[flexcoders] How to turn off the ringer

2011-08-20 Thread hworke
Hello developers, how can I turn off the ringer or put the device on vibration mode from the air application. I need it both for iphone and also for android phone. Thanks in advance. Regards,

[flexcoders] remote class alias

2010-05-08 Thread hworke
Hi in Flex one can easily define the remote class alias like the following: package samples.portfolio { [RemoteClass(alias=flex.samples.marketdata.Stock)] [Bindable] public class Stock { public var symbol:String; public

[flexcoders] reading and displaying nonenglish RSS

2010-02-08 Thread hworke
Hello Devs, I am trying to read a simple RSS file and display it in my AIR app. The only catch here is that the RSS feed in not English. As an example the following is a that RSS feed how can I read and display this RSS in AIR app - http://www.rssthai.com/rss/business.xml

[flexcoders] Air supporting other language

2010-02-03 Thread hworke
Hello how do I display other languages like Chinese, Thai, Hindi etc in a AIR app? Is there any example out there? If so - please forward me the link. Regards,

[flexcoders] Steve Jobs on Flash .......

2010-02-01 Thread hworke
http://news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/20100201/tc_pcworld/stevejobsdissesapplerivalsduringtownhallmeeting Jobs has previously called out Adobe Flash, currently the dominant animation platform on the Web, for being too slow to be useful and Flash Lite, Adobe's versio n of Flash for mobile devices,

[flexcoders] need memory leakage clarification

2010-01-26 Thread hworke
Hello devs, I understand that if an UI component has an added event listener and even if it is removed from its parent - the memory held by the component will not be released. Now the question is if I have a button declared in mxml like this mx:Button id=testBtn

[flexcoders] apply style in newly created component

2010-01-14 Thread hworke
Hi I am trying to apply style in a newly created component but since it is not instantiated it gives me error message. My code is like this: var button:Button = new Button; button.setStyle(styleName, myStyle); canvas.addChild(button); I need to create

[flexcoders] list row height

2009-12-07 Thread hworke
Hello devs, is it possible to have variable height for a list row. If I have 4 text lines then this row's height will be higher than that of another row which has 2 lines. Regards,

[flexcoders] Re: list row height

2009-12-07 Thread hworke
Found the answer- variableRowHeight=true --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, hworke kanps...@... wrote: Hello devs, is it possible to have variable height for a list row. If I have 4 text lines then this row's height will be higher than that of another row which

[flexcoders] AIR 2.0 and Flash 10.2 beta is out

2009-11-17 Thread hworke
Please check this out: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/nf/20091117/tc_nf/70110

[flexcoders] Skinning a container - Canvas

2009-11-02 Thread hworke
Hi, I see all the tutorials about skinning different components. What about skinning a canvas? I am trying to skin a Canvas - is that possible?

[flexcoders] Catalyst installation problem

2009-10-31 Thread hworke
Hi Devs, I downloaded Catalyst b2 version yesterday. It installs fine up to the point where it asks for the serial number. One option is the serial number and the other one is install as trial. The serial number radio button is selected and as I try to select the install trial version - i find

[flexcoders] EVENT metatag handler

2009-10-24 Thread hworke
Hello developers, in a custom component, I defined an event in metatag like this [Event(name=dragEnd, type=flash.events.Event)] public class ta extends TextArea { } Now inside this component how do I add the event listener for this event which was defined in

[flexcoders] rotate button

2009-10-03 Thread hworke
I am trying to create a vertical button!!! Basically a 90 degree rotation and embedded text will do that. But the problem is that rotation=90 command will rotate the button centering top left corner which is the x/y coordinate of the button. I do want to rotate it at the center of the button.

[flexcoders] AIR native window Move/Resize effect

2009-09-03 Thread hworke
Hi I am trying to apply the following resize/mode parallel effect on the air native window mx:Parallel id=expand target={mx.core.Application.application.nativeWindow} mx:Move xTo=20 yTo=20/ mx:Resize widthTo=1000

[flexcoders] multiple loader

2009-08-22 Thread hworke
Hi Devs, I am working on a dashboard. In my dashboard I have 3/4 pods and all those pods get populated by 3/4 httpservices. How can I show different loaders on each pods and as the pods are populated the loader will disappear? I have seen this kind of multiple loader example in

[flexcoders] httpservice what does this error mean?

2009-08-18 Thread hworke
Hi I am reading a RSS feed and handling the result with the following function: public function toolResultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void { var f_Array:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection; f_Array = event.result.RDF.item as ArrayCollection; if (f_Array!=null)

[flexcoders] simple RSS reader can't read with one item

2009-08-15 Thread hworke
Hi, when I am trying to read a RSS link with one item node in it I do not get anything but when the RSS link has more then one item node all the nodes show up. Why can't I read when RSS has only one item? How do I solve this problem? here is how I am handling the the result event of the

[flexcoders] Java/Flex questions answered by James Ward

2009-08-14 Thread hworke
Hello Devs, James Ward the Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe encourages all to post RIA related questions in his blog. I asked him JAVA/LCDS questions before and got instant answer from him. If you have JAVA/BlazeDS/ LCDS related questions then you can post it here:

[flexcoders] How Flex 4 and Catalyst doing?

2009-08-11 Thread hworke
Hi Devs, Its been about 2 and 1/2 months but have not seen that many Flex 4 applications and very few Catalyst examples. Even the evangelists are also not coming up with any cool examples. Does that indicate that the devs are taking time to adopt the new way to develop

[flexcoders] AIR html component

2009-07-28 Thread hworke
Hi if I load www.google.com in a HTML component like this mx:HTML id=html location=http://www.google.com; then how can I access the JavaScript functions in the google page?

[flexcoders] Frustrating examples from ADOBE

2009-07-28 Thread hworke
It is really exciting when you are looking for a solution and suddenly find a perfect example in a Adobe page- but guess how you will feel if it does not work? Every time I am searching for something like Adobe air html this following link show up on top of my search

[flexcoders] AIR html component

2009-07-27 Thread hworke
Hi if I load www.google.com in a HTML component like this mx:HTML id=html location=http://www.google.com; then how can I access the JavaScript functions in the google page?

[flexcoders] Flying text or passing text??

2009-06-16 Thread hworke
Hi, I am trying to create an effect using text. I do not know what to call it - flying text or passing text!! At the bottom of the TV screen we always see Headline news or stock market info text are moving from right to left - I want to do something like that. What is the

[flexcoders] An excellent FB4 webservices tutorial

2009-06-05 Thread hworke
http://rrao.host.adobe.com/screencasts/DCD_WS.swf By the way also check out this one also: http://blog.flexgeek.in/2009/05/flash-builder-4-demo-dashboard-with-google-app-engine-built-in-10-mins/

[flexcoders] blazeds and J2EE application

2009-04-22 Thread hworke
Hello Devs, I am working to integrate BlazeDs with an existing J2EE application. What I am trying to do is create an administrative flex app where the admin can see what changes are happening in the J2EE app. I need to call some of the J2EE app APIs to get the data and pass it to the Flex

[flexcoders] how do I install eclipse plugin??

2009-04-14 Thread hworke
Hello all. So far I was using FB but now I do need the eclipse and need to plug in the eclipse plugin that I downloaded. The file that I downloaded is FB3_WWEJ_Plugin. But I could not find any clear instruction to follow and install. Can some one please guide to how to

[flexcoders] Adobe's stimulus package!!!! FREE FLEX BUILDER!!!!

2009-04-04 Thread hworke

[flexcoders] resizable list item

2009-03-24 Thread hworke
Hi devs, I am trying to use itemrenderer in a list with variable height. This is how it will work: if the there is only one item in the list then the height of the item will be 100% of list height, if there are 2 items then 50% height if 4 then 25%. So the height of

[flexcoders] datagrid cell

2009-03-15 Thread hworke
Hi am trying to retrieve the data from a datagrid pointed by its column number and row number. Suppose if 4,5 is given I need to find the value that is stored in column 4 and row 5. How do I do that. Regards...

[flexcoders] microsoft excel plug in for flex/air

2009-03-09 Thread hworke
Hi did any one try this plug in for MS Excel? http://code.google.com/p/as3xls/ Is there any other out there? Regards,

[flexcoders] difference between Adobe Flex SDK Open Source Flex SDK

2009-03-09 Thread hworke
Hi what are the differences between Adobe Flex SDK Open Source Flex SDK? As you can see here? http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+4

[flexcoders] tree control finding patent node

2009-03-02 Thread hworke
Hi, in a tree control if a leaf node if clicked how do I find out which folder it belongs to or which node is its parent? Regards...

[flexcoders] Http login to a server from Flex client

2009-02-11 Thread hworke
Hello all, My application scenerion is this: My desktop flex client needs to access a third party application. Which I can easily do with an Http login (providing the login/password and accessing whatever page I want to access through a single URL). However what I am not able to

[flexcoders] flex builder student version

2009-01-21 Thread hworke
Hi does the the student/faculty version license of flex builder will remove the water mark from the flex charting? Regards

[flexcoders] flex builder 3 on mini notebooks

2009-01-02 Thread hworke
Hi now a days the stores are full of those $300 to $500 mini notebooks with intel atom processor and up to 1 GB memory. Did any one try to install and use the Flex builder 3 on any of those mini laptops? If so how was the performance? Regards

[flexcoders] Flex chart removing a horizontal axis

2008-12-31 Thread hworke
Hello devs, in a column chart I am using the horizontal axis as a datetime axis but if a certain event occurs than I do want to change that axis to a linear axis. How do I do that. How can I remove an axis than assign another one? Regards

[flexcoders] Advanced datagrid BUG?

2008-12-07 Thread hworke
Hello devs, my advanceddatagrid where dataprovider is a HierarchicalData which creates hierarchical tree. Now if I expand all the folder nodes and then click the top most ROOT folder node then instead of smoothly sliding/shrinking it just collapses, which means no smooth

[flexcoders] arraycollection merge

2008-12-06 Thread hworke
Hi I have three different arraycollections and I want to bind them all as dataprovider to a datagrid. How do I do that? Can a datagrid have have 3 dataprovider and can it display all these dataproviders' info at the same time? Or I do need to merge my three arraycollections into one and then

[flexcoders] Christophe example

2008-12-03 Thread hworke
Hi, did any one try to run this example of christophe: http://coenraets.org/samples/bubblepipeline/pipeline.html ??? I was trying to run it but do not get anything inside the chart. I believe that I did not setup the app correctly. Please suggest. Regards..

[flexcoders] move effect Flex live doc example does not work

2008-12-02 Thread hworke
Hello all, the example in this link does not work. http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/mx/effects/Move.html The exact error message is: Severity and DescriptionPathResourceLocation Creation Time Id Type was not found or was not a compile-time

[flexcoders] Advanced datagrid dataprovider error

2008-11-23 Thread hworke
Hi in my main application I have a advanceddatagrid and the code is: mx:AdvancedDataGrid id=advnGrid width=100% height=100% mx:dataProvider mx:HierarchicalData id=advDataGrid source={one}/ /mx:dataProvider mx:columns

[flexcoders] JavaFX and Flex how do we compare?

2008-11-18 Thread hworke
Hi I just read the following news where I found that SUN is also coming up with their RIA technology and it says that it will take on AJAX and Silverlight. It will also have desktop runtime like AIR, I guess!!! SUN was also in MAX, San Francisco and there they also talked about

[flexcoders] Advanced datagrid dataprovider changing error

2008-11-15 Thread hworke
Hi I am trying to change the dataprovider of a advanced datagrid where I am using HierarchicalData as data provider. My ADG code is this: mx:AdvancedDataGrid width=20% height=50% mx:dataProvider mx:HierarchicalData id=HD source={dpHierarchy}/

[flexcoders] AIR application installation error XP

2008-11-06 Thread hworke
Hi, I developed a simple application with the latest version of Flex builder on a Vista machine. The .air file of this app installs fine on Vista machines but does not install on windows XP machine!! It says that the file is corrupted!! Any ideas?

[flexcoders] Flex developer and their hourly rate

2008-11-03 Thread hworke
Hi Devs, I do not have any idea about the market hourly rate that a Flex developer with 3 years experience charges in San Francisco bay area charges. Can someone please give me some idea? Best regards,

[flexcoders] AIR HTML component showing BUSY cursor

2008-11-02 Thread hworke
Hello Devs, I an loading URLs in my mx:HTML component and since it takes time to load the URL pages, I want to show the busy cursor. How do I do that? Regards..

[flexcoders] AIR app does not deploy

2008-10-27 Thread hworke
Hi Devs, I was trying to deploy the AIR app that I developed with my Flex builder 3.0 and it is giving this error message: This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version. How

[flexcoders] clear the Flex Builder CASH memory

2008-10-26 Thread hworke
Hello, I was developing an application and faced memory leaking problem. I removed all my projects from the workspace and restarted the Flex builder. With no projects on wrokspace I tried to create an application but still getting the out of memory message. I guess Flex builder

[flexcoders] JAVAW process how much memory does it take

2008-10-25 Thread hworke
Hello developers how much memory the JAVAW process takes when you are running the Flex builder? You can view it's memory info in task manager. My flex builder is keep showing the An out of memory has occurred ... even though I do not have any project in the work space. I even

[flexcoders] out of memory error

2008-10-24 Thread hworke
Hi I am facing this out of memory error: An out of memory has occurred I searched and saw that some one suggested to make some changes on FlexBuilder configuration Settings file. Now my file configuration file contains the followings:

[flexcoders] AIR application installation error

2008-10-15 Thread hworke
Hello all - I am not able to install any air applications in my system and getiing this error message. The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.

[flexcoders] AIT application window size

2008-10-12 Thread hworke
Hi I was wondering how can I make the AIR application window full screen. I mean it is going to cover the whole monitor. I tried it with width and height 100% but it did not work. Please advice.

[flexcoders] AMFPHP tutorial

2008-10-09 Thread hworke
Hello all, where can I find some good AMHPHP tutorials. I will prefer some video tutorials. I tried on tv.adobe.com. But they do not have any. Best regards..

[flexcoders] Flex poster and Lynda.com free trial

2008-09-30 Thread hworke
Hello every one. Did you get a free 1 month lynda.com subscription offer flier with the flex 3 and AIR posters? If so, could you please let me know the URL where I need to go to redeem this new Flex 3 buyer offer. Unfortunately I lost my flier but I wrote down the offer code.

[flexcoders] finger print reader scanner in flex

2008-08-29 Thread hworke
Hi, how can I integrate a finger print reader with an AIR application so that once the finger is placed on the reader the print is visible on the application interface. Best regards...

[flexcoders] Flex scheduling framework could not meet its expectations

2008-08-29 Thread hworke
Hi, last week or so I posted a thread and asked the developers if any one has seen a good example of scheduling framework. Did not get any reply and that made me realize that the developer community did not find it that useful at all. I have seen few comments in the net that the

[flexcoders] screen shot of flex application

2008-08-26 Thread hworke
Hi I am trying to get a screen shots of my flex application for a document. I am using print screen button to capture the screen shot but the picture quality is not coming good. What is the best way to do so. Regards...

[flexcoders] Flex Scheduling framework

2008-08-18 Thread hworke
Hi, can someone point me to a good example of flex scheduling framework? I googled for it many times but could not find one. Only examples that I found were with flexlib. Regards...

[flexcoders] how to swap two rows in a datagrid

2008-08-05 Thread hworke
Hi, how can I swap two rows in a datagrid?

[flexcoders] How to start an AIR application as soon as the PC boots

2008-08-02 Thread hworke
Hello all, how can I start my air application as soon as the PC boots. I do not want my PC users to view or interact with Windows environment they can only use the AIR app. Thanks.

[flexcoders] sending a text message from air/flex application

2008-08-01 Thread hworke
Hello, how can I send a text message from AIR/Flex application. What kind of set up do I need? Thanks

[flexcoders] sending a text message from air/flex application

2008-08-01 Thread hworke
Sorry-- forgot to mention: I want to send the text message to a cell phone from AIR/Flex Application Thanks...

[flexcoders] series id of a chart item

2008-07-26 Thread hworke
Hi, once a column chart item is clicked, how do I find the series that this item belongs to?

[flexcoders] Re: series id of a chart item

2008-07-26 Thread hworke
Please do not worry about it. Got the answer!!! In any case if anyone interested here are the examples that you can take look at: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=charts_eventsandeffects_11.html --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, hworke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

[flexcoders] Pick right color for the chart

2008-07-25 Thread hworke
Hello all, I have a column chart in my flex application. Initially I left it with the default colors but did not like it so I put my own color; man it was worse Where can I find some good color combination that I can use for my chart? Is there any good examples on picking

[flexcoders] I do not like flex 3 any more!!!!

2008-07-21 Thread hworke
See this presentation by Ely. You will know why: http://tv.adobe.com/#v=http%3A//adobe.edgeboss.net/flash/adobe/adobetvprod/adc_presents/64_adc_018.flv%3Frss_feedid%3D1216%26xmlvers%3D2

[flexcoders] advanceddatagrid itemrenderer refering current column's data

2008-07-14 Thread hworke
Hi, in a advanceddatagrid I need to put same background color if the the cell value is not empty string. In the itemrenderer all I need to check is if the current column value is null or not. I know how to refer a value of the data object in the itemrenderer like:

[flexcoders] AS3 and Flex, AIR API Posters

2008-07-14 Thread hworke
Hey Tom or Adobe guys, will you be able to get us some of the API posters for Flex 3 and Air and AS3? Regards...

[flexcoders] remover water mark from Trial version

2008-07-02 Thread hworke
Hi I am using flex 3 trial version and it puts a water mark on charting components. Is there any way to remove it? I have flex 2 but want to use a feature of flex 3 for a presentation.

[flexcoders] fixed sized VBox

2008-06-07 Thread hworke
Hi I have declared a VBox which is a child of a canvas and the height of the VBox is 30% of the canvas. Now I am dynamically adding linkButtons in this VB. But the buttons total hight exceeds that of VB, the VB starts to expand which I do not want. I want a V scroll bar to

[flexcoders] HTTP request sending from IDE(Flex Builder) ERROR

2008-06-04 Thread hworke
Hello, I understand that when a HTTPService request is made to a machine which in not the local machine then I will need to setup the crossdomain policy. But when I am running the application on flex builder it should not have any problem to get the data from other server. But my

[flexcoders] resizin button with the container Tile

2008-06-04 Thread hworke
Hi I have a set of buttons that I add to a Tile. The Tile is resize able and the buttons' width are a % of the Tile's width. But When the Tile resizes the child buttons do not resize automatically which I thought it should since buttons' width is a % of tile's width. How do

[flexcoders] removing items from a bubble chart

2008-05-05 Thread hworke
Hello, I have a bubblechart where I use button as itemrenderer. Once the chart is created the same rendered items are shown even though the [Bindable] dataprovider is changed but the number of item that are shown in the chart reflects the change. I guess I need to remove all the

[flexcoders] Bubble chart itemrenderer not updating

2008-05-01 Thread hworke
Hi I need to use a bubblechart with the button as its itemrenderer. So I should get buttons insted of circles. Now if I update the dataprovider during runtime it shows the same old data with some rearrangements. My observarion is that once those button child are created they

[flexcoders] resizing unselected child of a container

2008-04-23 Thread hworke
Hi, how can I resize the unselected children containers when the parent container resizes. Such as accordion: if accordion resizes, with it only the selected child resizes but not the other ones. I guess just need to refresh the other children but I do not know how to do that.

[flexcoders] BlazeDS in the integrated Tomcat configuration

2008-04-22 Thread hworke
Hi in the BlazeDS configuration document they are talking about integrated Tomcat- what does in really mean? How do I know if my tomcat is integrated Tomcat or not. Here is the installation guide that I am referring to:

[flexcoders] crossdomain where is the server root?

2008-04-18 Thread hworke
Sorry for asking this question. I am using jetty and put the crossdomain.xml in webapps folder but look like it is not the root. Also which one is the tomcat root? ROOT folder?

[flexcoders] cannot find itemrenderer May be a path problem.

2008-04-14 Thread hworke
Hi I have a Bubble chart in my application's view folder and in the same folder I also have a bubble bubbleitemrenderer. In the bubbleseries I am using this renderer as itemrenderer. But it is giving me error message that bubbleitemrender could not be found. I tried to include it

[flexcoders] Cairngorm ModelLocator array filter...

2008-04-14 Thread hworke
Hi I am using Cairngorm and in my ModelLocator I do have an array. I want to filter that array with a filter function. My question is where do I put this filter function: in a separate file or in the ModelLocator class?

[flexcoders] some one must know this!!! Please tell me!!!

2008-04-12 Thread hworke
I have a XMLList. I cannot parse it. My understanding is that I will be able to parse the title like this: var st:string = xmllist[0].title but does not give any output Here is what I get in xmllist[0] when I point it to a textarea: item

[flexcoders] resizing accordion child

2008-04-11 Thread hworke
Hi, I have a re-sizable panel which has a accordion in it. Accordion has 3 children and each of them are a bubble chart on a canvas. When the panel is first created and each child is viewed the bubble chart size is as desired, 100% of the canvas. Now if I resize the Panel on the

[flexcoders] parsing xmllist

2008-04-11 Thread hworke
Hi I am reading a rss feed, from the rss feed I was able to extract all the items and put them in a XMLList. Currently I have 10 items in it but I am not able to extract the value from it. I tried to extract the first item's title like this: var st:string = xmllist[0].title;

[flexcoders] datagord sorting

2008-04-07 Thread hworke
Hello all. once the datagrid is populated if any column header is clicked the datagrid is sorted. Now how can I take it back to its original state. The original state means the way the data was displayed when it was first loaded in the data grid. Regards...

[flexcoders] CVS server and flex builder

2008-04-07 Thread hworke
Did any one installed CVS server on his/her desktop and used it with Flex builder? Was that difficult to configure?

[flexcoders] positioning the axis label

2008-04-07 Thread hworke
Hi I am using a bubble chart and the vertical axis is a numeric axis. My main chart is devided into five equal horizontal grid lines. Now I want to custom label the vertical axis which I know how to do but how can I plcae my labels exactly on the middle of each five horizontal

[flexcoders] Re: How can I clear an ArrayCollection or Datagrid

2008-04-06 Thread hworke
I also do have same kind of problem. But I never tried to refresh the array collection. I tied a button to the Httpservice and once the array is populated if you press the button, which send the httpservice request, all the data disappear. Now if you press the button second time, that

[flexcoders] xml rss with namespace with e4x

2008-04-05 Thread hworke
Hi I an trying to parse the following rss file. But I must be making some mistakes and not getting any output. Please help Here is my HTTPService request: mx:HTTPService id=latest url=http://localhost:8080/rss.xml; resultFormat=e4x result=onResult( event ); / the result

[flexcoders] rss feed not working

2008-04-02 Thread hworke
Hi am reading an rss file and calling the HTTPService with action script then handling the HTTPService result to a AsyncToken and finally handling the result is onResult function. But for some reason It is not giving me any return. Here is the HTTPService and the function that calls

[flexcoders] Where to search!!!!!

2008-03-26 Thread hworke
Hi, I am looking for a flex developer's job in Canada. Where do I search? Regards

[flexcoders] Re: Flex 3 API wall posters?

2008-03-03 Thread hworke
I am a member of SILVAFUG. We usually do meet at SF adobe (Macromedia) office once every month. I guess I did read somewhere that all the user groups will also have the posters. If that is so how do we get ours? Who needs to contact whom to get the posters for our group? Thanks...

[flexcoders] Flex 3 trial version says it expaired

2008-03-02 Thread hworke
Hi I just downloaded flex 3 professional trial version but as I was trying to start it, I got a trial expired message. I still have flex 3 beta 2 installed installed in my system; am I getting this because if this version? Did any one else also had this problem? Thanks...

[flexcoders] Re: meaning of the this AIR error message

2008-02-14 Thread hworke
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Alex Harui [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Please use a debug build and supply the entire stack trace. From: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of hworke

[flexcoders] Re: meaning of the this AIR error message

2008-02-14 Thread hworke
am not getting any errors, i did notice ur missing a paranteses. mx:ViewStack id=myVS height=100% width=80% mx:Canvas width=100% height=100% mx:HTML id=myHTML location={st} height=100% width=100% / /mx:Canvas /mx:ViewStack - Original Message From: hworke [EMAIL PROTECTED

[flexcoders] Re: meaning of the this AIR error message

2008-02-14 Thread hworke
From: hworke [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 4:31:05 AM Subject: [flexcoders] Re: meaning of the this AIR error message Hi Sherif thanks a lot for your reply and also for trying the code. I see the is a missing bracket. But I guess

[flexcoders] meaning of the this AIR error message

2008-02-12 Thread hworke
Hi, I was trying mx:HTML inside a viewstack and got this error message: = TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert mx.controls::[EMAIL PROTECTED] to mx.core.Container. Here is my code:

[flexcoders] Re: Flex3 Charting Components

2008-02-11 Thread hworke
I am not sure about SDK but I did download Flex builder 3 bets 3 and after reading your post I tried on my editor and code hint window showed charts package after I entered mx. . So I believe that I have that package installed in my FB3 B3. --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Steve

[flexcoders] Re: Bubble chart datetimeaxis

2008-02-11 Thread hworke
Yes datetime axis works with bubble chart... --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, hworke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi isn't it possible to use datetime axis in a bubble chart?

[flexcoders] Bubble chart datetimeaxis

2008-02-11 Thread hworke
Hi isn't it possible to use datetime axis in a bubble chart?

[flexcoders] Bar chart horizontal date-time axis

2008-02-09 Thread hworke
Hi, I am trying to create a bar chart which has a horizontal date-time axis. Each bar will have two dates and the length of the bar will indicate the duration of an item in terms of days. BTW the vertical axis of the graph is a category axis. Any suggestions...

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