Re: [Flashcoders] secure png

2005-11-07 Thread Latcho
raw data: that IS possible ! Only compression get's lost, but you could write your own serverside and clientside compression and decompression algorithm. Good luck. Chris Wilson wrote: I see. Thanks for clarifying. I'm not sure how to disable the caching, unfortunately. If there were a

Re: [Flashcoders] secure png

2005-11-07 Thread Latcho
/2004/08/22/lzw-compression-methods-in-as2/ Regards, Latcho Chris Wilson wrote: Good to know that's possible. How would you take the binary string and have flash treat it as a graphic? -Chris -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Latcho Sent

[Flashcoders] transparent color

2005-11-07 Thread Latcho
what would be the best and most appropriate (blend?) method/mode to give a grey-rendered (so gradient-shadow-like) 3D object the closest and correctly visual matching hex or rgb color skinned over it? How would i best proceed ? thanx, Latcho

Re: [Flashcoders] secure png

2005-11-07 Thread Latcho
As i said it's all in the compression David Rorex wrote: Making your application slower and use more bandwidth, just so the user can't look at your layers, might not be worth it. -David R On 11/7/05, Maxime [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Really interesting ! Thank you Latcho ! I just need

[Flashcoders] transparent color

2005-11-08 Thread Latcho
would i best proceed ? thanx, Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

[Flashcoders] FLAMES wine and coffee, leaving no trace

2005-12-03 Thread Latcho
? I'd love to make and see flash 8 content on NIX, including tracing. Any ideas what i couldd do or dubbelcheck ? thanx, Stijn aka Latcho www . greencollective . nl ___ Flashcoders mailing list http

[Flashcoders] And these [EMAIL PROTECTED] paths

2005-12-09 Thread Latcho
Now guys, If you make time to answer these questions 2 times, could you point me out of this in a way. My 2nd post since no one seems te hear me. see down. Regards, Latcho aka Stijn A COPY PASTE: / / /Hi their, pretty a newbee but trying hard to go FAMES on 'NIX have ANT working, even executing

Re: [Flashcoders] flv batch encoding

2005-12-26 Thread Latcho
ffmpeg on the fly Sander wrote: Sorenson 4.2 allows you to create cue points and has two-pass encoding for the vp6 codec. Squeeze for flash with ON2VP6 plugin: 119+199 Flix Pro with ON2VP6: 249$ ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash and Java (Processing) Communication - Crossplatform

2005-12-27 Thread Latcho
I like processing, but can't give you a correct answer to this.what everybody can tell you is that fft will become available woith flex and actionscript3 , for the moment that function is still buggy, but you can play with it ( amplitude works) ; citate from

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash and Java (Processing) Communication - Crossplatform

2005-12-27 Thread Latcho
:10001 Cache-Control: no-cache / - good start, now you figure out how to get to the variables, at leat it's possible ;) and tell ME ! Latcho lars wrote: sounds nice, even if its still a bit buggy. thanks! and about the other question? any way to embedd processing into flash or vice versa

[Fwd: Re: [Flashcoders] Flash and Java (Processing) Communication - Crossplatform]

2005-12-27 Thread Latcho
;) Original Message Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] Flash and Java (Processing) Communication - Crossplatform Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 13:47:41 +0100 From: Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Flashcoders mailing list References

[Flashcoders] sequencce loader // combined queue filesize

2006-01-10 Thread Latcho
te get an idea of %loaded of the total queue. can I for ex. use loadvars to accomplish this, and then nullify the loadvars object. would this stop the media from loading ? the files are jpg's png's and swf's. Thanx Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] Obfuscation

2006-01-17 Thread Latcho
common' man- firefox-page-info-media-whatever.swf - save as One thing that people don't consider is that You don't need to obfuscate if people can not access the SWF In the first place 1) use SSL + prevent caching in the HTTP header - no SWF in the browser cache or 2) instead of pointing

Re: [Flashcoders] BitmapData question

2006-01-23 Thread Latcho
//take your snapshot ! //-- untested example of USAGE import Converter; var conv:Converter=new Converter() var snapshot_bd=conv.movieClipToBitmapData(mcToCapture) //paste snapshot conv.bitmapDataToMovieClip(snapshot_bd,_root,snap_mc,10) //tested and working CLASS

Re: [Flashcoders] using variable in new color target

2006-01-27 Thread Latcho
colTran:ColorTransform = new flash.geom.ColorTransform(); root.listItem1.onRollOver = function(){ // trace (hitme) colTran.rgb(0xff9966); currentShortName.transform.colorTransform = colTran } cheers, Latcho Should this: _root.tempRegionCopy.currentShortName not be this: _root.currentShortName or visa versa

[Flashcoders] absolute path moviecliploader+ draw

2006-01-28 Thread Latcho
Clips I loaded with an absolute path ( Moviecliploader in flash 8 *would visibly *(!*) load* but the mc-reference to the loaded mc would *NOT draw* to Bitmap (they would but the resuling bitmap was empty, default new bitmap color) Properties of the mc, like width

Re: [Flashcoders] Deleting a KeyListener

2006-01-29 Thread Latcho
var KP:Object=new Object() Key.addListener(KP); KP.onKeyDown = function(){ if(Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)){ Key.removeListener(KP); delete KP // not necesarry I guess } } Stephen Hueners wrote: I'm setting up a listener for the Enter key in a login portion of my movie and need to delete

[Flashcoders] attachMovie[imgID] - attachMovie(imgID, newName, myDepth)

2006-02-02 Thread Latcho
Adont you just miss the *newname *and *depth *param ? var myDepth=0 ... . myDepth+=1 this[rfcClip].container.attachMovie(imgID,newName,myDepth) Adrian Lynch wrote: Try: this[rfcClip].container.attachMovie(imgID); Ade -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

[Flashcoders] pagepeel

2006-02-09 Thread Latcho
anybody got a link to a resource of a (doublepaged) page-peel effect? like browsing a book, but nonfake. preferably working with bitmapdata. my Math skills aren't just sufficient :( thanks ! ___ To change your

[Flashcoders] removing dynamically set eventlisteners

2006-02-17 Thread Latcho
is it possible to linkfor an eventListener to a var like: var myEventListener=broadcasterScope.addEventListener(eventName,updateVar) and afterwards in a certain way removing the eventlistener with myEventLink ? I'd like to remove events that I set dynamically, do I really have to

Re: [Flashcoders] mailto is not working

2006-02-27 Thread Latcho
try to add ,_self as second getURL param regards, latcho Bharat Group wrote: Hi Nick, Waitig for u r reply. IBm - Original Message - From: Nick Weekes [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: 'Flashcoders mailing list' Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 5:26 PM Subject: RE

[Flashcoders] casting string to bool

2006-03-03 Thread Latcho
how to cast a string true into a boolean true and a false into false without using this long trick; var myBool:Boolean; myBool= ( myString == true) ? true : false; by the way: Boolean(true) = true Boolean(false) = true man this sucks So build our own toBool Proto ? thanks, latcho

[Flashcoders] catching errors within swf with phpObject

2006-03-03 Thread Latcho
? cheers, Latcho ___ To change your subscription options or search the archive: Brought to you by Fig Leaf Software Premier Authorized Adobe Consulting and Training

Re: [Flashcoders] casting string to bool

2006-03-03 Thread Latcho
Thanks! that seems to be the triple right way ;) but converting the type of a myString:String to a myString:Boolean is just a big nono possible? Latcho Danny Kodicek wrote: how to cast a string true into a boolean true and a false into false without using this long trick; var

[Flashcoders] Re:SMALL Prob - Clear / Delete Array

2006-03-03 Thread Latcho
I think it has to do with the scope of dados, so put on top of your script: *var dados = new Array (); * the func carregaDados doesn't empty the same dados as the one in in the onLoad func, because it won't know it; try to put trace(dados) as the first line in carregaDados before you empty

Re: [Flashcoders] Return radio button index for selection

2006-03-03 Thread Latcho
Wendy Richardson wrote: Anyone know how I can access the index of a selected radio button? Or... I am able to trace the .selection property and see a string, but can't actually change it into a string that I can manipulate - it's an object and toString just returns object or something

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading several images with one progressbar?

2006-03-14 Thread Latcho
this is just an undocumented class that shows how you can get the filesize of a file in a loaderqueue without completely loading the file (I kill the further loading once sizxe is obtained). I only use this class once to get the totalbytes. After that I usuyally hard-code this result in the

Re: [Flashcoders] MovieClipLoader - Crash in player 7, fine in player 8

2006-04-04 Thread Latcho
/ loading several external files in queue put a delay of about 500ms between onLoadInit and loadClip/ _or put them on an http server while developping instead of locally, that worked for me. _ _Latcho _ Roman Blöth wrote: O.k., we've some sort of cure for strange loadClip-behaviors:

Re: [Flashcoders] Audio Analyzer

2006-04-07 Thread Latcho
Mind your words, this is an example of actionscript 3 / flash 8.5+ JesterXL wrote: - Original Message - From: Christian Pugliese [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 5:18 PM

[Flashcoders] scopefusion

2006-06-27 Thread Latcho
I don't use the this - word because of the nested functions ans possible complications with the this pointiong to the prototype movieclip In terms of scope for the nested function, is this the way to go ? I just paste my proto, cheers, Latcho MovieClip.prototype.addScroll=function (X,Y,H

Re: [Flashcoders] Text arching

2006-06-27 Thread Latcho
cheers, Latcho GregoryN wrote: Sorry, but what's LART? I think that, with skew function(s), the task of simulating an envelope, e.g., placing text between 2-4 lines is just a question of math. Well, probably quite advanced :-). I've already described it in general (see quotation below

Re: [Flashcoders] Text arching

2006-06-28 Thread Latcho
to figure how they do it and then reprogram the stuff. Or you can keep up the LARTi'ing on the forums forever without joy;) Let us now when your arch distortion claas is ready ! cheers, Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You might like this: DEMO class v1:

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: Biased Random Particle Distribution

2006-06-29 Thread Latcho
No web site is configured at this address. Ron Wheeler wrote: Have a look at if you want to see some neat flash by one of the regulars here. Ron Dwayne Neckles wrote: My god are you guys seriously talking about Flash here. I mean this is so advanced. I

Re: [Flashcoders] trying to call a function passed as an argument

2006-06-30 Thread Latcho
) { var newParam:String=pass it on! aFunction(newParam) } If that is what you wanted to know... If the aFunction would be a String you should indeed use call() _root[func].call(); -Latcho- John Mark Hawley wrote: You can't pass a reference to a method call like you seem

Re: [Flashcoders] HitArea insanity

2006-09-05 Thread Latcho
you just showed us the simple attaching of a movieclip from the lib... Haikal Saadh wrote: Hello. I'm having some problems with hitTest(); Even though I've assigned a hitArea that's actually smaller than the area of a certain component, the actual hitArea seems to be the rectangle

Re: [Flashcoders] Vob to FLV without Sound

2006-09-05 Thread Latcho
VOB - virtualdub frame host/server - flv or best quality with a file is VOB - YUV(*) or uncompressed - flv for example [codec] regards:latcho Sönke Rohde wrote: I will have look at VOB to Quicktime Animation to FLV. What is your resource you

Re: [Flashcoders] getURL and IE 6.0.

2006-09-05 Thread Latcho
, or a web page, the browser won't block it, if it's a javascript call, then you're on for problems. Try this : test_btn.onRelease = getThatURL; function getThatURL() { getURL(,aaa;); } Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: and that string id'd window would be a popup

Re: [Flashcoders] Scrubbing offline flvPlayback with code

2006-09-14 Thread Latcho
Add more keyframes ;) Danny Kodicek wrote: We wrote one recently for a client. You can download it from here: Wow, thanks Jason, that's really helpful. I've been examining this and it's great, but it suffers the same problems that my

Re: [Flashcoders] bandwidth detector.

2006-11-07 Thread Latcho
Here's a simple way. For bandwidth detection you need data transfer. _Frame 1:_ myDate = new Date() miStart = myDate.getTime() on _Frame 2_ place a hidden image 40 to 60 Kb in size, that gives a good result. stop(); myDate = new Date(); miEnd = myDate.getTime(); miTime =

Re: [Flashcoders] DisplacementMap - Mode 7 (perspective distortion)

2007-03-10 Thread Latcho
, hrs.rectangle, null, persv); / / Regards, Stijn AKA latcho

Re: [Flashcoders] Q:input textfield woes setting maximum lines

2007-03-10 Thread Latcho
= bufferText; } trace(txtfield_mc.maxscroll); regards, latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I have input text fields in some 'speech bubbles' for an application I am building I can set the maximum number of characters, but what I really need is to be able to set the maximum number of lines so

Re: [Flashcoders] Q:input textfield woes setting maximum lines

2007-03-11 Thread Latcho
content with the previous buffered text and don't feed it to the visible field. Dirty but worling I guess. Latcho. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I have input text fields in some 'speech bubbles' for an application I am building I can set the maximum number of characters, but what I really need

[Flashcoders] flv path vs loadmovie path

2007-03-19 Thread Latcho
/video.flv ] where is the logic ? anybody ? Latcho ___ To change your subscription options or search the archive: Brought to you by Fig Leaf Software Premier

Re: [Flashcoders] Help: test EventDispatcher speed please

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
EventBroadcaster: 3924 EventDispatcher: 2676 WIN/ FF / flash 9 Francis Bourre wrote: Hello list ! I noticed something weird about EventDispatcher execution speed in my mac player. EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent execution is slow compared to a custom dispatcher implementation (named

Re: [Flashcoders] installing sandy.

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
setting you should ad the classpath like this *Hard Drive/Users/Library/PersonalClasspathFolder/ * in this *PersonalClasspathFolder *you can add as much packages (com/...,org/...) as you want, without ever needing to change the actionscriptsettings in flash again. Hope this helps ! Latcho Muzak

Re: [Flashcoders] 3D Text Flythrough

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
this helped me out, if no distortion is needed Stephen Matthews wrote: Have a look at Sandy Google for Flash Sandy it's quite a big class. There is a blog with examples. You could use the distort image class if you want to just

Re: [Flashcoders] 500 blur filters on 500 MCs

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
hey gus, shouldn't there be another forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mick G wrote: Just curious if anyone has had experience working with filters on a large number of movieclips. I have 500 - 1000 movieclips on stage (not animating) and I want to apply various different blur filters and other

Re: [Flashcoders] too many lines in one frame

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
damn i'd love to sse that code :D me myself wrote: This may be a well-known issue, and it may have been posted here before, but I thought I'd write a quick note about an obscure problem I've been dealing with for the last two days (Flash 8, AS 2.0): I had an AS file that is over 4000 lines

Re: [Flashcoders] scaling external jpgs or pngs

2007-03-20 Thread Latcho
make it a smoothed bitmapdata Carl Welch wrote: Hi coders, When down-scaling external (loadMovie) images, It there a secret way to do it without making the image look jagged? Do pngs scale better than jpgs? Thanks. ___

Re: [Flashcoders] Annoying, (should be simple) bitwise problem

2007-03-21 Thread Latcho
there might be more clever ways... var col = 0x0199FF; var _r = (col 16); var _g = (col 8 ^ _r 8); var _b = (col^ (_r 16 | _g 8)); trace(r=+_r); trace(g=+_g); trace(b=+_b); var r = (_r.toString(16).length 2) ? 0+_r.toString(16) : _r.toString(16); var g = (_g.toString(16).length 2) ?

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash video, works locally not online

2007-03-21 Thread Latcho
The path to a video is relative to your swf when playing it standalone or in your IDE player. But in an online situation the path is relative to the place where the swf is embedded, so to the html file/location. This confuses me often, and this might also be your problem ? regards, latcho

Re: [Flashcoders] OT - Installing PHP, MySQL?

2007-03-22 Thread Latcho Dave Mennenoh wrote: Anyone have any experience in this area? We're developing a Flash site for a new client, who keeps all their own web servers in-house. They are MS house using .net and such. They are setting up a new server just for their new

Re: [Flashcoders] OnMouseWheel Issue....

2007-03-23 Thread Latcho
--- var Mickey=new Object() function activeWheel(){ Mouse.addListener(Mickey) Mickey.onMouseWheel = function (delta) { trace(Mickey Mouse:+delta) } } activeWheel() Omar Fouad wrote: Hi List.. I am writing a class and inside this class, i got a this

Re: [Flashcoders] OT - Installing PHP, MySQL?

2007-03-25 Thread Latcho
servers, firewall, domain, dns,... Don't burn your hands if it is all new to you. Just let the IT guy do it (you can even make profit on that) , or try it first at home. But I don't really know your client an budget Seth Caldwell wrote: Its easy enough - is it Apache or IIS? Installation

Re: [Flashcoders] making movie clips tranparent

2007-05-10 Thread Latcho
just make sure the upper_mc clip hasn't got mouse events attached to it like onPress and onRelease onRollover , ... then the one underneath should be accessible even it is totally covered by the upper_mc make two layers and add in the higher one an mc called upper_mc and in the lower one

Re: [Flashcoders] making movie clips tranparent

2007-05-10 Thread Latcho
upper_mc._visible=false can work too or you can also swap the depths of upper_mc and down_mc MovieClip.swapDepths *Availability* Flash Player 5. *Usage* |myMovieClip| |.swapDepths(| |depth| |)| |myMovieClip| |.swapDepths(| |target| |)| *Parameters* |target| The movie clip instance

Re: [Flashcoders] level issue

2007-05-10 Thread Latcho
_root's in your projector. you can have a private root for every loaded swf, if you add this._lockroot=true in each of the loaded swf's ;) I advice you to forget about levels and just use empty movieclips to load clips in Regards, latcho nik crosina wrote: If I load a swf into level 1 of my

Re: [Flashcoders] Smooth movement for dynamic text

2007-05-10 Thread Latcho
yes had the same problem hard to choose: smooth animation or slick sharp fonts :) Rákos Attila wrote: pb I have a seemingly simple situation which is causing me a real problem. pb pb I am moving a dynamic textfield along the x-axis and the text seems to pb vibrate, making it virtually

Re: [Flashcoders] Slow-Running Script alert

2007-05-10 Thread Latcho
kill the WHILES ;) Marc Hoffman wrote: I have a complex web site that does some early xml loading as well as loading another movie (an intro) in a higher level. On rare occasions, I'm getting the alert about a slow-running script in Flash, which freezes the movie. Clicking yes to abort the

[Flashcoders] survival off eventlisteners on class instance redeclaration?

2007-06-01 Thread Latcho
*=new friendlyClass() now my question: will the eventlistener still work or do I have to redeclare it again ? Thanks, Stijn aka Latcho ___ To change your subscription options or search the archive: http

[Flashcoders] Re: survival off eventlisteners on class instance redeclaration?

2007-06-01 Thread Latcho
sorry, that supposed to be* _myClass_*.addEventLister(greeting,sayHello) Latcho wrote: Hi list, IfI attach e new instance of a class to a *var myClass*=new friendlyClass() and then attach an eventlistener to it classHello.*addEventLister*(greeting,sayHello) now say that, after a while I want

Re: [Flashcoders] MVC question

2007-06-01 Thread Latcho
) this.Model.addEventListener(EVENTNAME,FUNC); or this.Model.addEventListener(EVENTNAME,MYDELEGATE); Latcho Giles Roadnight wrote: Hi All I am building my first MVC (Model View Controller) and have a question about how I should set it up. I have a load of classes: BookView, ControlView (both views), Controller

Re: [Flashcoders] MVC question

2007-06-01 Thread Latcho
my info in last mail bight be short-sightened if you refered to a function in the classobject itself with the second this this.Model.addEventListener(PagesUpdated,this); Giles Roadnight wrote: Hi All I am building my first MVC (Model View Controller) and have a question about how I should

Re: [Flashcoders] html in XML

2007-06-09 Thread Latcho
Hi there, It's a restriction in XML that you cannot have markop, nor the open-angle bracket in an attribute value. or ; If you really want to use the attribute you have to escape the content, and unescaope while parsing in flash. The ampersand character () and the left angle

Re: [Flashcoders] converting .mov to .flv

2007-06-15 Thread Latcho
file -import-import video-select file-progressive download- ... will result in an flv Jim Greiner wrote: Hello, I'm looking for an easy, inexpensive way to convert my .mov QuickTime movies ( 2 to 10 minutes long) to .flv in order for me to put them on a web site to be viewed by Flash Player.

Re: [Flashcoders] Generic Funky Flash Math

2007-06-21 Thread Latcho
yep it does what you read in the trace. what is your question. Mendizabal wrote: This post is for a friend. Can anyone explain the output below? TIA function checkAvailability(obj:Object):Boolean { var hours:Number= time.hrs; var minutes:Number

Re: [Flashcoders] RE: obfuscation swf !

2007-07-18 Thread Latcho
whats this? Jon Bradley wrote: Or, if you're a masochist: - Jon On Jul 18, 2007, at 1:13 PM, Mark Winterhalder wrote: On 7/18/07, Douglas Pearson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Since we're talking about obfuscation/encryption does anyone know

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading xml in AS 2

2007-08-03 Thread Latcho
You trace before the onLoadis actually triggered Try putting the trace in your in your onLoad Latcho Omar Fouad wrote: class LoadXML { function LoadXML() { var xmlData:XML = new XML(); xmlData.ignoreWhite= true; xmlData.onLoad = function (success

Re: [Flashcoders] Compiling Air in Flash Develop Beta 5

2007-12-14 Thread Latcho
it has to be the root of your flex sdk installation (not even the bin folder as I remember) C:\ your installation path\flex*.**_sdk\ Latcho Steven Sacks wrote: FlashDevelop has a dedicated forum for questions related to working with it. You should post your questions there. :) http

Re: [Flashcoders] Estimate FLV file size?

2007-12-23 Thread Latcho
512 Kbits / 8 bitsperbyte = streaming 64 KBytes per sec = 3840 KBytes per minute = (3840 / 1024) 3.75 MBytes Marc Hoffman wrote: Wouldn't it be kbps x total running time in seconds? So if it's 512 kbps for 100 seconds then it's 512 x 100 = 51,200 kb. Marc At 10:34 AM 12/22/2007, you

[Flashcoders] [AS2] bitmapdata from external loaded swf

2008-01-22 Thread Latcho
to a library-asset of a (loaded) external swf, then why is it that this works ? And then why in the first place was this functionallity not implemented in the flash 8 api ? Are there cleaner ways or is this a lonely invention? Regards, Latcho

Re: [Flashcoders] filmmering FLV playback - why and how to fix that

2008-07-06 Thread Latcho
No software problem: - Near def. encoding problem or source vid encoding problem get back to the source vid and reencode or try other vids with your existing script to elliminate problems. Jason Van Cleave wrote: was the original quicktime h.264? this format used to trip up squeeze and may

[Flashcoders] AS3 programatically set 'focus' to textfield (blinking carret)

2008-07-18 Thread Latcho
HOW !!? form.stage.focus = textfield doesn't do a thing (yes I wait for Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE) I'd love to see that carret blinking on that field please help me out THANKS ! Stijn ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] stop microphone echos

2008-07-24 Thread Latcho
, but then internal ). Make sure that for the recording configuration of your s-card, only record microphone is checked. Latcho allandt bik-elliott ( wrote: if the mic is picking up the speakers on the end users machine then there's really very little you can do about it - anyone who plays

[Flashcoders] AS3 combine 2 objects

2008-07-24 Thread Latcho
Hello, What are my options to concat 2 objects to a new one in an aesthetic short way ? I don't know byte arrays, I saw a nice clone method with a byte array and I wondered or concat is also possible. Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders

Re: [Flashcoders] stop microphone echos...what what ?? FIXED

2008-07-25 Thread Latcho
Anyways, it was an internal loop ;) Good you solved it. Latcho laurent wrote: Hey boys.and sweet girls... Go the echo problem fix, no sound out IN the speakers. There's actually a pretty abvious method, at least the description: Routes audio captured by a microphone to the local

[Flashcoders] NetStream.Play.FileStructureInvalid

2008-10-24 Thread Latcho
the netconnection, reconnect and simply play it again. But that still keeps me clueless. Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] h264 video looks blurry/crappy in flash

2008-10-28 Thread Latcho
Check: Is your video pixel aspect ratio square pixels 1:1 ? or for ex. 1:1.07 or 1:1.333. Søren Christensen wrote: The video i am using has the same size as the stage area so no scaling is taking place. smoothing = true normally activates antialiasing if the video is scaled up/down.

Re: [Flashcoders] Defenition of a Motion Designer...

2008-10-28 Thread Latcho
My personal idea: Bring motion, life and foremost emotion to static assets trough animation or scripting. With or without interaction and on different electronic media. Sander Schuurman wrote: Just to check other people's definition of a Motion Designer. What do you think a motion designer

[Flashcoders] AS3 text fitting in variable box

2008-11-12 Thread Latcho
I need to place project-titles in a multiline textfield, wherof the width will be fixed, but sometimes this box might be of less height because of more space used by other displaying project elements. Is there a class that can dynamically regulate the font it's size to fit the loaded text to a

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 text fitting in variable box

2008-11-12 Thread Latcho
property, then set the .scaleY equal to the .scaleX or visa versa depending on which dimension is more important. On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 9:40 AM, Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to place project-titles in a multiline textfield, wherof the width

[Fwd: Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 text fitting in variable box]

2008-11-12 Thread Latcho
font size. Dave On 11/12/08, *Latcho* [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm talking about font size, not stretching a container. Increasing / decreasing font size to get an optimal fill of a box which will have a fixed width and a certain height which can only

[Fwd: Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 text fitting in variable box]

2008-11-12 Thread Latcho
instead of trying every font size. Dave On 11/12/08, *Latcho* [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm talking about font size, not stretching a container. Increasing / decreasing font size to get an optimal fill of a box which will have a fixed width and a certain

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 text fitting in variable box

2008-11-12 Thread Latcho
or there are visual rendering implications or anything?? Otherwise, it seems like Joel's solution would work nicely to achieve what you want. -jonathan On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 6:18 PM, Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm talking about font size, not stretching a container. Increasing

Re: [Flashcoders] How much would you charge?

2008-11-13 Thread Latcho
Also depends where you are located. In the Netherlands we ask as much as 60 to 90 /hour. But then your coding speed counts in too. I think there are a lot of simple viewers out there like (randompick):

Re: [Flashcoders] How much would you charge?

2008-11-14 Thread Latcho
Please. How much does it cost to build a simple but acceptable car ? Pedro Kostelec wrote: As we are talking about money.What would be the price of a very simple but acceptable web page? And how long does it take to the pros to create one? Pedro ___

[Fwd: Re: [Flashcoders] How much would you charge?]

2008-11-14 Thread Latcho
Hedged or unhedged ? Bob Wohl wrote: about tree fiddy. On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Latcho [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Please. How much does it cost to build a simple but acceptable car ? Pedro Kostelec wrote: As we are talking about

[Flashcoders] text line overflow

2008-11-17 Thread Latcho
How to break a line of text on the optimal charachter and adding ... if it doesn't fit a single lined textfield | I would like to break | this line of text. | I would like to br... | Any suggestions (AS3) Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] text line overflow

2008-11-18 Thread Latcho
Hi Rob, That is great and complete info ! I overlooked the possibility of getCharIndexAtPoint. Thanks for the example, this will save me a lot of time. Kind regards, Latcho Rob Romanek wrote: Hi Latcho, I see you've gotten a couple response but I'll throw another one in to the mix. The main

Re: [Flashcoders] Flex vs. Flash

2008-11-19 Thread Latcho
Now we are on this topic: Are the components fast reskinnable ? I can guess not: That default flex preloader pops out everywhere .. Not to mention that blue-greyish backgroundcolor: If they had made the default pink that lazy man would think :) Latcho Juan Pablo Califano wrote: However, Flex

[Flashcoders] 3D animation of turning note, without 3D framework

2008-11-23 Thread Latcho
2 questions : a) So now I wonder, is there a _true_ morphing class (with morphing points) available for as3 ? b) what is the lightest / easiest way to animate a bitmap of a postnote or paperlike image, that is turning itself around,meaning showing it's backside, I don't want a simple

[Flashcoders] flex sdk size report

2008-11-23 Thread Latcho
Is it possible to output a size report (*) via the Flex Sdk ( I'm compiling in flashdevelop) ? * (similar to flash Publish settings- Generate size report) ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] flex sdk size report

2008-11-24 Thread Latcho
I just tried it, but no size of the embedded assets available. Just the size of the associated classes. :( Jer Brand wrote: I understand that, but it also outputs the size and optimized size of the objects in the swf. It's not a complete replacement, but should supply some information. Jer On

Re: [Flashcoders] flex sdk size report

2008-11-24 Thread Latcho
here's an output piece of link-reportsize_report.xml/link-report 0.8 KB is kinda small for an ambedded font, so it's just a ref to a generated class for that font I guess, not size of embedded asset. script name=beemway\ mod=1227061400187 size=883

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: showing code progress with progress bar

2008-11-24 Thread Latcho
what about a functioncall every 100th loop that has to return fake data (a true or false or anything else) to the loop? Within that function you update the display progress Latcho Mac Angell wrote: Yeah, I actually do have a huge parse that I want to show progress on, but using ENTER_FRAME

Re: [Flashcoders] flex sdk size report

2008-11-24 Thread Latcho
Nope, nothing for assets linked to classes I guess. But good to know this one exists. Jer Brand wrote: I use it for excludes as well. I knew it had class size information and was guessing that would be what you were interested in. Was there nothing suitable in those compiler options I linked

[Flashcoders] stylesheet default without span or body

2008-11-25 Thread Latcho
', fontSize:'11', color:'#00'} ); myCSS.setStyle(a:link, {fontSize:'11',color:'#FF'}); } thanks, Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] What is the best way to scale a bitmap specifically to reduce file size...

2008-11-25 Thread Latcho
), int(container.height*scaleFactor) ); bmpData.draw(container,matrix) addChild(new Bitmap(bmpData,auto,true)); // arguments: bmp,pixelsnapping,smoothing removeChild(container) More nice examples on Matrix here: Latcho Anthony Pace wrote: Now when I scale the image

Re: [Flashcoders] online .swf generator

2008-11-26 Thread Latcho
One way: You can compile an swf serverside with flex-sdk and ant, that way you can feed it whatever you want as a main class, config class and orher generic created text var classes. You for ex build a php wrapper around all the command executions. Latcho Michael Stocke wrote: The output file

[Flashcoders] passing on ... args

2008-11-28 Thread Latcho
for(var i:int=0;iargsB.length;i++) { trace(argsB[i]); } // which traces a string: a,b,[object Object],1,2,3,c }; Latcho ___ Flashcoders mailing list

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