[Flashcoders] vars with $

2006-08-18 Thread badimalik
Hi, Can anyone tell me what special meaning vars with $ have... thanks b -- Original message -- From: Steven Sacks | BLITZ [EMAIL PROTECTED] The salary range is 70k-90k. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:flashcoders- [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] oop question kind of...

2006-08-21 Thread badimalik
Have you tried using some kind of factory type approach to manage your deletion/creation? yes, i use adts quite often...in fact i use the mvc pattern for quite a few apps i create. So i have views that instantiate whatever movieclips it needs and deletes them when it doesn't need them. the

[Flashcoders] retrieving vars using query string

2006-08-24 Thread badimalik
Hi All, I'm using the BrowserStateManager class to set the state of my app using parameters in the query string. this makes it very hard to debug however, so i was wondering how i can still pass vars to the app even though i'm i'm not running the app in a browser as i debug it (debugging using

[Flashcoders] Masking FLV

2006-08-25 Thread badimalik
Hi Gang, I'm wondering if it's possible to apply masking to an flv...seeing as how components are a form of movie clip, can i do things i would normally do like masks? thanks b -- Original message -- From: Claus Wahlers [EMAIL PROTECTED]