[flexcoders] Thanks Alex!

2013-11-05 Thread James Finnigan
I have no idea who is still listening to this thread but I think it's time to humbly, and gratefully thank Alex for his devotion to Flex and this thread. Two years ago our world was shaken and we've all moved onto different (not better) things. ;) Alex has continued to demonstrate and keep his

Re: [flexcoders] Thanks Alex!

2013-11-05 Thread Alex Harui
Thanks, but it's not so hard since I'm paid to do it. It would help for you all to switch to Apache Flex and ask your questions over there. The main Apache Flex website is: http://flex.apache.org/ You can subscribe to the mailing lists or a forum version by following instructions here:

Re: [flexcoders] Nested TabNabvigator/Repeater error

2013-11-05 Thread Alex Harui
So if I understand correctly, clicking on some nested Tab changes some other ViewStack's selectedIndex. If that's correct, try subclassing the ViewStack's selectedIndex setter so you can set a breakpoint and catch when only that ViewStack is changed. Then the call stack should contain some

Re: [flexcoders] Nested TabNabvigator/Repeater error

2013-11-05 Thread Tom McNeer
Hi Alex, Thanks for your suggestion. It may be a couple of days before I can get back to testing it; I'm reworking many backend routines and database functions/procs for the same application. But when I'm able to test it, I'll report back. As always, thanks for your generous help. On Tue, Nov

[flexcoders] Retrieve current item on a DataGroup

2013-11-05 Thread Jairo Fran├ža
I have a question that seems easy, but i can't solve. I have a DataGroup with a custom ItemRenderer. How can I retrieve the current item that was selected with a double click (something like a SelectedItem on a DataGrid)? Can I retrieve the itemRenderer instance of the element? Thansk My code

[flexcoders] Function from string?

2013-11-05 Thread A. P. Damien
I'm writing a game. Well, actually I guess it's more of a game engine. I want the game logic to be in a script. The script will take the form of a series of rooms, each of which can contain: . doors to other rooms . characters the player can interact with . things the player can pick

RE: [flexcoders] Thanks Alex!

2013-11-05 Thread Yu, Deyang
Hi Alex, I just start working on to use Falcon to convert our existing Flex4 application to Html5. Before I dig into it, want to know how reliable it is? Should I wait for a bit for a better version? Thanks and regards, Deyang From: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com