Re: [Flashcoders] Flash standalone awkwardness

2005-11-03 Thread stacey
Chances are, the exe is unpacking. How big is the exe you are trying to run? In Director, we used to create a stub exe that really had nothing much but launched the exe the way we needed with the xtras and then referenced a file. It was much friendly for the wait time. On 11/3/05, Luke Munn

Re: [Flashcoders] Split String

2005-12-03 Thread stacey
string.split(/)? Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to split a string using a special character(/). this is my first line / this is my second line / etc... Thanks! ___ Flashcoders mailing list

Re: [Flashcoders] Components and addEventListener ...

2006-01-14 Thread stacey
Look up eventDispatcher - addEventListener can be added to any item that dispatches event - you can make a class a dispatcher via mixins - import EventDispatcher, declare addEventListener, removeEventListener and dispatchEvent as functions and you're good to go. The v2 components broadcast a

Re: [Flashcoders] Listener objects vs event handler functions ...

2006-01-14 Thread stacey
Imagine you have an application that is like a contact address book. The user requests the information for a new contact and the database responds. Now you might want to have several items listening to a change in what contact has been selected - for example a text field that displays the name of

Re: [Flashcoders] Serverside Screensaver Generation

2006-01-14 Thread stacey
Not 100% sure of what technically is involved, but I know that Northcode has done this before - - ( makers of SWFStudio). Sorry I can't shed light on the actual process. Hey Folks, Has anyone come up with a solution to generate installable screensavers on the server? e.g.

Re: [Flashcoders] Can't redefine class method

2006-01-16 Thread stacey
You probably have to cast the class - i know mtasc is super strict about that. Something like : var b:B=B(this); b.dothis(); hi Chris, mtasc behaves the same. i've had a look with flasm, it explicitly calls A.dothis() in A.doit. writing this.dothis() isn't possible because it's a

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash 8 inside Director MX 2004

2006-01-18 Thread stacey
the flash asset xtra needs to be updated and I'm totally unaware if they have done that or not. Hey List, Trying to figure out if it's possible to use Flash 8 with the new built in effects within Director mx 2004? Has anyone gotten this to work or is the only solution to just wait and see

Re: [Flashcoders] LoadMovie Problem with JPEGs

2006-01-22 Thread stacey
Pressed SEND too soon and caught an oops!! it should be : // public function overlay(){ holder_mc=createEmptyMovieClip(holder_mc,1); } // Not sure the setup but the vars are getting wiped away for sure so its some kinda scoping issue.Loading the movieclip into this should wipe the

Re: [Flashcoders] fscommand('exec', 'myprogram.exe') WITHOUT a projector?

2006-01-28 Thread stacey
it does breach the security sandbox violation and therefore, if you want a plain ole swf to execute a fscommand - it won't work. The jsfl solution is for the authoring environment - but otherwise, imagine the havoc you could create if you could have a swf in a browser or elsewhere execute an

Re: [Flashcoders] fscommand('exec', 'myprogram.exe') WITHOUT a projector?

2006-01-28 Thread stacey
gotcha. I'm an admittant skimmer at times:) You're missing what I'm saying Stacey - In a container OTHER than a plugin/activeX control. The player knows when it's in the local FlashPlayer.exe or the IDE (exe) - so, that's nearly the same as having the SWF wrapped in a projector.exe

Re: [Flashcoders] Dynamic class creation-thoughts?

2006-01-30 Thread stacey
Just a general, - what are people's thoughts on dynamic class instantiation? I've always been under the impression( and hence, been told) that one should avoid it at all costs. Thoughts? Discussion? Benefits? Would it be better to implement a factory type pattern to create the new instances of

Re: [Flashcoders] OT: Design patterns

2006-02-22 Thread stacey
Design Patterns help you solve problems. You need to have many objects listening to one, dependant on that one - Observer Pattern might help. You need extend an object without subclassing - Decorator Pattern might help. You need one instance only of a class, Singleton comes in handy ( often people

Re: [Flashcoders] Fullscreen issues

2006-02-26 Thread stacey
You need to not only set the scale mode to noScale but you need to set the resize regpoint to Top Lost Stage.align=TL; Try that. On 2/27/06, slam dunk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: try this tag in .html PARAM NAME=scale VALUE=noborder It's in a projector... but at least the noScale property is

Re: [Flashcoders] Fullscreen issues

2006-02-26 Thread stacey
hahahah ! major typo Top Lost um. Top Left! I've been watching too many Lost season 2 episodes all in a row. You need to not only set the scale mode to noScale but you need to set the resize regpoint to Top Lost Stage.align=TL; Try that. On 2/27/06, slam dunk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [Flashcoders] Send to friend....Doesn't make sense.

2006-03-11 Thread stacey
I'm not going to check your email verification but you could do somethign like this for loadvars rather than using loadvariables. Also have your php write back a response so that flash knows whether it worked or not. Some tidbits of advice - your submit mail button should call a validation

Re: [Flashcoders] Problem: Bold, italic, normal text style in a dynamic textfield

2006-03-21 Thread stacey
Html doesn't always render the bold versions of the fonts or italicized. I think if you are using a non standard font - hence the embedding, I think you may have better luck converting the html tags to a textFormat object and apply it. Someone else might totally disagree, but in the past,that is

Re: Re[5]: [Flashcoders] AS2 Vs. AS1

2006-03-21 Thread stacey
You need to copy the code he gave you - put it in an as file, make a movieclip with the assets he stated and bind it in the library to the class via the linkage properties (AS2 class). As for your previous post - what do you mean by traced out okay. What exactly traced out? Can you trace the

Re: [Flashcoders] bubbling up

2006-03-22 Thread stacey
yep i've gotten that technique to work. I guess key is to make sure all items are init as event dispatchers. Has anyone gotten bubbling up functionality to work? as2. I am sure someone has. Dispatching a msg from a buried child class or mc up to a base class. check out

Re: [Flashcoders] RE: Classes and setInterval ... (Stephen Ford)

2006-03-26 Thread stacey
of an fla where you are dumping code, this isn't the case and you can use your form of the interval. Thanks Stacey, Yes it seems you need to pass in the parameter of 'this' before the function name and time, although I couldn't find reference to this in any of the manuals I looked in. Maybe they all

RE: [Flashcoders] Enourmous data Transfer by Flash.

2006-03-26 Thread stacey
Break it apart by process - login, registration, search, enter, edit, etc. That will then break up the amount of information you are passing back and forth - remoting would be ideal, but if you could still manage using a drill down type of approach for retrievals - first you get the top level

Re: [Flashcoders] If not Zinc, then what?

2006-03-28 Thread stacey
SWF Studio all the way. The customer support is amazing and the people who work there are both knowledgable and helpful- rare indeed. On 3/29/06, Gene Jannece [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've been reading pros and cons of using Zinc, I started to wonder what are the pros and cons of other

Re: [Flashcoders] Recommendation on good AS 2.0 framework code?

2006-03-29 Thread stacey
i'm getting into arp, but I would highly recommend looking up on jesse's site for his rendition of it, much more flexible. Its good if you are doing application based work, if not.. its too much. ARP: Cairngorn:

Re: [Flashcoders] DINAMIC MENU

2006-03-29 Thread stacey
make the textfield dynamic, make it multilined, wordwrap and make sure it can autosize. mytxt.autoSize='left'; (can also be true) Hi, I'm loading texts from a XML file to be assigned to different buttons, but this texts have different amout of characters, and I need the buttons to adjust

Re: [Flashcoders] Object move

2006-04-01 Thread stacey
Have you traced back the value you are trying to use to change the x pos? lap2_mc._x += int ((slidertav_mc.slider_mc._x + slidertav_mc.width/2)+100); Shouldn't it be _width? try going : var amount:Number=(slidertav_mc.slider_mc._x + (slidertav_mc._width/2)+100); Also, one thing you could do

Re: [Flashcoders] Need help understanding EventDispatcher

2006-04-12 Thread stacey
Try this : import mx.utils.Delegate; class Ball { public var addEventListener:Function; public var removeEventListener:Function; private var dispatchEvent:Function; public function Ball () { // initialize EventDispatcher

Re: [Flashcoders] Need help understanding EventDispatcher

2006-04-12 Thread stacey
J - you're totally right - i just avoid relying on the caller bit overall as its not as flexible( for how i code ) :) You often see people use delegates this way as well: buttonComponent.addEventListener(click,Delegate.create (this,onButtonClick)); This is handy- but if you have to remove

Re: [Flashcoders] Using EventDispatcher to update Controls and other Variables?

2006-04-12 Thread stacey
You still have to go through the process of adding the listener and defining the callback so its up to you. You could a) create an array, push all the references to the text field, and loop through the array if you are simply just showing the same value throughout. So that will work okay if each

Re: [Flashcoders] Issue with movieClip.onRelease

2006-05-22 Thread stacey
What version of flash are you using? YOu can try delegate to solve scoping issues but i kinda set it up in two ways as the comments suggest. Also, avoid references to root if possible. import mx.util.Delegate; function buildNav(p_content:Array):Void { for (var i:Number = 0;

Re: [Flashcoders] XML problem

2006-05-29 Thread stacey
once you load a movie into another all paths relate to the host movie and no longer to the child. So make sure you're pathing is right. Test the onload for the xml and make sure it can't find the xml- you will get a huge can't find the url error in the output window if that was the case. In terms

Re: [Flashcoders] The Delegate class ...

2006-06-14 Thread stacey
Do you really need the call bit ? Can you not just do something like: var host=this; mc.onRelease=function(){ host.fireFunction(); } function fireFunction(){ trace(function called) } You can use delegates for more than just components - I use delegate most often when I want an item/class to

Re: [Flashcoders] Command line compile

2006-06-14 Thread stacey
A couple notes about MTASC - First off its pretty strict. Your code has to be pretty solid, items have to be casted properly, variables cannot be redefined in the same scope, etc, or MTASC bitches at your fierce. Its not a bad thing in the long run, but something you should think about preparing

Re: [Flashcoders] .swf's containing html's location

2006-06-14 Thread stacey
You could also tap into the history of the page with the js history object - and either embed that via params or use external interface. Not sure how reliable that is but its an idea. I am doing some flash ads and was trying to find out if there is a property that I can read the url of the html

Re: [Flashcoders] growing animation

2006-06-20 Thread stacey
Check He has an example of this.Basically its an enterframe to simulate the camera movement and not sure about the branches - probably another process for that. Hi.everyone Here is the link: Anybody can explain how did they do ! Thanks.

RE: [Flashcoders] Best Flash data access way opinions

2006-06-22 Thread stacey
Depends on your knowledge level too CF is dead easy to pick up - you can easily learn to create a CFC in no time. The class based structure of PHP when creating a service throws a couple people off in terms of scope resolution So depending on your background if you know neither language,

RE: [Flashcoders] Export frame option disabled

2006-06-23 Thread stacey Check out the preloading. You could also create a shell and preload in that swf. Are you basing the percentage on the frames loaded (100 * _framesloaded / _totalframes) or bytes loaded (100 * getBytesLoaded() / getBytesTotal())? You should be

Re: [Flashcoders] Script running to slow, how to fix?

2006-06-25 Thread stacey
Sounds like you have a loose loop. Yer always best to post code. Hello! I am currently revising a website so tha tthe pictures will be loaded after each other. I am using the QueueLoader-class for this only when I am testing my movie in Flash 8 using the Simulate Download and a speed of

Re: [Flashcoders] transparent background in Projector (Screenweaver)

2006-06-26 Thread stacey
Try using SWFStudio - i know the transparent bg feature on theirs doesn't kill yer cpu. Hi all, i've made projector (walking insect) with transparent background, and it's killing all my CPU. there is 3 pieces of them, i've tried just 3 squares and it is the same, i can see on my comp

Re: [Flashcoders] What AS edting features do you want in BBEdit?

2006-06-26 Thread stacey
Can the responses be sent to Stephen via his email address to keep the List slim n'trim ? Pls thks. I use PrimalScript on windows, and the code completion (aka Intellisense) is very nice. It works on all the built in classes, as well as all my own classes. It's not perfect (occasionally it

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: loadvars vs xml onData

2006-06-26 Thread stacey
Its called first and is faster because its invoked as soon as you have data, and before you actually parse or process the data. onData is always gonna be called first. onLoad is called when the call has totally completed, there fore at the end of the process, whereas onData is at the beginning.

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: loadvars vs xml onData

2006-06-26 Thread stacey
Caught on skimming Intersting question now, I'm wondering which class has a higher overhead file size wise... Hi Stacey, Check out the question: Anyone know why loadvars.onData gets results quicker than xml.onData He's comparing loadvars.onData with xml.onData - apples and apples

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading external SWFs with a different frame rate

2006-06-26 Thread stacey
whatver you load takes its parents frame rate - so I'm gonna say - ain't gonna happen. Does anyone know how to load an external SWF and have it play back at its native frame rate if the movie that its being loaded into has a different frame rate? For example, I have a movie that is set to

Re: [Flashcoders] where to put AS 3 classes

2006-06-27 Thread stacey
right click on project properties Flex build path i believe. Hi there, I'm playing around with AS 3 and Flex 2 at the moment. With AS 2 I used to organize my classes in subdirectories e.g. com.domain.utilities.SomeClass. I found that especially helpful when using classes in different

[Flashcoders] AS3 Hide props?

2006-07-09 Thread stacey
This might be a ring ring but I didn't see much in the archives... Is there anything like ASSetPropFlags in as3? I haven't even tested that yet? Basically I am using amfphp and i'm sending an array - and its all good but in php when you loop you see the length property. I want to hide that

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 Hide props?

2006-07-10 Thread stacey
Nice! I was looking at the object class for that - coolio. One thing I noticed is that the exact same code in Flash 8 works fine and doesn't pass the length of the array where in as3 it slipped it in. Hello :) It's easy ;) You can use myObject.setPropertyIsEnumerable(myProperty, false)

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 Hide props/AMFPHP oddity?

2006-07-10 Thread stacey
Okay tried the setEnumberable out and in Flex it traces back false but the php is still seeing the length property, and Service capture still shows the length property being available in the array I sent to the php service according to service capture. This is using the extending net connection

RE: [Flashcoders] Public examples of Business RIAs

2006-01-17 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
We did one for the financial sector that deals with business mergers. Canned demo is here : You can also check more about on Tony's blog - -Original

RE: [Flashcoders] Cellrenderer confirmation

2006-01-25 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
I believe the list components calculate the visible space divided by the row height and figure out how many rows to render. Visible being the amount of rows the height and row height of the component will allow - not being total rows in reference to amount of dataprovider items. Not sure that is

RE: [Flashcoders] Enhanced stroke is not supported in this player

2006-02-01 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
You can also just save the file as the lower version and that works to get rid of the error. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mendelsohn, Michael Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 11:18 AM To: Flashcoders mailing list Subject: RE:

RE: [Flashcoders] dragging multiple movieclips

2006-02-22 Thread Stacey Mulcahy tdepth-and-other-fun-ways-of-breaking-combo-boxes/ tml/wwhelp.htm?context=Flash_MX_2004file=2934.html

RE: [Flashcoders] Using ARP without Forms?

2006-04-18 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
Just chiming in here late... Straight up I haven't used ARPX - even tho I've been recommended to do so many times. I’m interested in checking it out and seeing what it has to offer. I'd be interested in knowing the benefits, differences from ARP - if someone has used it extensively, please feel

[Flashcoders] Image and scale Grid

2006-05-25 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
Alrighty, I'll take one for the team and post the stupidest question of the day - I have the following (flex 2b3) [Embed(source='assets/header.png',scaleGridTop='20', scaleGridLeft='10', scaleGridBottom='30', scaleGridRight='20')] [Bindable] var headerImage:Class; and mx:Image

RE: [Flashcoders] Image and scale Grid

2006-05-25 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
Damn - sorry wrong list!!! -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Stacey Mulcahy Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 5:46 PM To: 'Flashcoders mailing list' Subject: [Flashcoders] Image and scale Grid Alrighty, I'll take one for the team and post

RE: [Flashcoders] replacing the Library palette?

2006-07-04 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
You could easily write yourself a jfsl command that would find the item in the library - find out which item is currently selected in the document, loop through the library items, select the match - etc. Add a mapping to a key combo and yer golden. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL

RE: [Flashcoders] embedFonts vs. setTextFormat

2006-07-05 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
Try setting your textFormat after you apply the text. Also, I try to make sure the linkage name of the font is the same as the actual font for the purpose that its easier to read and self descriptive. Order of operation does matter for this kinda thing, you have to embed fonts before setting

RE: [Flashcoders] weirdness passing string to text field

2006-07-05 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
How are the variables being generated and set? Are you getting those values from external source such as xml or text file? I haven't followed the thread... sorry. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Rick Lecoat Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006

RE: [Flashcoders] embedFonts vs. setTextFormat

2006-07-05 Thread Stacey Mulcahy
N0 actually it doesn't affect the entire string, if you use the optional params. setTextFormat takes optional index parameters for the index to start the format and end the format. You can go mytf.setTextFormat(startIndex,endIndex,textFormat) I use that all the time to format something bold,