Re: [flexcoders] AMFPHP Security?

2010-08-11 Thread hamann . w
Clark Stevenson wrote: Hi all. I am new to AMFPHP. Lets say you have a class and a function: SomeClass.saveHighScore(304958); For me, the way i see it, is that anyone using Charles can call this method? Whats to stop anyone from calling it directly?

[flexcoders] focus manager questions

2010-09-04 Thread hamann . w
Hi, is there a simple way to a) get rid of the yellow rectangle (the object listens to focusin and focusout event in order to display its focussed state) b) get a handle on the (application) focus manager (in order to use its setFocus() method instead of setting stage.focus) Many thanks

[flexcoders] local clipboard

2010-09-04 Thread hamann . w
Hi, I would like to follow the suggestions and implement a local clipboard by capturing keystrokes (ctl-c, ctl-v, ctl-a for select all). Unfortunately, FP10 (on linux) returns a keycode of 0x for all 3 of these. The same is true when running inside a browser. Is there a way to get

Re: [flexcoders] focus manager questions

2010-09-05 Thread hamann . w
Hi Alex, thanks for responding. I am probably just looking in the wrong direction, but a test application as simple as package { import flash.display.MovieClip; public class test extends MovieClip { public function test() { trace(this.focusManager); } } }

[flexcoders] link problem

2012-09-02 Thread hamann . w
Hi, I am trying to build an AS only application with embedded assets. The source comes with its own config, so I essentially use mxmlc -output=bin/xyz.swf demos/src/ -load-config+=config.xml -include-libraries=abc.swc \ -include-libraries=def.swc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries

Re: [flexcoders] pdf in flash/flex alternative to flexpaper?

2013-02-15 Thread hamann . w
Hi, many years ago I successfully converted specific PDFs (they were all created by the same generator and used a fixed set of fonts and drawing primitives) The pipeline consisted of ghostscript to translate the pdf into uncompressed, a perl script to convert the graphic instructions into ming

Re: [flexcoders] Function from string?

2013-11-06 Thread hamann . w
I'm writing a game. Well, actually I guess it's more of a game engine. I want the game logic to be in a script. The script will take the form of a series of rooms, each of which can contain: . doors to other rooms . characters the player can interact with . things the player