[flexcoders] Re: reuse paths shapes in skins

2010-07-09 Thread arocheking
Would using the library and definition tags be the way to go? Anyone? http://sherifabdou.com/2008/09/creating-symbols-in-flex-4/

[flexcoders] reuse paths shapes in skins

2010-07-08 Thread arocheking
Hi, I've used the common examples to skin my components. So that's going ok. But now I want to be able to centralize and reuse pieces. The most simple thing I may want to do is reuse a shape. Like: s:Path data=V 20 L 20 10 Z horizontalCenter=0 verticalCenter=0 s:fill s:LinearGradient

[flexcoders] Re: reuse paths shapes in skins

2010-07-08 Thread arocheking
I have seen info on skinning subcomponents. That's easy enough but just doesn't seem very efficient. I would create a component and a skin for it... just to get a reusable graphic.

[flexcoders] Re: Flex Video and Firefox Issue

2010-01-14 Thread arocheking
In case someone else has this same problem. Here is the solution. set apache to turn off gzip compression in httpd.config (or could do it in .htaccess) we added m4v to the following line. # Don't compress images SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \ \.(?:gif|jpe?g|png|m4v)$ no-gzip dont-vary OR more

[flexcoders] general tips: port javascript to as3

2009-06-02 Thread arocheking
Hi, I'm considering porting a library over to as3 You don't have to look at this, but if you want to the javascript is here: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/2009/04/markerclusterer-solution-to-too-many.html I haven't done this before. I was hoping to get the main general steps to