Re: [flexcoders] Loading the IDE (Flash Builder) error

2012-05-14 Thread John Fletcher
Hahahaha. New cafeteria menus promote tighter bun control in schools. 2012/5/11 Davidson, Jerry ** Whoops. I once asked a guy about “gun control”, but I used a “B” instead and was told to go to the gym. ** **

Re: [flexcoders] Loading the IDE (Flash Builder) error

2012-05-11 Thread John Fletcher
2012/5/10 Davidson, Jerry ** I spoke too soon. We are suing ClearCase and I can’t check out and update a module now without the error. Sue the pants off them I say! John

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Flex alternatives

2012-01-17 Thread John Fletcher
Out of interest... why does ZK marketing material never mention HTML5? They used to say direct RIA though I can't see that on the site anymore. I thought HTML5 was the new buzzword and that it would make sense to state it at least 3 times on every page? John 2012/1/17 Ron G

Re: [flexcoders] Re: date problem?

2012-01-13 Thread John Fletcher
Months start at 0 and go up to 11. Don't ask me why. John 2012/1/12 luvfotography ** says: If you pass two or more arguments, the Date object is assigned a time

Re: [flexcoders] Re: date problem?

2012-01-13 Thread John Fletcher
that wrote the Date class is from Venus. Cheers, Rick Winscot From: John Fletcher Reply-To: Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:03:28 +0100 To: Subject: Re: [flexcoders] Re

Re: [flexcoders] Timed Progress bar for 2 minutes.

2012-01-11 Thread John Fletcher
You could take a page from the book of most routers. When you click reboot on the web interface there is generally a message like this will take about 2 minutes and a progress-bar type thing which edges towards complete. This is not actually polling the device in anyway, in fact usually this takes

Re: [flexcoders] How to access IP camera with Adobe air?

2012-01-11 Thread John Fletcher
Cool. Do you understand Italian? Maybe you should ask the author. I think different cameras have different ways of getting access to the stream depending on the vendor. But really I'm not sure; there are smartphone apps which let you control major brands of camera and I always wondered how they do

Re: [flexcoders] FlexPMD / cut and paste detector - is it alive ?

2012-01-09 Thread John Fletcher
No but I've noted down to look into this tool soon. John 2012/1/8 Rick Winscot ** I'm a heavy PMD / CPD user… I'll do what I can. Cheers, Rick Winscot From: tom.chiverton Reply-To:

[flexcoders] Bug tracking Jira / Apache

2011-12-22 Thread John Fletcher
This might be of interest to anyone who logs bugs in Flex:

Re: [flexcoders] Flex to HTML5 Conversion tool?

2011-12-02 Thread John Fletcher
There's another key issue - who wants to work with machine converted code? Sounds like a nightmare. John 2011/12/1 Doug McCune ** Just to throw in my two cents... I would not hold out any hope for any solution that will magically convert your Flex app to a HTML/JS app.

[flexcoders] Git and Flash Builder

2011-12-02 Thread John Fletcher
Anyone here using Git and Flash Builder? John

[flexcoders] States are single-use

2011-11-23 Thread John Fletcher
The problem with states and skinstates is that they are single use. I'm adapting a desktop app to mobile and I want to support portrait and landscape views. According to a couple of pages on the net you should create a portrait skin state and a landscape skin state. Sounds good, but I am already

Re: [flexcoders] Re: Why Flex now?

2011-11-18 Thread John Fletcher
Yes you bring up an important point - namely there are public websites and services that also do cool things, that need to focus on standards compliance and SEO and everything. These over time will become a best fit for HTML5 if they aren't already. Flex isn't great for SEO. Then there are

Re: [flexcoders] No, Flex Flash Are Not Dead

2011-11-17 Thread John Fletcher
Ermm, that post only repeats what adobe just said, but with a different headline. And highlights a sentence in red, for special value-add. John 2011/11/16 turbo_vb **

Re: [flexcoders] Why Flex now?

2011-11-16 Thread John Fletcher
Yeah I thought about that too, it's kind of weird because there's this just-released talk from MAX on about the Spoon project and how much mutual trust was required and how it took a year of hard work to get where they are, where Adobe will trust them to contribute patches and stuff; now

Re: [flexcoders] Errors during build - ASDoc Configuration

2011-11-08 Thread John Fletcher
Cool. If it really happens exactly every other time, then that is good information to work with. Does it matter if you just restarted the IDE? Does it matter if you did a clean or just saved a file with build automatically on, etc? When you restart your machine? Then you need to determine whether

Re: [flexcoders] ALEX HAURI please help

2011-11-04 Thread John Fletcher
Deepa, I'm not sure that such a subject line conforms to mailing list etiquete; in any case if you want someone's help, may I suggest that you first take care to spell his name correctly. People tend to like their own names. Regards, John 2011/11/3 deepa_pathuri **

Re: [flexcoders] Re: is there another flexcoders list?

2011-10-12 Thread John Fletcher
I only came to this list because I tried posting on the forums and never got a single reply. And I saw heaps other unanswered questions. Hopefully they are getting better... John 2011/10/7 valdhor ** Of course, all the most knowledgeable people are still here

[flexcoders] Re: Chart data disappears when printing with a print-specific output format

2011-10-12 Thread John Fletcher
aha I figured it out, the series array is getting mucked up/changed around by the print specific line chart. You have to duplicate it, see John 2011/10/11 John Fletcher I followed the advice at

[flexcoders] Chart data disappears when printing with a print-specific output format

2011-10-11 Thread John Fletcher
I followed the advice at to print using a print-specific output format in Flex 4.5, however this causes the data to disappear from my chart! Try the code below - is this a bug or is there a simple solution? One

Re: [flexcoders] Flex line chart

2011-09-13 Thread John Fletcher
Generally you have to reconstruct the data into an appropriate format for a Flex chart, you can do that server-side or client-side before giving it to the chart. John 2011/9/13 Brendan Meutzner ** I've re-read your post 3 times, and still can't make sense of how your

[flexcoders] i18n labelFunction

2011-09-06 Thread John Fletcher
I've got a Spark ButtonBar with a labelfunction which goes like this private function lab(s:String):String { return resourceManager.getString('main', s); } The labels don't update when I change locale. How can I acheive this? Is this a problem with labelFunction on all elements? John

[flexcoders] Why is CSS replaced by skins in Flex 4.x?

2011-09-02 Thread John Fletcher
I understand the advantages of skins, they are working pretty well for me. But what disappoints me is the inability to add some padding on an element, or change the height of a button, via CSS. It seems ridiculous to me to create entire skin files just to change some small aspects of a certain

Re: [flexcoders] Axis Scale problem on Dual Axis Chart

2011-09-01 Thread John Fletcher
As far as I can see your problem boils down to this: The problem is that when certain events in the application happen, the min and max of one of the axis is reset to 0, 100. To avoid this I can set the min and max values, but I would like to avoid this as the axis should auto scale just like it

[flexcoders] Reopen bug in Flex JIRA

2011-08-26 Thread John Fletcher
I reported a bug. The Adobe guy that handled it (Peter deHaan misunderstood my report and closed it as cannot reproduce. Now I've added a sample project to demonstrate the bug but the issue is still closed and I guess it won't gain

Re: [flexcoders] Launch a .bat

2011-08-25 Thread John Fletcher
Air lets you run programs on the local machine in the desktopProfile (you have to do a little research on that) so I guess .bat would work too. John 2011/8/5 Pete ** Actually, there was something nagging at me all day yesterday and I remembered what it was today.