Re: [flexcoders] SQL lite database and Tablet problem

2012-03-28 Thread Khanh Tran
if no folder like this be found in your Samsung Galaxy In my opinion, you should try with static link first: For example, var file:File = new File(C:/YOURFOLDER/testDb.db); Good luck Mark Yours sincerely, Khanh Tran --- On Wed, 3/28/12, markflex2007 wrote: From

[flexcoders] Number Text input as Eclipse Nebula NumberFormatter widget

2008-05-16 Thread Khanh Tran
Hi all! After two days google, I can't found any text input widget support input number formatter use patter as ###,###,##0.00. I'm porting some Eclipse RCP application to Flex. Please refer The main problems is textinput's