[flexcoders] AIR - Create windows skin accordind Os (Mac/Windows)

2011-11-28 Thread isa_loyer

I' create a window skin for my AIR application.
Close, maximise and minimise button are on top right and look like Windows 7.

But , mac user are desapointed, so my question is : is it possible to apply a 
different window skin according user Os.

If yes, how to do that.


[flexcoders] I figured I should share the wealth

2011-11-28 Thread jitendra jain
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[flexcoders] Flex/AIR Developer Needed

2011-11-28 Thread Jake Churchill
Flex Coders:

CF Webtools (http://www.cfwebtools.com) is looking to hire an additional
Flex/AIR developer.  I normally take care of that kind of thing for them
but there is additional work coming through that requires more than just
one person.  The position is based in Omaha, NE but remote candidates are
being considered if they end up being a really good fit.

Initially, the person hired would be working on a re-write of a stock
charting application going from delayed data to streaming data.  The
existing app is a Flex 2/3 app and will be converted to an Flex 4 AIR app
and socket connections.  Skills required for this are as follows:

*Required Skills / Experience:*

   - Flex 3 and Flex 4 experience
   - Flex 4 Skinning experience
   - Flex Charting/Data Visualization Experience
   - Experience with Stock Data
   - Experience with some kind of standard Flex framework (i.e. Cairngorm,
   Mate, Swiz)
   - Experience with Subversion

*Additionally requested Experience:*

   - Experience with Sockets would be very useful (i.e. chat room
   experience - language specifics are not relevant)
   - Hudson
   - ColdFusion or .NET
   - Flex 4.5 Mobile

CF Webtools is primarily a ColdFusion shop with Flex/AIR work and some
mobile work here and there.  The primary project for this position will be
the stock application listed above, but other projects will most-likely
contain some coding outside of the Flex/AIR world.

If you are interested in this position or know someone who fits the bill,
please send your resume/cover letter and standard information to

*Jake Churchill
Sr. Web Application Developer*
*CF Webtools*

You Dream It... We Build It. http://www.cfwebtools.com/
11204 Davenport, Suite 100
Omaha, Nebraska  68154
O: 402.408.3733 x103
E: j...@cfwebtools.com
Skype:  jakechurchill

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form is validated

2011-11-28 Thread dorkie dork from dorktown
It seems to be the case that it's validating on focus out. I realize I need
to come up with a test case to see if this is the default behavior or
something causing it in my project.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 1:56 AM, Asad Zaidi asadzaid...@yahoo.com wrote:


 this occurs due to validation errors. in ur case i think while rendering
 it focus in ur component and on focus out it validates ur component. i
 havent tried it but i think u can use initialize property of the component
 to stop validation at initialization process. Or u can assign the validator
 to that component after all components have been rendered.
 i will try to find out more and will let u know.


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 *Subject:* RE: [flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before
 form is validated

  Can you give an example of how you’ve written your validator?  I’m
 suspecting it is on how you defined the trigger.

  *Michael J. Regert***

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 *Subject:* [flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form
 is validated

   It's a focus border.
 Usually, it's blue. I'm not sure how it's red in your case!
 You can change the color following this example.
 Thanks to Peter Dehaan for his great tip.


 OR you can hide this by using the property: focusAlpha
 mx:TextInput id=txtInput focusAlpha=0/

 Good luck.

 --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, dorkie dork from dorktown 
 dorkiedorkfromdorktown@... wrote:
  When I display my Form elements (TextInput, Combox, etc) the red error
  border is shown right away before the user even types into it. Why is
  happening? How can I prevent it from showing a red error border when it's
  first displayed?


[flexcoders] Re: Fwd: How are you!!

2011-11-28 Thread srikanth reddy
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