[flexcoders] Re: Look what i found!!

2011-11-12 Thread Adolfo Ruiz
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[flexcoders] Flex and AIR on Mobile Platforms

2011-11-12 Thread e_val_soft
I'd like to understand more about Adobe's latest annnouncement that they will focus on HTML5 on mobile platforms(rather than Flash). Obviously a kick in the head for flex/air developers targetting applications that need or want a mobile client because mobile platform manufacturers will drop

Re: [flexcoders] Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ?

2011-11-12 Thread Csomák Gábor
it depends on the app. for ex. my app, sharedboard.net runs smooth even on iPad.. On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 7:25 PM, saurabh rawat rawatsaur...@yahoo.co.inwrote: y it doesnt work fast??Any thoughts?? will it be good to use the flex AIR for adobe to build app on it or the usual Android.I think

[flexcoders] Re: Flex and AIR on Mobile Platforms

2011-11-12 Thread DP
The way I read the announcement is that they're pulling back from Flash for the web, not Flex or Air. Flash for the web are flash apps built such that they can be included in a web page. Even though Flex is essentially that, it is much different from Flash. Considering AIR is actually a

Re: [flexcoders] Flex and AIR on Mobile Platforms

2011-11-12 Thread Guy Morton
I think the only thing you should draw from this announcement is that Adobe has given up on trying to support flash as a browser plugin on mobile devices. I think they have seen that a) performance is an issue they may struggle to fix while maintaining compatibility and b) there is market