[flexcoders] Spark DataGrid and DefaultGridHeaderRenderer

2011-09-28 Thread jitendra jain
Hi Guys,   I want to set the css for the TextSelectedColor, TextRollOverColor and Underline the selected or roll over text for the both DataGrid and DefaultGridHeaderRenderer..? Please help.. which are the style to look into?   Thanks, with Regards, Jitendra Jain

[flexcoders] Looking for strong Flex candidate @ Trivandrum

2011-09-28 Thread Gireesh Kumar
Hi We are looking for strong Flex candidate, requirements are 1. Good in Object Oriented concepts 2. Strong in Flex 3 / Flex 4 3. Strong in ActionScript Good to have 1. Knowledge in Java / Javascript or any other server side programing Please email your resume to - gireeshkuma...@gmail.com

[flexcoders] Re: Reading barcodes

2011-09-28 Thread valdhor
I would have thought that the library you mention would work fine. Barcodes don't change. Once you have it all working there does not need to be an update. --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Richard Rodseth rrodseth@... wrote: Can anyone recommend a good strategy for reading barcodes on an

[flexcoders] Re: exclude certain classes from debugging session

2011-09-28 Thread valdhor
I'm obviously not getting it then. My project uses thousands of classes and I can debug it and just look at the classes I want. What are you trying to do exactly? ie. What does monitor the activity taking place in a couple of the classes actually mean? --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com,

Re: [flexcoders] Re: exclude certain classes from debugging session

2011-09-28 Thread Wouter Schreuders
ok well basically say I'm trying to track the flow a certain command is taking, so for instance someone clicks a button in a view class, that dispatches an event to the view's mediator which then dispatches another event to robotlegs which then triggers a navigation event along with some requests

Re: [flexcoders] Re: exclude certain classes from debugging session

2011-09-28 Thread Alex Harui
Put those classes you don’t want to debug in an RSL, export it for release so it doesn’t have debug info, and use that RSL. The debugger should then skip over the code in those classes. I’ve never done it myself, but I know for sure that if classes get loaded in a module that is exported for

[flexcoders] Hiding Flex tree XML CDATA

2011-09-28 Thread method_air
Is there a way to prevent CDATA from being displayed in a flex tree, so the 'team' node is represented as a leaf node and not a folder with a data structure like: team label=Vancouver Canucks ![CDATA[[{url:image.png}]] /team Thanks, Philip

RE: [flexcoders] Hiding Flex tree XML CDATA

2011-09-28 Thread Philip Smith
I think I found the answer to this...override DefaultDataDescriptor isBranch. To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com From: loudj...@hotmail.com Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 22:34:57 + Subject: [flexcoders] Hiding Flex tree XML CDATA Is there a way to