[Flashcoders] Error #1009 shows randomly

2009-06-30 Thread Isaac Alves
Hello fellows, I've bought at Flash Den a code of an Infinite Level Menu (from MBMedia) and I'm pulling my hair out. It throws that well known error as the text of the button doesn't show when it should: “TypeError: Error #1009: cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at

Re: [Flashcoders] Error #1009 shows randomly

2009-06-30 Thread Sidney de Koning
Hi Isaac, As far as i can see it that you took off the P when going through the code, since it gives an error that it canot find local.display:rimaryButton on frame 7. Try looking there, maybee you changed the linkage identifier or the classname. HTH, Sidney de Koning On Jun 30, 2009,