RE: [Flashcoders] Component Issue

2008-09-09 Thread Lehr, Theodore M (N-SGIS)
Good old Google - it seems that getNextHighestDepth sets things out of
reach for removeMovieClip

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Ok - so I have a movie that serves something like a template. Content is
populated via creating text fields... removing movies and creating them


It all worked fine until I started using a textarea component... It
seems like the inclusion of components is screwing something up where
the textfields are not getting removed and content is getting piled on
top of each other


I know thiis is not much info and I do not have much to go on right now
- does this sound familiar with anyone - it only happended sense I
started including a component

Flashcoders mailing list
Flashcoders mailing list

RE: [Flashcoders] Component Issue

2008-09-09 Thread Mendelsohn, Michael
Sounds like you're using AS2.  When you put the textarea on the stage,
try doing it with movieclip.createclassobject() and when you want to get
rid of it, use destroyObject().  I just went through some difficulties
with the same issue.

- MM

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