Re: [flexcoders] Spark DataGrid and DefaultGridHeaderRenderer

2011-09-29 Thread jitendra jain
I have resolved this by extending DefaultGridItemRenderer   Thanks, with Regards, Jitendra Jain Software Engineer 91-9979960798 From: jitendra jain To: flex group flex Sent: Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[flexcoders] svg file format

2011-09-29 Thread jitendra jain
Hi Guys,   It was really strange that Adobe supports svg at compile time and not at run time.. I want one svg file at run time.. Is that possible..? If there is any other external tools available to load that svg file in the application?   Thanks, with Regards, Jitendra Jain

[flexcoders] Formatting a date

2011-09-29 Thread chinwesley
Hi everyone, I am formatting my date for a Flex label but I don't know how to do it. I have the following at the moment: var formatter:DateFormatter = new DateFormatter(); formatter.formatString = -MM-DD; var example:Date =

Re: [flexcoders] Re: exclude certain classes from debugging session

2011-09-29 Thread Wouter Schreuders
ok great tip, I'll try that On 29 September 2011 00:00, Alex Harui wrote: ** Put those classes you don’t want to debug in an RSL, export it for release so it doesn’t have debug info, and use that RSL. The debugger should then skip over the code in those classes. I’ve

[flexcoders] Re: Formatting a date

2011-09-29 Thread GarethA
I've written a dateutils library that will handle both of these things... --- In, chinwesley wesleychin@... wrote: Hi everyone, I am formatting my date for a Flex label but I don't know how to do it. I have the following at

[flexcoders] Re: Is it possible to add Flex components to the Stage?

2011-09-29 Thread Hogs Haven
Haykel- Thanks so much. This is exactly what I need. --- In, Haykel BEN JEMIA haykelbj@... wrote: if for some reason you don't want or can't use Flex, then you try some of the pure AS component libraries: * ASDPC :

[flexcoders] White button label text in Alert

2011-09-29 Thread lanekelly5
For the life of me I can't get the button label text to be white when I roll over the button in an Alert control (Flex 4). I have a custom button skin for all the buttons in my app and the white color for the labelDisplay part works just fine in all states. But when I use that skin for

[flexcoders] background image with Flex?

2011-09-29 Thread markflex2007
Basically a website background image is made to repeat itself seamlessly either horizontally or vertically or both. May I use a small image as background and let it repeat like web page? how to do that? Thanks Mark

[flexcoders] HELP Embedded font looks bold in Flash but crisp in Photoshop

2011-09-29 Thread dorkie dork from dorktown
I have embedded a font in my application and it looks bold when at runtime in Flash but in Photoshop it looks normal. I tried changing every setting in the world and what I found was that when I set the anti aliasing in Photoshop to bold it looks exactly like it does in Flash. So that tells me

[flexcoders] swf loader for a ustream flash xml file

2011-09-29 Thread Gustavo Duenas
Does anyone know or can point me to how to use the swf loader or video loader to display a feed from the xml file of ustream