Re: [flexcoders] mx:datagrid renderer problem

2011-10-17 Thread Alex Harui
Seems like the code got distorted when pasting. For the renderer based on DGIR, did you set wordWrap=true on the column? For the two buttons, I would try not overriding the data setter. On 10/16/11 7:09 AM, Sells, Fred wrote: I’m using Flex 4 with an

[flexcoders] How to create php/apache/mysql installer with AIR

2011-10-17 Thread isa_loyer
Dear Flexer, I'd like to use AIR to create my own web tools installer (like mamp, wammp...). But I have no idea how to do that. Can you help me? Thanks

[flexcoders] Re: problem accessing menuBar component Sub-Items

2011-10-17 Thread valdhor
Add an event listener to the menubar itself. In the event listener you can find out which item was clicked based on the label property. --- In, Gustavo Duenas gduenas@... wrote: Hi I have this menu bar. mx:MenuBar width=1079.697 height=40.151516 id=mBar

[flexcoders] Flex save screenshots to clipboard

2011-10-17 Thread method_air
Is it possible to copy a pasteable bitmap in flex and if so, how? This article indicates it may be possible with FP 10.1? If someone can elaborate or provide an example, it would be appreciated:

[flexcoders] OT: Flex programmers in KCMO?

2011-10-17 Thread BillF
Sorry for the OT post. Any flex coders in the KC, MO area looking for a job? Please email me. No Recruiters/Headhunters.

Re: [flexcoders] How to create php/apache/mysql installer with AIR

2011-10-17 Thread Wemerson Couto Guimarães
Hi... I'm use a xampplite as a plugin of my application... just make a package installer with winrar using a previous version of preconfigured xampp with mobile mode (Without drive letters). But need to be installed after the app was installed ... still can not run a post script to do automatic

[flexcoders] Re:

2011-10-17 Thread srikanth reddy
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[flexcoders] broadway danny rose

2011-10-17 Thread Philip Smith
funny movie apparantly