publishing problems

2008-02-26 Thread dave matthews
hi All, FlashCS3 with the newly released AIR additions installed wants a 'descriptor file'! Ah, what is this and why didn't Flash make one when the special Air publish tool is used? thanks, Dave_Matthews _ Climb to the

[Flashcoders] target object under mouse-AS3 syntax?

2007-12-17 Thread dave matthews
hi all, What is the correct syntax to target any named symbol on stage, please? Looking for the event target or something like that - just can't find the exact syntax to look it up in Moock's book! The app has many named symbols on stage, trying to use same 'widget' to

[Flashcoders] no list updates for several days!

2007-08-14 Thread dave matthews
hi all, Haven't seen a list posting from flashcoders for several days... wondering what's up? Maybe hotmail is stopping the list. Seems weird, any feedback appreciated. Thanks, Dave Matthews _ Booking a flight? Know when

[Flashcoders] RE: obfuscation swf !

2007-07-18 Thread dave matthews
good call Hans, Agreed. This list may one of the most 'decent' i have ever seen and the tone of the response scared me too. We have all worried about our work being stolen by others - ridiculing another for these same concerns violates the tone of 'our' group. I also think the original

[Flashcoders] RE: SEO Question

2007-07-10 Thread dave matthews
Google blocks transparent Flash in DIV layers, Google skips/blocks pages with DIV layers holding Flash published using an invisible background. We used a DIV layer for Flash content published with a transparent background over a non-scrolling html background for a full Flash site, the DIV

[Flashcoders] as3 - mouseEnabled does not work

2007-07-01 Thread dave matthews
hi All, Using flash_cs3 / as3. Having no luck using mouseEnabled = false; Tried alpha = .22; which does make the target object change to semi see through, so the correct object is being addressed and getting instructions. This is for loaded content in a zooming app where the content

[Flashcoders] as3 mask leaks scale of hidden area!

2007-06-21 Thread dave matthews
hi All, Working with Flash_cs3_as3 trying to position a content_holder hard coded on the timeline, it is structured like this: content_holder.frame.mask.loadtarget.loadedClip When checking the scaleX/Y of the content_holder object it is showing the larger scale of the loadedClip that is

[Flashcoders] as3 make weird anchor point go away - how

2007-06-21 Thread dave matthews
window, delete layer/add new layer/add new instance from library... still some stupid extra anchor point or center point in way the wrong spot. How do i make it stop, or is this some sort of 'feature' in this unfinished pile of slop?. thanks, Dave Matthews

[Flashcoders] RE: Swf not loading at run time

2007-06-12 Thread dave matthews
:57:31 -0500 From: dave matthews [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Flashcoders] RE: Swf not loading at run time To: flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed hi JohnT, The path to loaded .swf files changes when accessing from an HTML page

[Flashcoders] RE: Swf not loading at run time

2007-06-11 Thread dave matthews
hi JohnT, The path to loaded .swf files changes when accessing from an HTML page on the net - it is different than the IDE/authoring environment. For example, with all .swf's in the same folder, the path is direct, the main.swf loads peers from the same folder. When main.swf is

[Flashcoders] AS3 blows_up on gotoAndPlay

2007-05-19 Thread dave matthews
What is going on here please? Create a three frame AS3/Flash9 clip. Place a textbox/number on each frame: 1,2,3. ActionScript panel, frame one = gotoAndPlay(2); ActionScript panel, frame two= gotoAndPlay(3); ActionScript panel, frame three = gotoAndPlay(1); Test movie. Stalls the

[Flashcoders] AS3 continuous loop on mouse down

2007-05-13 Thread dave matthews
hi All, What is the syntax for a continuous loop in AS3? Have working code for a code loop using mouse down - one frame-main timeline, but can't figure out how to maintain the rate of movement when the mouse is stationary with the mouse button still in down position. thanks, Dave_Matthews

[Flashcoders] is the Flash9/CS3 delivered to anyone yet?

2007-05-07 Thread dave matthews
hi all, Noticed Flash9/CS3 is offered as a separate download and/or upgrade($199) is on the Adobe site now. Has anyone purchased and received it yet, or is this just a preorder deal? thanks, Dave_Matthews _ Download Messenger.

[Flashcoders] online webcast = 3:30pm today, March 27

2007-03-27 Thread dave matthews
ADOBE Flash9 release info: online webcast = 3:30pm today, March 27, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, Adobe Systems will host a webcast of the official launch of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3, live from New York City. To participate, bookmark this page and join us back here on March 27.

[Flashcoders] live release event - correct URL

2007-03-27 Thread dave matthews
http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/launchevent/webcast/ _ Interest Rates near 39yr lows! $430,000 Mortgage for $1,399/mo - Calculate new payment http://www.lowermybills.com/lre/index.jsp?sourceid=lmb-9632-18466moid=7581

[Flashcoders] OT: Adobe download site slow

2007-01-04 Thread dave matthews
Adobe's site system is a complete embarrassment. Check your browser cache to see the boat load of garbage they load with every page. If we did that to our clients they would dump us fast! We should have a contest to demonstrate how they should fix that mess. Dave_Matthews

[Flashcoders] Tracking mouse movements outside of browser

2006-12-13 Thread dave matthews
To make the mouse loose focus on drag out of Flash, Place an invisible button in a two frame clip. Set the button to goto next frame on roll over and stop on frame two. Second frame is blank = no button object from first frame. Place that clip over the drag button in your app. When

[Flashcoders] OT: eLearning - Spanish and English grade school tools?

2006-10-30 Thread dave matthews
Seeking links, My daughter teaches first and second graders in a public school where one of her students only speaks Spanish. Luckily, many of the kids (60%) are bilingual and help translate. Turns out, the kids love the computers they have access to only twice a week for forty minutes a

[Flashcoders] RE: Profanity - (to

2006-10-01 Thread dave matthews
Agreed... -- Message: 12 Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 10:01:07 -0400 From: eric dolecki [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] Profanity - (to Lieven especially) To: Flashcoders mailing list flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Flashcoders] RE: Images stay on memory forever?

2006-09-03 Thread dave matthews
here ya go Dimitrios, Posted a working example - Flash 4 .fla included - we do mobile. http://www.davidmatthews.com/dad/mem_usage_example.zip ---watch the word wrap in the URL--- Tested in player 9 and works correctly. good luck, Dave Matthews --snip

[Flashcoders] RE: Images stay on memory forever?

2006-09-01 Thread dave matthews
to be an empty keyframe... thus no 'load_target' no content that replaced the 'load_target. Placing attached movieclips on different levels is more complex since we have no way to create truly empty keyframes on dynamic timelines... i think... :) we'll get it working, Dave Matthews

[Flashcoders] RE: Flashcoders Digest, Vol 20, Issue 2

2006-09-01 Thread dave matthews
no prob Dimitrios, Posted a working example - Flash 4 .fla included - we do mobile. http://www.davidmatthews.com/dad/mem_usage_example.zip ---watch the word wrap in the URL--- Tested in player 9 and works correctly. good luck, Dave Matthews --snip

[Flashcoders] RE: Images stay on memory forever?

2006-08-31 Thread dave matthews
hi Dimitrios, re: Anyone got any idea? We had problems last year with something similar, loading 6 layers of tiles in a 10 x 10 grid from the terraserver: http://www.davidmatthews.com/dad/07-03-05-maplicator.swf press n slide/pan, double click n hold slide to zoom. Turns out .jpg's

[Flashcoders] RE: Flash 4 documentation

2006-08-30 Thread dave matthews
hi, i have the Flash 4 docs, email and i'll send them. Dave Matthews [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message: 5 Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 09:55:02 -0600 From: Kevin Aebig [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: [Flashcoders] Flash 4 documentation To: 'Flashcoders mailing list' flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com Message

[Flashcoders] RE: Best way to learn OO Analysis and Design with ActionScript

2006-08-18 Thread dave matthews
welcome to the party, The basics of design patterns evolved from the timeline for me. Flash is an 'object oriented language' - that is each symbol is an independent 'thing' in the library. Learning the time line and how to do a tween came first, oooh, a moving thing on the screen.

[Flashcoders] RE: WSIWYG HTML text editor in Flash

2006-08-10 Thread dave matthews
maybe this post could be TRIMMED a bit girls? -- Message: 20 Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:58:44 +0100 From: Giles Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: [Flashcoders] WSIWYG HTML text editor in Flash - follow onquestion To: Flashcoders mailing list

[Flashcoders] part of text is not visible...!

2006-07-12 Thread dave matthews
hmdakr, part of text is not visible...! try stuff, like: Drag/set _xScale of text box longer. Put linebreaks or spaces after the text. Change fonts. Change text_box properties. try everything, Dave_Matthews --- Message: 14 Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 13:55:54 +0100 (BST) From:

[Flashcoders] Flash player inventor explains everything

2006-06-29 Thread dave matthews
one of 'the gods of the internet' speaks, This one hour video/Breeze presentation by Principal Scientist, Flash Player Gary Grossman is the best, most in depth explanation of what's happening in the Flash Platform ever published. http://seminars.breezecentral.com/p64058844/ enjoy, Dave

RE: [Flashcoders] Can't update text in rotated text field

2006-06-16 Thread dave matthews
hi Steve, This is an old bug left over from Flash 4 (and FlashLite now). It's related to instances of objects no longer responding to coded tweens after those same objects are dragged n dropped by the end user. It is also related to non-embedded text fields not showing up when behind a

[Flashcoders] RootkitRevealer flagging shared object... :(

2006-04-24 Thread dave matthews
. for this post. Anyone else unable to delete a file in this space? Anyone got a clue? getting ready to reformat, Dave Matthews ___ Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com To change your subscription options or search the archive: http://chattyfig.figleaf.com

[Flashcoders] PayPal issues

2006-04-01 Thread dave matthews
A few days ago some one was asking about PayPal issues, PayPal offers a developer's link to webassist.com for an .mxp file for .swf based access to a PayPal account. After days of messing with it and searching forums, this showed up on a webassist.com thread:- Product: WA PayPal

RE: [Flashcoders] XML Data visualization

2006-01-31 Thread dave matthews
hi Kevin, Try poking around http://www.2GoTo.com It's an experimental data visualization system based on an infinitely large, non-distorting hyperbolic plane that imports .swf files as content. It zooms from 2% to 28000% and can display hundreds of different .swf files at the same time,

[Flashcoders] Can an in browser.swf P2P a different end user's in browser.swf?

2006-01-24 Thread dave matthews
hi All, Can an in browser.swf P2P a different end user's in browser.swf? Got any suggestions about the best way to do it? Why can't it be done. thanks, Dave_Matthews ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com

[Flashcoders] RE: zoomable Flash maps

2005-11-29 Thread dave matthews
hi Hans, like this? http://2goto.com/maplicator/07-03-05-maplicator.swf Double click/hold/slide to zoom, single click/hold/slide to pan. Dave_Matthews --original message- Message: 17 Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 11:54:32 +0100 From: Van De

[Flashcoders] RE: Flashcoders Digest, Vol 10, Issue 84

2005-11-23 Thread dave matthews
. So I'm guessing by you calling them internal windows that they are nested within one main movie clip that plays the role of the main navigator of sorts. That's the way I'm trying to do it right now. Thanks again, Mani On 11/18/05, dave matthews [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi Manuel, Flash can

[Flashcoders] RE: detecting when mouse goes outside of the flash

2005-11-23 Thread dave matthews
hi Martin, If the panorama tool is a 'drag to pan' system and you need to detect the mouse release outside of the Flash area, try this: Place an invisible button over the entire dragged button, which might be the whole stage. Set this invisible button to goto a blank frame and stop on

[Flashcoders] POST bug - player8 + Paypal

2005-11-11 Thread dave matthews
hi All, Lost the link to the player8 post bug posted recently... :) Now it's time to turn this Paypal code into a Flash button: form action=https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr; target=paypal method=post p align=center input type=hidden name=bn value=.888 input type=hidden