Re: [Flashcoders] OT: Flash player keeps 'downgrading' itself

2005-10-24 Thread Steve Mathews
This happens to me also. On at least two different computers (both Win XP, IE6). In every instance of 8 beta, released 8 and 8.5 alpha. Would love to know the fix. On 24 Oct 2005 17:40:05 -, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I haven't noticed that in firefox, I have the 8.5 plugin

Re: [Flashcoders] OT: Flash player keeps 'downgrading' itself

2005-10-24 Thread Steve Mathews
I for one do not have FlashPaper. On 10/24/05, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In the case of computers that are downgrading themselves, how many of you have FlashPaper installed. I think Contribute also has a similar issue. That is whenever you launch MS Office apps after upgrading

Re: [Flashcoders] cast string to a boolean value

2005-10-28 Thread Steve Mathews
Try: var my_bool:Boolean = flashvar_bool==false?false:true; The basic problem is creating a Boolean with any string makes it true. So creating it with the string false still makes it true. On 10/28/05, Matt Ganz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi. i'm receiving FlashVars in my object and embed code

Re: [Flashcoders] Recursive Loop showing all items

2005-12-01 Thread Steve Mathews
Look at Xray on (site not coming up for me right at the moment). On 12/1/05, Jay Lepore [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, Can anyone provide with a recursive loop that loops through every mc and further loops through every child mc's listing every movieclip, string, object etc

Re: [Flashcoders] Focus within the Browser

2006-02-28 Thread Steve Mathews
Don't forget that you can get focus from Tab also, so just watching for a click event may miss some instances of focusing. On 2/27/06, Claudia Barnal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks again, Just another thought. If you know that you have received focus when the mouse is pressed on the stage

Re: [Flashcoders] Memory leak in Flash projector

2006-03-15 Thread Steve Mathews
This is the same thing that I discovered on a project last year. We even discussed the issue with Macromedia and they basically told us that the player was not intended to run for long periods of time. The minimize, restore does seem to work though. It seems to allow the GC to actually release

Re: [Flashcoders] Memory leak in Flash projector

2006-03-16 Thread Steve Mathews On 3/15/06, Darren Cook [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There was also a utility that someone on the team found that would force it to release the memory. But it was Windows only, and we had to support Mac so we ended up taking it out. Do you have a link or a

Re: [Flashcoders] OT: Disney-esque designer folios

2006-03-21 Thread Steve Mathews
Flashcoders probably isn't the best place for this, but this is a friend of mine: On 3/21/06, Dan Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey am looking for some Disney-esque designer portfolios for a potential future flash project. Anyone have any suggestions or can point me

Re: [Flashcoders] 3-6M Flash contract in Little Rock, AR

2006-11-07 Thread Steve Mathews
What, have recruiters actually figure out how to find the right person for a job? No way. It seems that Flash (along with HTML/JavaScript) run into this problem where recruiters, or even HR staff, don't understand what they need. So we end up with these really bad keyword copy and paste lists.

[Flashcoders] Webservice performance these days

2006-12-11 Thread Steve Mathews
I know that in the past I heard that the performance of webservices was less than stellar in Flash. Can anyone with recent experience comment on the performance? Also, so that I make sure I have my technology correct, as I understand with remoting the client receives native data types from the

Re: [Flashcoders] Webservice performance these days

2006-12-11 Thread Steve Mathews
Thanks Jason, that is what I was thinking. So the WebService (and supporting classes) parse the returned SOPE for you, so when you get the callback you are just handling native data types? Or do you have to build your own parser? On 12/11/06, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Also, so

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Game - Post Encrypted Score toserver sidescript

2006-12-28 Thread Steve Mathews
Everyone always underestimates hackers. Everything is hackable, it is just a matter of time. That isn't to say don't bother. You just have to find the right balance of time and effort vs. security. On 12/28/06, JulianG [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I agree. Perhaps it's a good thing that once the

Re: [Flashcoders] Universal IDE test player or Projector?

2007-02-13 Thread Steve Mathews
Once you download the stand-alone player, double-click on it to launch it. That should then be the default stand-alone player for the system. Steve On 2/13/07, Richard Helgor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I've searched the internet for hours and can't find an

[Flashcoders] Flash JavaScript Integration Kit Issues

2007-03-21 Thread Steve Mathews
Hi, I have an issue with some e-learning content that I can't figure out. The content is setup to communicate with the LMS using AICC and is currently working fine in IE7 and FireFox. In IE6 it fails to finish initializing and I believe I have tracked it down to a point where Javascript is

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash JavaScript Integration Kit Issues

2007-03-22 Thread Steve Mathews
to find the value of the Flash object for IE6 ... Hope this helps Steve Mathews wrote: Hi, I have an issue with some e-learning content that I can't figure out. The content is setup to communicate with the LMS using AICC and is currently working fine in IE7 and FireFox. In IE6 it fails

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 Socket class security

2007-04-13 Thread Steve Mathews
Win XP IE6 Behind router, no other firewall. Flash Player 9,0,28 Connected with both successfully. Is there any way the other person can test connecting to port 5554 using the AS2 version? This will at least tell you if it is a port number related issue as opposed to a version issue. On

[Flashcoders] Flex like RSLs in CS3?

2007-05-31 Thread Steve Mathews
I know this comes up with every version of Flash, but this time it seems Flex does it right, so the question is can I share code/assets in CS3 (mainly code)? Basically I recently came on board after a project was started and it has been built in Flex. But the only part of Flex we 'need' is the

[Flashcoders] [JOB] Flash Developer – Pho enix AZ

2007-07-12 Thread Steve Mathews
We are in need of an experienced Flash developer and would prefer AS3 experience. We are currently a small company, and will be expanding greatly in the near future. It is a great environment with lots of opportunity for growth and learning. Check the full job posting at

Re: [Flashcoders] Q: Including class at compile w/o explicitly instantiating it

2007-08-10 Thread Steve Mathews
Try just doing: var ssc:SomeSweetClass; On 8/10/07, Rick Terrill [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone, it's my first time posting to the board. I'm trying to figure something out, or if it's even possible. I would like to dynamically instantiate a class (via getDefinitionByName) but without

Re: [Flashcoders] ExternalInterface .Net Question

2007-08-30 Thread Steve Mathews
Hi Ben, I am working on a project where we are doing a lot of C# - SWF communication. I am not the person who implemented it, but glancing at the code it seems that we do not use the returntype attribute. You might give that a test. Steve On 8/28/07, Schmidtke, Ben [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm

Re: [Flashcoders] Rotate, Scale and _x, _y

2007-08-31 Thread Steve Mathews
There isn't a way to rotate without changing the x and y. But it is all just math. Here are a couple resources you could look at. Steve On 8/28/07, julian atienza [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 - loading external classes?

2007-09-05 Thread Steve Mathews
Everything that Derek is spot on. Specifically you will want to look at the ApplicationDomian class and it's getDefinition method. On 9/5/07, Derek Vadneau [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You must store the classes as compiled SWFs. The Flash Player cannot compile raw code on the fly. Once you load

Re: [Flashcoders] Sr. Flash Developer Position

2008-04-25 Thread Steve Mathews
That describes me to a tee! I'll take the job. How much are you going to pay me? On 4/25/08, Bright, Michael [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Bob: I had difficulty posting to this site. Basically we're looking for a Sr. Flash Developer with ActionScript v3 experience. Regards, Michael Bright

Re: [Flashcoders] The Charges Against ActionScript 3.0

2008-07-16 Thread Steve Mathews
to the power of the language. Steve Mathews Senior Team Lead Flypaper Studio, Inc. 2999 North 44th Street, Suite 200 Phoenix, AZ 85018 On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 2:53 PM, Steven Sacks [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Everyone forgets their roots. Nobody remembers what it was like when

Re: [Flashcoders] sizing an arbitrary loaded swf

2008-10-02 Thread Steve Mathews
No, this is not easy. Unfortunately the data that defines the stage size is not directly available in AS code. I believe it is only in the swf file's header, so you would actually have to do a lot of work to figure out what size the swf should be masked at. Steve On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 7:36 AM,

Re: [Flashcoders] good place to buy pre-made flash 3 games [full-use license + source-code]?

2008-10-15 Thread Steve Mathews
You could try here: On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 4:02 PM, sebastian [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello folks, Does anyone know of a good place where i can buy pre-made games? The games would ideally be in AS3 and i will need to be able to integrate and re-skin to

Re: [Flashcoders] runtime instantiation

2008-10-28 Thread Steve Mathews
One way to do this is to compile the class into a swf that you load. Essentially you are creating modules or dlls. You just have to handle loading them yourself. I have been using the technique for a while on a project and it works great. Steve On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 12:13 AM, Jiri Heitlager

Re: [Flashcoders] FW: [Flash_Tiger] Outsourcing and Actionscript specs

2008-11-05 Thread Steve Mathews
to name a few), and other than hand-holding there isn't very much you can do. Steve Mathews Sr. Technical Lead Flypaper Studio On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 8:50 AM, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm going to throw a question out there to see if anyone has experienced something similar

Re: [Flashcoders] Drawing BitmapData - thinner lines?

2008-11-13 Thread Steve Mathews
Make sure you line is draw as a Hairline and not a thickness of 1. Or if you draw the line dynamically (in code) then make sure to set the line style to no scale. Like this:, 0x00, 1, *false*, LineScaleMode.NONE); Steve On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 7:07 AM, Sander

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: Swf File Use as Interface for Executable

2008-12-22 Thread Steve Mathews
I currently work on an application that is winforms .NET (C#) that the UI is in-part a Flash swf. We use f-in-box ( as the wrapper and send/receive quite a bit of data between the forms and the swf. We currently have a mixture of using

Re: [Flashcoders] multi language support and font embed/styling best practices?

2008-12-30 Thread Steve Mathews
It is possible to dynamically load embedded fonts. That is, create SWFs containing embedded font/glyph sets, then dynamically load these into a running app as needed and apply to even Flash CS-authored TextFields. It isn't obvious how to do this, but it is possible. Our group is exploring this

Re: A message from the list admin: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG (was: Re: [Flashcoders] Hi Flash Coders List, you were invited to join the gamer's social network)

2009-01-08 Thread Steve Mathews
So how about unsubscribing this jk (j...@masterkitchen.d) guy as his auto-reply is quite old already. Thanks, Steve On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Dave Watts wrote: Please don't send invitations to these sorts of things to the list. If you can't apply the good sense to do

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3.0 QName class bug?

2009-01-11 Thread Steve Mathews
Here is another way of doing the same thing: myXMLInstance..*::images; Steve On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 10:34 AM, David Bellerive wrote: The AS3.0 documentation states that when a QName instance does not have a URI (it only has a local name), it will match any

[Flashcoders] This is kind of Wonderfl

2009-02-02 Thread Steve Mathews
Spotted a post over at Techcrunch about . Looks like a pretty cool project. And if the creator(s) happen to see this, a big thumbs up! Steve ___ Flashcoders mailing list

[Flashcoders] Re: This is kind of Wonderfl

2009-02-02 Thread Steve Mathews
And I jacked the url: On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Steve Mathews wrote: Spotted a post over at Techcrunch about . Looks like a pretty cool project. And if the creator(s) happen to see this, a big thumbs up! Steve

Re: [Flashcoders] Advanced Rollover Physics/Math...

2009-02-12 Thread Steve Mathews
You could probably pull this off with a physics engine. You could probably do it without also as a entire engine could be overkill. On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 6:03 AM, Sander Schuurman wrote: Hi cool list... I'm trying to create a subtle/smooth rollover

Re: [Flashcoders] Adobe AIR Mailing List?

2009-04-23 Thread Steve Mathews
Start your own, I will join! :) On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Steven Sacks flash...@stevensacks.netwrote: Anyone know of an active Adobe AIR mailing list (like Flashcoders/Flash Tiger)? Apollocoders is basically dead, and all posts are moderated.

Re: [Flashcoders] Batch wrapping a bunch of FLV files in SWFs

2009-04-30 Thread Steve Mathews maybe? On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Henry Cooke wrote: Anyone know a good way of doing this? I've got a big stack of FLVs that I need to wrap up in SWFs so I can control their timelines properly. I'd love it if there was a

[Flashcoders] Query String + Loader odd issue

2009-06-18 Thread Steve Mathews
Using Flash CS3 pro, trying to load a Flex based swf into a non-Flex swf and pass a query string to the Flex application. Simple enough in theory, using a Loader just point at the file and load. Add the loader to the stage and all is good. Now for the query string. Add it to the path .. var

Re: [Flashcoders] Query String + Loader odd issue

2009-06-26 Thread Steve Mathews
, Ktu ktu_fl...@cataclysmicrewind.comwrote: I have an idea, not much of one, but worth checking? Publish everything and test it live. You never know, sometimes stuff like that happens. (supposing you haven't already tried that) Ktu On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 6:45 PM, Steve Mathews happy

Re: [Flashcoders] dynamically capture and display the name of the currently executing function in the Output panel

2009-07-28 Thread Steve Mathews
There is a way to this as a hack. No good way though. The hack way is to do a try catch, throw an error in the try and parse the error message in the catch. Only works with the debug player I believe. On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Cor wrote: Question: Is there a simple way

Re: [Flashcoders] How to add a DisplayObject into a container without using addChild() method.

2009-08-18 Thread Steve Mathews
Ugh, then you go and use an if statement without brackets, and on the same line to boot! I for one, would not want to maintain your code. This is in jest of course. I am not going to say doing things shorthand is wrong, but there are some very valid merits to not doing the shorthand methods. On

Re: [Flashcoders] Realaxy ActionScript Editor: XML Demo

2009-12-23 Thread Steve Mathews
That looks really great. Can't wait to try it out for myself. On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 6:05 AM, Ivan Dembicki ivan.dembi...@gmail.comwrote: Hello, working with XML: beta coming soon -- iv

Re: [Flashcoders] bubbling listening

2010-03-17 Thread Steve Mathews
Might be obvious, but bubbling only works on the display list. So if your classes aren't all on the display list, then it won't work. Steve On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Mendelsohn, Michael wrote: Hi Jason, thanks for responding! Make sense? Almost.

Re: [Flashcoders] Scribd CTO: “We Are Scrapping Fl ash And Betting The Company On HTML5″

2010-05-06 Thread Steve Mathews
Right tool for the job? IMO Flash has never been that great at displaying documents. On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 12:45 PM, Matt S. wrote: Warning: Typical TechCrunch hyberbole and schadenfreude ahead. Scribd CTO: “We Are Scrapping Flash And Betting The Company On HTML5″ Read

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Player integrated with Chrome

2010-05-17 Thread Steve Mathews
It makes me feel like there isn't a way to have the debug player installed on Chrome. I'm sure I am wrong, but I haven't found how to change it yet. On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Ktu ktu_fl...@cataclysmicrewind.comwrote: How did I miss this? I searched the list and saw no posts about it.

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Player integrated with Chrome

2010-05-17 Thread Steve Mathews
, May 17, 2010 at 9:10 PM, Leandro Ferreira wrote: type about:plugins and disable Shockwave Flash Leandro Ferreira On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 21:26, Steve Mathews wrote: It makes me feel like there isn't a way to have the debug player installed

Re: [Flashcoders] Semi-OT: Alchemy

2010-08-03 Thread Steve Mathews
I really wish I could provide a link for this info but... I remember it being said that no further Alchemy development would happen. In other words, it is a dead project. If I can remember where I got the info I will pass it on. On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 7:41 AM, Merrill, Jason