[flexcoders] Thanks Alex!

2013-11-05 Thread James Finnigan
I have no idea who is still listening to this thread but I think it's time to humbly, and gratefully thank Alex for his devotion to Flex and this thread. Two years ago our world was shaken and we've all moved onto different (not better) things. ;) Alex has continued to demonstrate and keep his

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Popups in Sub Applications...

2010-01-30 Thread James Finnigan
Without a loaderContext, many errors appear (below) as loader.content is null in this call... (loader.content as Object).application.myswfroutine(someid) Let me build a demo app. and let you see for yourself what's going on. VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of concurrency in

Re: [flexcoders] The Alert box is at the Top Left.

2009-11-13 Thread James Finnigan
You can always just move the Alert yourself... private function popUpAlert():void{ var myMenu:Menu = new Menu(); var popUpButton:PopUpButton = new PopUpButton(); addChild(popUpButton); popUpButton.x = this.width / 2;

Re: [flexcoders] Combine/sort two lists of dates

2009-11-12 Thread James Finnigan
private function dateSort():void{ var array1:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(); var array2:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(); array1.addItem(new Date(2009, 1, 5)); array1.addItem(new Date(2009, 1, 1));