[flexcoders] FLEX with Maven

2013-02-05 Thread faizal_ac
Hi Everyone, I currently have a fairly complex flex project, that I build(generate swf's) using Flash Builder. I have been asked to now generate these swf files using maven. Has anyone done this before? I would really appreciate some guidance. Thanks Faizal

[flexcoders] Re: Problems after upgrade to flash 11.3

2012-07-02 Thread faizal_ac
Alex do you have anything to add that can point me in the right direction? Is there something that flash player 11.3 treats differently regarding webservices that i need to take into account? Thanks Faizal --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, faizal_ac faizal_ac@... wrote: Hi, I have a flex

[flexcoders] Problems after upgrade to flash 11.3

2012-06-28 Thread faizal_ac
Hi, I have a flex application that has always worked fine for me, however i recently upgraded to version 11.3 of flash player. This has created some problems that I hope someone can help me with. I sometimes(its very eratic) get the following error: Unable to load WSDL. If currently online,

[flexcoders] mx textarea and paragraphs

2012-05-06 Thread faizal_ac
Hi, I have been using the Spark Textarea for displaying responses from my server, and i have been using the paragraphElement to add to this textraea in the proper format. The problem is that some responses are quite large and the performance such as scrolling is compromised using the spark

[flexcoders] Google Maps V3 in flex

2011-10-20 Thread faizal_ac
Hi I currently use Umap component in my RIA Application. I want to start using Google Maps, simply because it is more popular. I see that Google Maps V3 is now released however it seems to be for Javascript as google have discontinued Flex support. Does anybody know if its possible to use