Re: [flexcoders] Function from string?

2013-11-06 Thread A. P. Damien
On 11/6/2013 9:16 AM, Keith Reinfeld wrote: Perhaps the following syntax will help: var func:String = “yourFunctionName”; this[func](); Thanks. I hadn't fully assimilated the fact that an object can also be treated as an array. Do I have to declare the class 'dynamic' for this trick to

[flexcoders] Function from string?

2013-11-05 Thread A. P. Damien
I'm writing a game. Well, actually I guess it's more of a game engine. I want the game logic to be in a script. The script will take the form of a series of rooms, each of which can contain: . doors to other rooms . characters the player can interact with . things the player can pick

[flexcoders] Designing custom buttons [2 Attachments]

2013-09-23 Thread A. P. Damien
I'm designing a game. I want to model the user interaction after Cream Babysitting Adventure by Aval0nX. So the menu at the start of the game will resemble CrStartMenu.png, and the choices and responses will resemble CrChoices.png. So I'm talking about button-like things made out of a