[Flashcoders] lightweight AS2 combobox?

2008-02-22 Thread Brian Weil
Does anybody have a good, lightweight AS2 combobox? The default flash AS2 combobox is around 50k in an otherwise 5k swf. I just need to display the 50 USA states in a flash form and the added 50K is way too much. Thanks, Brian ___ Flashcoders

Re: [Flashcoders] lightweight AS2 combobox?

2008-02-22 Thread eric e. dolecki
It wouldn't take much to get that working, unless you needed the keyboard to work solve any focus issues. if its a click to open, scroll select, you can do that with a mc, your own scrollbar a mask. depends on how much functionality you really need. On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 3:31 PM, Brian Weil