[Flashcoders] String to array

2007-04-12 Thread Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio
Sorry for the question, I found some examples on google but I still cannot figure out what's worng with my code. I hope you guys can help me. My original array was: var mm_array:Array = [Corporate, Fund of Funds, Single Manager Funds, Perfomance, Client Services]; Now I want to load those

Re: [Flashcoders] String to array

2007-04-12 Thread Arul Prasad M L
Looks like you are not waiting for the data to be loaded into your SWF before you split. Try using LoadVars and wait for the onLoad event, and then do a split. something like: var _lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); _lv.load(FlashMenuLoader.asp); var my_array:Array; _lv.onLoad = function () {