[Flashcoders] Flashcoders down?

2005-10-07 Thread David Rorex
I'm not recieving any mail anymore from flashcoders. ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com http://chattyfig.figleaf.com/mailman/listinfo/flashcoders

Re: [Flashcoders] flash linux

2005-10-19 Thread David Rorex
On 10/19/05, eric dolecki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: whats the current rev of flash to run on linux? any plans for fp8 for linux? etc... flash player 7 on linux. they are working on flash player 8, but it's going to be quite a while. i think it was last month or two they were trying to hire

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Profiler

2005-10-21 Thread David Rorex
On 10/21/05, Kevin Bachman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We are building a fairly expansive flash based application which utilizes Flash Comm Server and remoting as well as support for embedded media players outside of the flash app. We are deep enough into development to have begun initial QA

Re: [Flashcoders] More then once

2005-10-25 Thread David Rorex
I got two copies of alistair's email as well. I'm just assuming it's an incorrectly configured or dumb email client. -David R On 10/25/05, Cedric Muller [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: but I received this message twice!! Cedric I haven't had that problem -Original Message- From:

Re: [Flashcoders] a little OT (maybe): Flash in Firefox

2005-10-26 Thread David Rorex
Sounds like a problem with your webserver's configurations. does it work if you make it a .htm file? do other .php files work? -David R On 10/26/05, MetaArt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have tried using ?php... ?, but the result its always the same... Enrico Tomaselli + web designer +

Re: [Flashcoders] gotoAnd* stopped working today?!?!?!?!?!?

2005-10-26 Thread David Rorex
Try commenting out all lines except the gotoAndPlay and see if it works. If it does work, then add the code in a bit at a time until it stops working. This will allow you to see where your problem is. -David R On 10/26/05, Roman Blöth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello there, today something

Re: [Flashcoders] tracking inactivity

2005-10-26 Thread David Rorex
On 10/26/05, Matt Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: yes, big oversight on my part. thank you. i've just changed from using an onEnterFrame to a setInterval, but i'm not getting it to work here. i believe it might be because my setInterval isn't first started. does that look like the culprit to

Re: [Flashcoders] Mouse notification when leaving a swf...

2005-10-30 Thread David Rorex
On 10/30/05, Liu, Kai M [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is a simpler approach, copy and paste it into new FLA and try: [CODE] _root.createTextField(txt,10,10,10,200,30); onMouseMove = function(){ if (_xmouse 0 || _xmouse Stage.width || _ymouse 0 || _ymouse Stage.height){

Re: [Flashcoders] Why does Mask, mask dynamic text?

2005-10-31 Thread David Rorex
On 10/31/05, Noyes, Jeff [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way around this? I'm applying a mask on top of a dynamically loaded .swf. The Mask is removing all dynamic text - why? 1. Try doing a dynamic mask, applied at runtime. I think there's a bug with applying masks in the authoring

Re: [Flashcoders] How to draw a copy of a curve?

2005-11-02 Thread David Rorex
On 11/1/05, Gregory_GOusable [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way to draw a copy of an arbitrary curve in Flash with drawing API? Assumed that I have draw a curve manually (not analytical one, just a curve), how to create a copy of it using drawing methods? Use MovieClip.curveTo() ?

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference onIOError

2005-11-03 Thread David Rorex
-Original Message- I am using the FileReference class in Flash Player 8 My listener is receiving the onIOError callback. Unfortunately, the callback does not provide any specific details about the error. How can I get error details for the onIOError callback? On 11/3/05,

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference.upload - Filedata

2005-11-03 Thread David Rorex
On 11/3/05, bryan.rice [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Every example of the Flash 8 file Upload feature uses the variable name Filedata in the server side script when referring to the file. Is this *always* the name that Flash passes to the server, or can this be specified somewhere? I can only

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash standalone awkwardness

2005-11-03 Thread David Rorex
On 11/3/05, Luke Munn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there, Googled this and searched the archives but can't really find this addressed anywhere online. I'm creating an educational CD-ROM in Flash, which will use a Flash Projector to ensure everyone can run it. The issue is on starting the

Re: [Flashcoders] Help with FileReference.upload in https

2005-11-07 Thread David Rorex
On 11/7/05, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It doesn't work in https Do you know it there is a way? The help in flash says it supports https, but I haven't tested. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate on your site. -David R ___

Re: [Flashcoders] POST question

2005-11-07 Thread David Rorex
Are you using frames? I've had problems with sending a POST in IE when the flash movie is inside a frame, things like the data not actually being sent. It appeared to be a bug with IE: works fine in mozilla/firefox, and when i took it out of the frame but changed nothing else, it worked again.

Re: [Flashcoders] secure png

2005-11-07 Thread David Rorex
Making your application slower and use more bandwidth, just so the user can't look at your layers, might not be worth it. -David R On 11/7/05, Maxime [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Really interesting ! Thank you Latcho ! I just need to get Flash8 to do it. Hope it works ! Latcho wrote: that

Re: [Flashcoders] Expandable banners

2005-11-09 Thread David Rorex
On 11/9/05, Mick Gow [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ps. They're a pain in the ass :) If you mean animated banners, then yes, I agree. It's the flash banner creators that give flash a bad name. -David R ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] DisplacementMapFilter and 2880 pixel limit

2005-11-11 Thread David Rorex
On 11/9/05, Claudia Barnal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When reading the DisplacementMapFilter documentation I found this piece of information: A filter is not applied if the resulting image would exceed 2880 pixels in width or height. For example, if you zoom in on a large movie clip with a

[Flashcoders] Re: chinese spam 网易邮箱 自动回复

2005-11-11 Thread David Rorex
This is chinese, if you don't have chinese language installed, you wont be able to read it. I've gotten like 10 of these exact messages already, i think it's someone who screwed up their email auto responder config, and is now spamming the list. -David R On 11/11/05, Janis Radins [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] POST bug - player8 + Paypal

2005-11-11 Thread David Rorex
On 11/11/05, dave matthews [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Lost the link to the player8 post bug posted recently... :) Now it's time to turn this Paypal code into a Flash button: Is that the POST command that's broken in the newest player? POST bugs that I know about: 1. POST sometimes doesn't

Re: [Flashcoders] skinnig the listbuttons of mcom combobox (how)

2005-11-11 Thread David Rorex
You have to make a new Row Renderer to change the look of the indivdual items inside the drop down in the combobox. See here for info: http://www.metaliq.com/mcom/getting_started.htm#rowRenderers -David R On 11/11/05, marcel vogt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: rayn, any idea how to skin that list

Re: [Flashcoders] Pointers

2005-11-15 Thread David Rorex
On 11/15/05, Jorrit de Vries [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, In C I can store pointers to variables. How can I do this in ActionScript? All variables are always referenced by type, except for the basic types: Number, String, and the special ones like undefined, null. There is nothing equivelent

Re: [Flashcoders] reading 'loadedBytes' from MovieClipLoader onLoadProgress

2005-11-18 Thread David Rorex
On 11/18/05, Matt Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi. i'm using the MovieClipLoader class to load a few swfs that are defined in an array a la: var totalWeight = 41079759; // total weight in bytes (3.9MB) var currentWeight = 0; var mainArray:Array = new Array( { path: movie1.swf, id:

Re: [Flashcoders] reading 'loadedBytes' from MovieClipLoader onLoadProgress

2005-11-21 Thread David Rorex
. is there a better way i can approach this? thanks again for your help. -- matt. On 11/18/05, David Rorex [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 11/18/05, Matt Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi. i'm using the MovieClipLoader class to load a few swfs that are defined in an array a la: var

Re: [Flashcoders] Xml editor

2005-11-22 Thread David Rorex
On 11/22/05, Patrick Matte [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What software do you people use for editing xml for your flash projects ? gVim (graphical version of vim): http://www.vim.org/ -David R ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com

Re: [Flashcoders] detecting when mouse goes outside of the flash

2005-11-23 Thread David Rorex
The problem with all these look for mouse within 1 to 2 pixels of the border solutions, is that moving the mouse, even at a moderate speed, makes it move by 10 or more pixels at a time. -David R On 11/23/05, Gregory_GOusable [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'd suggest to use 1-pixel frame (maybe

Re: [Flashcoders] Dragging images into Flash from desktop

2005-12-01 Thread David Rorex
You can drag from desktop to a (trusted) java applet, so it's technically possible, but it's not supported by flash, unless you use one of the swf2exe tools -- but then it's no longer a crossplatform zero-download app. -David R On 12/1/05, Derek Vadneau [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You can do this

Re: [Flashcoders] Recursive Loop showing all items

2005-12-01 Thread David Rorex
On 12/1/05, Jay Lepore [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, Can anyone provide with a recursive loop that loops through every mc and further loops through every child mc's listing every movieclip, string, object etc along the way? I know such code is out there and rather than recreate the wheel

Re: [Flashcoders] Tile Bitmap

2005-12-01 Thread David Rorex
What about MovieClip.beginBitmapFill() ? Fills a drawing area with a bitmap image. The bitmap can be repeated or tiled to fill the area. -David R On 12/1/05, JesterXL [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yeah man, it's mainly done via BitmapData.copyPixels. That function is so fast. Go look in the

Re: [Flashcoders] the bitmap shift bug

2005-12-01 Thread David Rorex
On 12/1/05, Matt Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: just wondering if the known bug that shifts bitmaps 1px (http://www.misuseit.com/bitmapbug/) could affect an flv that has a bitmap composited in it. i'm experiencing 1px shifts (to the right) that do not appear to be specific to screen

Re: [Flashcoders] System.product

2005-12-02 Thread David Rorex
On 12/2/05, Antonio Rico Ortega [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everybody. Does someone know something about Sytem.Product. As far as I am aware, this function is capable to connect Macromedia server . I wonder if we could use that, to update plash player. code foo = new

Re: [Flashcoders] How to make a class instance self-destructible?

2005-12-03 Thread David Rorex
On 12/3/05, Boon Chew [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to get a class to destroy itself, calling delete obj looks too unnatural, amidst all OO code. Could someone explain why the following doesn't work? The following code doesn't work, is there another way to achieve this? Also,

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading a compressed movie

2005-12-03 Thread David Rorex
On 12/3/05, erixtekila [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi folks, Can someone explain me how do Flash behave when it loads a compressed external flash. He is still able to play the first frames, eventhough he don't get the whole file. Do that mean that the compression algorithm is used directly

Re: [Flashcoders] floating point

2005-12-06 Thread David Rorex
On 12/4/05, Hans Wichman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi peeps, related discussions have been on here before, but i didn't find a real answer. Imagine this piece of code: var i = 0; onEnterFrame = function () { i = i + 0.1; trace (i); if (i == 0.7) trace(here); }

Re: [Flashcoders] Who wants MIDI in the Flash Player?

2005-12-07 Thread David Rorex
I agree...bytearrays aren't anything bad, its just another way to manipulate data. The only way it could cause problems, is if there are any exploits in the flash runtime, it would make it slightly (only slightly) easier to take advantage of them. Raw sockets, are still restricted by the same

Re: [Flashcoders] Who wants MIDI in the Flash Player?

2005-12-07 Thread David Rorex
On 12/7/05, ryanm [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Raw sockets, are still restricted by the same cross-domain restrictions as exist in flash 7 8, so sites have to specifically allow flash clients to connect (opt-in) Well, obviously, a virus author would allow connections from other domains,

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: Re: Flash is a single-threaded app? Maybe it'sjusttheAVM? or...

2005-12-07 Thread David Rorex
You can always write some kind of wrapper, so you don't have to mess around with empty movieclips, and onEnterFrame, etc. function caluculateStuff() { // set up any data needed for calculation // ... TaskManager.forloop(loopFunction, 1, 10, finalFunction); function loopFunction(var

Re: [Flashcoders] simulating narrowband connection

2005-12-08 Thread David Rorex
The proxy-based tools are somewhat clunky to use, I've found. There's 'NetLimiter' a tool which works on a lower level, and lets you set upload vs download speeds, on a per application basis. Also makes nice graphs and stuff. http://www.netlimiter.com/ Things like charles servicecapture are

Re: [Flashcoders] These [EMAIL PROTECTED] Flash 8 Linkage Publish Errors

2005-12-09 Thread David Rorex
not just 'somewhere in your library', but it tells you exactly which symbols they are: com/yellowjacketsoftware/ui/components/Flash UI Components 2/Component Assets/BoundingBox is the first one Flash UI Components 2/Component Assets/BoundingBox is the second one. The error seems pretty

Re: [Flashcoders] SendAndLoad and Paypal problem

2005-12-14 Thread David Rorex
On 12/14/05, Thierry V. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List !! I try to make a cart in a full flash site, and since 1 week, try to work with paypal, but no success... my code : [code] var lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); lv.sendAndLoad( url, lv, POST ); [/code] If I try this code into

Re: [Flashcoders] BitmapData Availability

2005-12-21 Thread David Rorex
'import' does one thing, and one thing only: make it so you don't have to type the full class name. It doesn't force it to be compiled. If you import a class, but never reference it, it won't be compiled into your swf. You can reference a class by it's full name without importing it, and it will

Re: [Flashcoders] file upload being called twice

2006-01-15 Thread David Rorex
I have the same problem, and others have reported it as well. The workaround, is in php to check the filename of the uploaded file. The first time it is called, the filename will be blank or null, so just disregard that request. -David R On 1/15/06, Sam Wootton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am

Re: [Flashcoders] file upload being called twice

2006-01-16 Thread David Rorex
if it exists, and then sends the data in the 2nd request. On 1/15/06, Sam Wootton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Cool, thanks for that - worked great. On 15/01/06, David Rorex [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have the same problem, and others have reported it as well. The workaround, is in php

Re: [Flashcoders] PDF to Flash

2006-01-20 Thread David Rorex
On 1/20/06, John Dowdell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Group Manager - D-MAG.org wrote: Does anyone know how you can put a PDF into Flash? The only thing I can find is FlashPaper, which is basically a print driver that converts whatever you send to it into a SWF file. Is there a tool

Re: [Flashcoders] File upload with PHP example

2006-01-20 Thread David Rorex
I saw this: http://www.betriebsraum.de/blog/2006/01/15/update-flash-8-file-browser-11/ maybe it will be useful. -David R On 1/20/06, Judah Frangipane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Anyone know of a good to great File Upload example using PHP? Or does anyone have any of their own working examples

Re: [Flashcoders] Can an in browser.swf P2P a different end user's in browser.swf?

2006-01-24 Thread David Rorex
It can't be done with just two plain flash movies. (Someone feel free to prove me wrong, but I'm pretty sure of this) You need either: 1. Some downloadable .exe file which handles the connection, or a swf2exe tool like Zinc or 2. A server in the middle, like FlashCom (aka FMS), Unity, Oregeno,

Re: [Flashcoders] Problems with Flash Plugin Switcher 2.1.0

2006-01-24 Thread David Rorex
I had trouble with it remembering my 8.5 plugin (it could uninstall it fine, but next time i startes flash plugin switcher, 8.5 wasn't in the dropdown list). otherwise no problems. -David r On 1/22/06, Nathan Derksen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yup, works great. I wish there was a version for the

Re: [Flashcoders] Gotcha: F8 Security Model

2006-01-26 Thread David Rorex
possible security upside: hacker.freedns.com can't make calls to randomguy.freedns.com ? (where freedns.com is a site that lets users buy / get free subdomains) -David R On 1/26/06, clark slater [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was totally *disgusted* to find out that our site was failing to make

Re: [Flashcoders] ConvolutionFilter performance

2006-01-31 Thread David Rorex
win xp amd sempron 3100+ 1.8ghz 960MB ram crappy integrated gfx card -- firefox FP8 blur : 9720 convolution 3x3 : 8836 convolution 5x5 : 38737 no filter : 5372 -- IE FP 8.5 blur : 5965 convolution 3x3 : 5704 convolution 5x5 : 39783 no filter : 5717 On 1/31/06, Kalle Thyselius, inlovewith

Re: [Flashcoders] Free Flex???

2006-01-31 Thread David Rorex
yes, the command-line compiler framework will be free. the IDE (flex builder) will be under $1000 there will be a connection-limited, free version of the flex enterprise server read the posts on jan 31st (today) http://www.andersblog.com/ -David R On 1/31/06, Scott Hyndman [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] Noise Cancelling in Flash

2006-01-31 Thread David Rorex
8.5 actually provides write as well as read access to the waveforms? I haven't looked into it much, but i've only seen people making visualizations of sounds, not actually modifying or generating them in real-time. -David R On 1/31/06, ryanm [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I wondered whether noise

Re: [Flashcoders] v2 components - are you kidding me?

2006-02-01 Thread David Rorex
Unless you are writing AS1 projects, I would recommend against using AS1 components. Ghostwire is great most of the time, but there are problems with the AS1 component model. Things like conflicts between different versions, etc. -David R On 2/1/06, Steven Sacks [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [Flashcoders] clearing variables from memory after use...

2006-02-01 Thread David Rorex
my_var = null; and delete my_var; should do exactly the same thing...delete doesn't actually delete the object, only the reference to the object. it doesn't get removed from memory until later (when the GC feels like it) var obj1 = {blah:hello}; var obj2 = obj1; delete obj1; trace(obj2.blah);

Re: [Flashcoders] Noise Cancelling in Flash

2006-02-01 Thread David Rorex
1. can flash load .wav files? 2. can loadBytes simulate loading .wav files? if so, it might be simpler to generate a .wav structure than a .swf -David R On 2/1/06, Martin Wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i think that theoretically it may be possible to generate real time audio just in the 8.5

Re: [Flashcoders] f8 : System.security.escapeDomain()

2006-02-11 Thread David Rorex
System.security.escapeDomain(domain:String):String Does anyone know what this does? It's in the intrinsic class headers, but I can't find documentation anywhere. you can see for yourself, at: C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash

[Flashcoders] No variables in Interfaces?

2006-02-13 Thread David Rorex
Hi, Is there NO way to use variables in an interface? Code: var obj:ICanvas = new ClassThatImplementsICanvas(); trace(obj.value); // Error: Line 342: There is no property with the name 'value'. So, then I add this line to ICanvas.as var value:Number; Recompile: Error: ICanvas.as: Line

Re: [Flashcoders] regex needed

2006-02-13 Thread David Rorex
On 2/13/06, Michael Stuhr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i'm trying to use Joey Leott's (Pavils Jurjans') RegExp for replacing BAD-strings in (to-be-uploaded) Filenames but had no success at all. can anyone give me some hints ? i have: code import RegExp; var a:String = 'äur*?ß.png'; var

Re: [Flashcoders] Applying bitmapdata/filters to loaded SWFs Version 6 or 7

2006-02-21 Thread David Rorex
On 2/21/06, lars [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: is this possible? having a flash8 master movie which loads swfs version 5,6 or 7 into a holder and apply new flash8 filters (bevel, blur etc.) to them? thanks: lars I think it should work fine, is it not working for you? Watch out for the _global bug

Re: [Flashcoders] Zinc 2.5 making Components slow

2006-02-21 Thread David Rorex
I would suggest building your own custom component for the comboboxes and/or tab pane, because 70 comboboxes is quite a bit to have loaded at once. Since you only have 12 comboboxes at once, what about only really having 12 comboboxes, and then when they switch between sections, you just reuse

Re: [Flashcoders] gotoandlearn()

2006-02-21 Thread David Rorex
8.5 is still in beta, so this could be a bug in the beta version. Or maybe his detection script only expects up to 8.0, and when it sees you have 8.5 it gets confused. -David R On 2/16/06, Chris Kennon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, After completing a clean install of Flash Player 8.5, the

Re: [Flashcoders] flash.net.FileReference: no way to return selected path after browse?

2006-02-23 Thread David Rorex
Depends what you mean by save off the resulting jpgs after loading. But the answer is probably yes, with zinc, there is not really any security sandbox (as you are now a desktop application, not a web app), and you can do pretty much whatever you want. -David R On 2/23/06, eric dolecki [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] Opening SWF in Flash via command line

2006-02-23 Thread David Rorex
http://weblogs.macromedia.com/mesh/archives/2003/11/flashcommand_fl.cfm hey, what do you know, googling for mike chambers flashcommand and pressing i'm feeling lucky finds it. -David R On 2/23/06, John Grden [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: where Can I get that nifty gem? On 2/23/06, jim [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] method to authenticate/license a flash app?

2006-02-23 Thread David Rorex
On 2/23/06, lars [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi all. i have a little vj app i'm developing. it'll be a flash projector app i'm developing for a club. i'm looking for ideas on how to protect this projector (protect against copying to other machines than the one in the club). is there anyway to get

Re: [Flashcoders] compiler not warning (little rant)

2006-03-01 Thread David Rorex
On 3/1/06, Michael Stuhr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A/MMC does not warn before using this: var o = new Object(); o.arguments [1, 2, 3]; is this a statement or what ? and if so, what does it do, all i could see is undefined / null / not there fun to find this one in a ~1 lines project.

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference upload, change file name

2006-03-05 Thread David Rorex
On 3/5/06, Tom Rhodes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: jim wrote: I only need the ability to change the name of the file that is being uploaded. How would I go about this? I tried changing the [FileReference instance].name field but this is read only. On the php side I am not sure if I can pass

Re: [Flashcoders] setFocus with javascript

2006-03-19 Thread David Rorex
On 3/19/06, Tolga H. Tatari [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I had been searching a solution to flash UI components mouse wheel problem on swf's longer than the page and that don't fit the browser. I found a solution like this : var mouseListener:Object = new Object(); mouseListener.onMouseWheel =

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2 Vs. AS1

2006-03-21 Thread David Rorex
On 3/21/06, stone larsen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a reason this works in AS1 and not AS2??? Could you give us more info on what exactly is not working with it? Did you use trace()'s or the debugger to find out exactly which part is failing? -David R

Re: [Flashcoders] _global is _global or what?

2006-03-21 Thread David Rorex
On 3/21/06, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I know it's a personal thing, but I usually try and avoid using _global variables (in fact, I use them so little, this is probably why I have this question), but I found a case where I needed to use them - at least temporarily for testing

Re: [Flashcoders] Browse folders from flash

2006-03-22 Thread David Rorex
On 3/21/06, Felipe Fernandez [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks again. Scott, I'm not sure java could explore local client machine directories. Could you send me any link? Java can have full control over your local machine, but the user has to approve the access first (You have to sign the

Re: [Flashcoders] [OT] Sparx Enterprise Architecht generating Actionscript

2006-03-22 Thread David Rorex
On 3/22/06, jim [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I started playing with EA getting it to generate Actionscript. I need to know how to place an import statement into a class like: import com.something.MyClass; I see it can handle doing this as I have reverse engineered one of my projects

[Flashcoders] Automated extracting screenshots from .swf's

2006-03-28 Thread David Rorex
Hi, I am looking for an automated way in which I can automatically extract frames from a .swf into a bitmap image (.jpg, .bmp, whatever). My ideal program would work like this: swf2jpg.exe --input myMovie.swf --frame 2 --output myMovie_F2.jpg And then it would extract frame 2 from myMovie.swf

Re: [Flashcoders] WebService - Linux

2006-03-28 Thread David Rorex
On 3/27/06, franto [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'd like to know if it is needed something in system installed (problem is in Linux) to run webServices i got Flash example with webServices which works on Windows, Linux with many stuff installed, but on some Linux with few things

Re: [Flashcoders] sIFR

2006-03-29 Thread David Rorex
On 3/29/06, Aaron Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: has anyone made or found a flash 8 replacement sIFR??? by sIFR i mean flash replacement... for text... http://www.mikeindustries.com/sifr/ can't you just publish the sifr font swf to flash 8? -David R

Re: [Flashcoders] existing project to start using mtasc, an easier way?

2006-03-29 Thread David Rorex
On 3/29/06, thotskee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Flashcoders, I have an existing AS2 codebase that I think would benefit from using mtasc. The compile time is currently about 1 minute for the application. Not terrible, but not great either. The problems are: I am using includes which I

Re: [Flashcoders] converting/printing swf to eps

2006-03-31 Thread David Rorex
Without know exactly what you want to do, you might be able to rig something up using a swf wrapper of some sort (like zinc) which will load the swf, then trigger a print, then use one of the many free printer drivers which output .ps files -David R On 3/30/06, Ron Wheeler [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] converting/printing swf to eps

2006-03-31 Thread David Rorex
How are the swf's generated in the first place? Instead of doing something-swf-eps you can do: something-swf something-eps -David R On 3/30/06, Gabriel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I save a swf to the server, and I need to retrieve an eps from it...any idea? Ron Wheeler wrote: What exactly

Re: [Flashcoders] Convert swf to exe

2006-03-31 Thread David Rorex
On 3/31/06, Lieven Cardoen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When I compile with flash, the swf has different behaviour than compiled with mtasc. But I need the exe so... You should report this to the author of mtasc, he tries to make his compiler as compatible as possible. Anything that compiles in

Re: [Flashcoders] converting/printing swf to eps

2006-04-03 Thread David Rorex
machine. You was talking about many free printer drivers, can you point me to some of them? thanks GaB. David Rorex wrote: How are the swf's generated in the first place? Instead of doing something-swf-eps you can do: something-swf something-eps -David R On 3/30

Re: [Flashcoders] good OOP way to re-assign class to clip

2006-04-17 Thread David Rorex
In my opinion, there is no good OOP way of changing the class of an object (be it movieclip or otherwsie). You might want to see if you can handle it in a different way, normally you should never change the class of an object. Why exactly do you want to change the class? -David R On 4/17/06,

Re: [Flashcoders] offline SWF generation from XML

2006-04-18 Thread David Rorex
While not XML, here are some more open-source commandline tools which can generate swfs from plain text definition files: http://ming.sourceforge.net/ - AS1 and gfx http://www.swftools.org/swfc/swfc.html - AS1 and gfx http://mtasc.org/ - AS2 only -David R On 4/18/06, elibol [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] loading external swf, dynamically using it's library...

2006-04-19 Thread David Rorex
On 4/19/06, grimmwerks [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm curious... Say I've got main.swf which loads in sub.swf; sub.swf has within it's library, a 'prefMC' which is set to be ready with the class of prefMC on the first frame. Can I, within main.swf, after loading in sub.swf, dynamically

Re: [Flashcoders] Testing ExternalInterface on Windows for me.

2006-04-20 Thread David Rorex
Instead of creating a reference to your flash movie and storing it, I get it every time. JS Code: function getMovie(movieName) { if (navigator.appName.indexOf(Microsoft) != -1) { return window[movieName] } else { return

[Flashcoders] Dynamic sound generation in 8.5?

2006-04-20 Thread David Rorex
Has any progress been made in the area of dynamic sound and/or music generation? A couple of months ago there was a couple of big threads, one on possible MIDI support in the flash player (which seemed to be largely ignored by Macromedia), another about the possiblity of dynamicaly creating a

Re: [Flashcoders] Dynamic sound generation in 8.5?

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
, Johannes Nel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: someone told me that there is a limitation with the byte array and sound object whereby you cannot reconstruct a sound object from a byte array. this is heresay, but from a knowledgable fellow. On 4/20/06, David Rorex [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Has any progress

Re: [Flashcoders] Server-side animated GIF to SWF?

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
This does pretty much what you want: http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000407.php However, it converts the gif by frames and not using timing I believe. -David R On 4/20/06, Rajat Paharia [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My Flash 7 content running at various framerates needs to load in Animated

Re: [Flashcoders] Questions regarding File search

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
On 4/20/06, Tarun Abhichandani [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi: In one of our applications, we are working towards using Flash as an UI for users. One of our need is to search for certain types of file and calling a Java servlet to upload the content of the file. While the uploading part to

Re: [Flashcoders] FP 8.5 MovieClipLoader bug?

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
On 4/20/06, eric dolecki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am working on an application where I am loading images into a clip using a MovieClipLoader. The SWF is embedded in Python. After about 100 images are loaded into the same clip (over time - about 1 every 1-2 seconds), the images fail to

[Flashcoders] Dynamic sound generation in 8.5!

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
skills can take this and make it more generic / useful! -David R On 4/21/06, Johannes Nel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: can you post some code to recreate this? On 4/21/06, David Rorex [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Well... I wrote code to dynamically generate a .swf containing a simple sound

Re: [Flashcoders] Forcing XML connection closed from SWF

2006-04-21 Thread David Rorex
On 4/21/06, Nathanial Thelen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was wondering if anyone out there know how to force a XML connection closed once the onLoad has happened? The way it works currently is that if the webserver has keep-alives on, the connection to the server stays open. I am pretty sure

Re: [Flashcoders] RootkitRevealer flagging shared object... :(

2006-04-24 Thread David Rorex
On 4/24/06, dave matthews [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi all, RootkitRevealer flagged this file as a problem: c:\Documents and Settings\myUserName\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\#name.com. Was able to delete all other files in this

Re: [Flashcoders] wikipedia webservices

2006-04-24 Thread David Rorex
a quick google found this: http://www.ontok.com/wiki/index.php/Wikipedia On 4/24/06, Guillermo Torres Troconis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone know if there's a WSDL for Wikipedia, I want to be able to show search results from wikipedia in my flash app. But I can't find the available web

Re: [Flashcoders] window.onClose - Flash

2006-04-25 Thread David Rorex
you could also try function myfunc() { // tell flash movie goodbye } window.onbeforeunload = myfunc; I've had pretty good success with it, in IE and Firefox on windows at least. On 4/25/06, erixtekila [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: But to my knowledge a sharedobject is always flushed by flash

Re: [Flashcoders] LocalConnection from SWF - Visual Basic?

2006-04-26 Thread David Rorex
LocalConnection is asynchronous. I don't know how mProjector got synchronous code in flash 7, it had to be some very clever hack. However, synchronous calls are supported natively in flash 8 (via ExternalInterface, which communicates with the host using a documented XML format I believe).

Re: [Flashcoders] window.onClose - Flash

2006-05-01 Thread David Rorex
in other browsers, but i don't know the details off the top of my head. fwiw g. On 4/25/06, erixtekila [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Le 25 avr. 06, à 23:31, David Rorex a écrit : window.onbeforeunload Never knew that one. I'l check for its availability across platforms. Thanks

Re: [FlashCoders] Build Flash8 installer

2006-05-03 Thread David Rorex
Or you could use one of the swf2exe applications that are already licensed to distribute the flash player (swf studio, mprojector, zinc, etc... but make sure to look into their license as well) -David R On 5/3/06, Muzak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You'll need to obtain a license first

Re: [Flashcoders] XML Parsing

2006-05-04 Thread David Rorex
On 5/4/06, Mars Spider - Upgrade Multimediale Srl [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Jason Lutes wrote: I'm experiencing some recursion limit problem with a large XML... How are you currently reading in the XML -- what kind of code structures, etc? What specifically is the recursion limit problem

Re: [Flashcoders] Fwd: sprouts data structure

2006-05-13 Thread David Rorex
Do you mean this site? http://www.math.utah.edu/~alfeld/Sprouts/ It appears to not have any AI, however it does appear to check the rules, so it may be a good starting point. This is an interesting topic to me, please be sure to keep us updated if you have any success! -David R On 5/13/06,

Re: [Flashcoders] saving bmp from flash

2006-05-15 Thread David Rorex
On 5/14/06, Jiri Heitlager [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am looking for a way to capture webcam images from Flash and save them as .bmp's. Using PHP is not a possibilty because it cannot save images as a .bmp. Is it in theory possible to use screenweaver. So in Flash I would run trough all the

Re: [Flashcoders] externalInterface Issue

2006-06-14 Thread David Rorex
Post with some info about some of the problems/bugs in ExternalInterface: http://codinginparadise.org/weblog/2006/02/how-to-speed-up-flash-8s.html In general, whoever coded ExternalInterface should be fired. Great idea, terrible implementation. Have they ever heard of unit tests and boundary

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading MP3 fr om another domain…Is it possible?

2006-06-14 Thread David Rorex
Possible options: 1. Use a crossdomain.xml file on the mp3 server downside: You may not have access to that server upside: If you do have access, it's as simple as uploading a .xml file to the server 2. Use a php proxy on your own server downside: More bandwidth usage on your server upside:

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