[flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form is validated

2011-11-21 Thread DP
Actually, I'm sure he's talking about the required attribute creating a red 
border (not a focus border) because the field doesn't have a value in it just 

The Focus border is something entirely different.

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 It's a focus border.
 Usually, it's blue. I'm not sure how it's red in your case!
 You can change the color following this example.
 Thanks to Peter Dehaan for his great tip.
 OR you can hide this by using the property: focusAlpha
 mx:TextInput id=txtInput focusAlpha=0/
 Good luck.
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  When I display my Form elements (TextInput, Combox, etc) the red error
  border is shown right away before the user even types into it. Why is this
  happening? How can I prevent it from showing a red error border when it's
  first displayed?

[flexcoders] Re: Flex and AIR on Mobile Platforms

2011-11-12 Thread DP
The way I read the announcement is that they're pulling back from Flash for the 
web, not Flex or Air.  Flash for the web are flash apps built such that they 
can be included in a web page.  Even though Flex is essentially that, it is 
much different from Flash.  Considering AIR is actually a separate package as 
well, I'm guessing they're not going to pull back from either one of those.

Also, as I read it, AIR Mobile was something they were continuing with.  That 
makes sense to me as AIR is not embedded like Flash is - it's a full blown 

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 I'd like to understand more about Adobe's latest annnouncement that they will 
 focus on HTML5 on mobile platforms(rather than Flash).
 Obviously a kick in the head for flex/air developers targetting applications 
 that need or want a mobile client because mobile platform manufacturers will 
 drop Flash (in a flash) from their product plans.
 I've seen some mixed messages - Adobe's version which is just a change in 
 focus while the industry reads it like a Flash obituary.  Here are two 
 bullets from Adobe's announcement:
 --from Adobe.com
 •Shifting resources to support even greater investment in HTML5, through 
 tools like Adobe® Dreamweaver,  Adobe Edge and PhoneGap, recently added 
 through the acquisition of  Nitobi
 •Focusing Flash resources on delivering the most advanced PC web experiences, 
 including gaming and premium video, as well as mobile apps
 I can almost see them sitting around the board room table debating whether to 
 stick that , as well as mobile apps on the end of bullet 2 just to leave 
 people like us (Flex developers I mean) confused.  Pretend you're a Samsung 
 or Motorola executive planning the next release of your latest mobile device. 
  Do we spend $10 million and 40 developers integrating Flash?
 Since the vast majority of new, innovative applications involve incorporation 
 or embracing of mobile clients, Flash's ubiquity, which is/was its greatest 
 selling point, is gone.  I mean when Jobs took a stand to ban Flash from iOS 
 - that was a phaser blast to the holodeck, but this...this is a photon 
 torpedo to the bridge.
 Am I reading this wrong, or should I be starting my new HTML5 career now?  I 
 mean once flash is gone from mobile, it is gone as a general web application 
 framework so forget those desktop focused applications too, except some 
 specialized graphics oriented apps.
 I think of what I'm developing now on Flex and it would be years away from 
 possible with HTML5 but maybe I should be focusing on HTML5 plus one of the 
 better JavaScript frameworks?
 I'm really looking for some opinions here about what flex developers think of 
 the near term future based on this announcement.  It'd be great to hear some 
 Adobe employee perspectives (probably on gag order) but anyone with some 
 insight, please do tell.  I'd love to be told I'm exaggerating the 
 consequence of the announcement

[flexcoders] Re: e4x help

2011-09-22 Thread DP
You're probably getting an e4x error on the first empty node (because Attribute 
doesn't exist there).

Try to avoid this issue by using the hasOwnAttribute function to make sure 
that Attribute actually exists in that node.  This probably isn't it, but 
it's close:


I'm not sure the above will work because we're not returning a specific level, 
but hopefully you get the idea.  Use the following URL for a great explanation 
of Advanced E4X:


Hope that helps...

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 I must be missing something simple here.  I'm reading in XML that looks like 
 ?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?
 I'm trying to get all Atribute nodes using the .. operator, but it always 
 returns 0, even though xmlRoot looks fine.
 protected function xmlService_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
   if (event != null  event.result != null  event.result is XML) {
 var xmlRoot:XML = event.result as XML;
 if (xmlRoot  xmlRoot.length()  0) {
   var lst:XMLList = xmlRoot..Attribute;
   trace(lst length =  + lst.length());