Re: [flexcoders] ALEX HAURI please help

2011-11-04 Thread John Fletcher
Deepa, I'm not sure that such a subject line conforms to mailing list etiquete; in any case if you want someone's help, may I suggest that you first take care to spell his name correctly. People tend to like their own names. Regards, John 2011/11/3 deepa_pathuri **

[flexcoders] Re: ALEX HAURI please help

2011-11-04 Thread valdhor
I agree with John. This type of question should not even be directed at Alex as it is something that is documented. Alex will jump in if he deems necessary. First read the documentation at and then try to implement it

[flexcoders] Re: ModuleLoader.child is null

2011-11-04 Thread valdhor
In your module code I don't see where it implements com.storefront.interfaces.controller.ITest. If there is no implementation of the interface, the child will be null. --- In, method_air loudjazz@... wrote: Can anyone explain why ModuleLoader.child is null in the

RE: [flexcoders] Re: ModuleLoader.child is null

2011-11-04 Thread Philip Smith
var test:ITest ITest(this._moduleLoader.child); // null The module implements ITest. Regardless, before the module is cast to an interface, this._moduleLoader.child is null. I read on another thread that the module 'ready' event may be dispatched before it's

[flexcoders] Re: ModuleLoader.child is null

2011-11-04 Thread valdhor
I do it a different way than you which you may like to try... private function onReady(e:ModuleEvent):void { var ml:ModuleLoader = as ModuleLoader; // cast the module (the child property of the ModuleLoader) to the // ITest interface. If the child implements this interface

[flexcoders] URLFilePromise drop location

2011-11-04 Thread Greg Hess
Hi Folks, Does anyone know how to access the local file system drop location from a URLFilePromise drag and drop operation? The file downloading is a zip file and I wouuld like to extract it for the EU once transfer is complete, but cant seem to find the drop location anywhere... Any help much

[flexcoders] Flex for iPhone: In-app Purchasing possible?

2011-11-04 Thread mulchand12345
Hi All, I have to develop an iPhone application that should run on iOS 3.0 or above. I am planning to use Flex (AIR) to develop that application I have following questions on this 1. Application has in-app purchasing functionality. Can I achieve this functionality using Flex? 2. Application

[flexcoders] Mapping/Image in Flex

2011-11-04 Thread Venkat M
Hi Group,   I have a basic question in flex regarding the mapping of an image.   Ex: I have a world map, depending on the click on the map, the corresponding information of the county has to be populated in the adjacent information box. I know this could be done quite easily in html with [map –

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Binding behaviour

2011-11-04 Thread The Real Napster
Ok. But Its Not compulsory that you have to write a clone method. Anyways other way you can try is public function cloneLeaf():CallMonitoringLeaf { var obj:CallMonitoringLeaf = new CallMonitoringLeaf(); obj.optionCallMonitoring = this.optionCallMonitoring; obj.nodesSelected

[flexcoders] Using Flex Cairnghorm microachitecture with .net class library

2011-11-04 Thread Tunde Majolagbe
Hello All, Has anyone used cairnghorm micro framework to write scripts that retrieves data from dot net dll. I cant connect my flex cairnghorm side with my dotnet code even after generating the required cairnghorm action script from the web orb console is there something wrong with my

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Binding behaviour

2011-11-04 Thread Alex Harui
If the property is an Object (and not a primitive like number or string), then it is handled by reference and must be “cloned” or copied. This is called a deep copy. The code snippet is a shallow copy. ObjectUtil has a clone method for doing deep copies but it requires registering class