[flexcoders] Uploading bitmapData on Twitter / TwitPic

2012-10-09 Thread mulchand12345
Hi, I am creating an application in which I have to take the bitmap of a displayObject and upload it on twitter. I am not able to find a way to do the same. While I was able to select a local machine file (using fileReference) and then upload it on twitter, I am not able to select the bitmap

[flexcoders] Webcam recording without flash/flex?

2012-03-12 Thread mulchand12345
Hi I would like to know, without flash involved, whether any web application can record video / capture images using the webcam. (HTML5/ JavaScript/ any other script) Thanks in advance Regards, MulC

[flexcoders] Flex for iPhone: In-app Purchasing possible?

2011-11-04 Thread mulchand12345
Hi All, I have to develop an iPhone application that should run on iOS 3.0 or above. I am planning to use Flex (AIR) to develop that application I have following questions on this 1. Application has in-app purchasing functionality. Can I achieve this functionality using Flex? 2. Application

[flexcoders] Re: Facebook integration: logout issue

2011-10-15 Thread mulchand12345
OK..I figured out. Basically if you are using AS3 GraphAPI, then in the browser, the name/id of the swf object needs to flashContent. MulC --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, mulchand12345 mulchand12345@... wrote: Hi I have integrated Facebook (GraphAPI_Web_1_8.swc) with my application and I

[flexcoders] Facebook integration: logout issue

2011-10-13 Thread mulchand12345
Hi I have integrated Facebook (GraphAPI_Web_1_8.swc) with my application and I am facing issue with logout functionality. The application has some Facebook interaction (retrieves users information and uploads some). It will be used by multiple users one by one without refreshing/ reloading it.

[flexcoders] How much load a Red5 server can handle?

2011-10-07 Thread mulchand12345
Hi I have created a user video recording application which is hosted on red5 server and it uses oflademo code to capture and save the video. My query is how much load a red5 server can handle? I mean it is just a tomcat server. If it goes live and hundreds of user started using it, what are

[flexcoders] PayPal integration - ready made component?

2011-09-30 Thread mulchand12345
Hi, I have to integrate PayPal transaction facility in my Flash web application. I know all the basic things regarding the transaction like what parameters to pass to PayPal and what to expect from it. But I not feeling quite comfortable with it as its related to the payments. Is there any ready

[flexcoders] AIR Packaging for different handheld devices

2011-09-13 Thread mulchand12345
Hi All, I have following questions related to the packaging of AIR applications for different devices. 1. Can I install iPhone applications on iPad? If yes, then, can the iOS packager provided in flashBuilder 4.5.1 be used to package applications for iPad? 2. Can I package the applications

[flexcoders] Deploying Red5 media server on hosting server

2011-09-07 Thread mulchand12345
Hello All, I have just completed a application which usages the streaming capabilities of Red5 media server. To test this application I had deployed the red5 WAR file on the local tomcat server. Now since the application is ready, I have to host it on a hosting server. But as it requires

[flexcoders] Developing iOS apps: Pros and cons of Flash compared to Objective C

2011-08-29 Thread mulchand12345
Hi All, I want to create iOS applications using FlashBuilder 4.5.1 and I am in the process of obtaining the iOS developer certificate. My query is, what are the pros and cons of using Flash compared to Objective C? Thanks and regards, MulC.