[flexcoders] Re: Illegible axis labels

2009-04-09 Thread sunild999999
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 Furthermore labels dont get staggered/rotated when canstagger=true and 

The label rotation won't work unless the fonts are embedded.

Another option would be to target Flash Player 10 and use a device font for 
your labels.  Device fonts in Flash Player 10 can be faded, rotated, etc.

Just a guess, but maybe it IS staggering your labels. Perhaps it's difficult to 
observe because the fonts are so small?

Are you using a DateTimeAxis? Have you set any of the properties on 
DateTimeAxis like: dataUnits, dataInterval, labelUnits, interval, unitSize, 
padding, etc? 

Not saying any of those properties will address your problem, but not a bad 
place to start.


[flexcoders] Re: FLEX defaut xml parser issue with Auto Exponential conversion issue

2009-04-08 Thread sunild999999
resultFormat is a property of the HTTPService that you're probably using to 
retrieve the XML.


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 Thanks Tracy Spratt for your quick reply.
 Still i have doubt on resultFormat=e4x attribute setting. where do i set 
 this attribute in my code. is this attribue belongs to data grid component?
 override public function set data(value:Object):void{
   super.data = value; 
   cusipvalue =value.cusipvalue;
 Here the alert is showing Infinite value . i.e value object it self having 
 exponential converted value. How i can i apply this resultFormat=e4x 
 attribute for value:Object param
 --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Tracy Spratt tspratt@ wrote:
  You have left the resultFormat at its default value which is object.  This
  causes Flex to convert your xml into a tree of dynamic objects.  This has
  many side effects, among which is attempting to guess at the data type from
  the content, and it often guesses wrong.
  Set resultFormat=e4x and get your data unmodified, and handle the
  datatyping yourself.
  Tracy Spratt,
  Lariat Services, development services available
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  Behalf Of Ramabhadra Reddy
  Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 11:52 AM
  To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com
  Subject: [flexcoders] FLEX defaut xml parser issue with Auto Exponential
  conversion issue
  if you see above xml tag value, that is having E char. this E is causing the
  above value(7898778E345) displaying as Infinite When i display this value on
  flex grid. the reason is this value has E. so the flex parser is implecitly
  convertion is faling.
  7898778E345 = 7898778 * 10 Power of 345 = too big value = Infinite.
  Is there any way to instruct flex defalut xml parser to stopping auto
  conversion into expaning exponential value?.
  Any help is appriciated.

[flexcoders] Re: Problems opening window from AIR system tray app

2009-04-06 Thread sunild999999
I think your guess to the problem is right on, your main application extends 
Sprite, not NativeApplication.

What was the exception you got when the app extended NativeApplication?


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 I just found a reference that is doing something very similar (see below); 
 but somehow I still have problems with mine.  
 Thanks again,
 --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, michob michob@ wrote:
  Hi folks,
  I'm working on an AIR app that lives in the system tray / dock.  It
  should not have a visible window at startup, only a system tray icon. 
  After some event, I would like to create one of two windows (depending
  on the event).  I've got the system tray part working, but can't get the
  window to open...
  class TrayApp extends Sprite
//  etc 
function processEvent()
  var wnd:Window = new MyWindow();
//  etc 
  mx:Window xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml;  width=400
 mx:Label text=hello, world/
  When I run this, I get an exception deep in UIComponent:
  TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null
  object reference.
  I suspect that maybe I can't call the open() of Window from my app that
  extends Sprite because some of the application framework is missing
  (like layout managers, etc..).  Maybe it has to extend
  Application/NativeApplication instead?  I tried that, but got another
  odd exception.
  Anyone know how to do this?

[flexcoders] Re: Best option for implementing a growl like notification system ?

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999

I won't comment on what the best approach is but, maybe you can look at 
Christian Cantrell's Growl implementation for AIR:

code: http://code.google.com/p/as3notificationlib/


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 Hi all,
 I had a question regarding an AIR utility class that I am trying to finish.
 The class is pretty simple, it is basically an AIR implementation of the Mac
 Growl UI (notification windows that pop open on the right edge of the
 display). Most AIR applications seem to use some implementation of the
 functionality so I decided to write a generic one that I could open source
 and let everyone use it.
 My question is pretty simple. Like growl, I wanted to bring out a number of
 rectangular notification windows that fade out after some time. There are 3
 ways I can see this being accomplished:
 1) Open new NativeWindow for each notification
 2) Open one transparent nativeWindow add children to it calculate its size
 based on the number of children being added (notifications), and then place
 the window appropriately on the screen's edge
 3) Open one transparent nativeWindow to the size of the screen (resolution),
 and add notifications to its right edge.
 Is there one implementation over another that may have better performance ?
 #2 seems it may since it creates one native window of the exact size it
 needs, but its the most work.
 Any thoughts ?

[flexcoders] Re: HTML component does not display images

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999
Maybe you need a body tag in your html?

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, florian.salihovic florian.saliho...@... 

 What am i missing? Passing htmlHttp Worldimg src='pic1.png' //html to 
 the HTML component's htmlText property will only display the text, not the 
 Best regards.

[flexcoders] Re: How to stop null on delayed execution.

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999
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  Is there any refrence for a component (particualy containers) life

This page in the Flex Developer's Guide was very helpful in explaining how to 
override the Flex component life cycle methods.  I also recommend reading the 
pages before/after this page as well:


[flexcoders] Re: Is there a way to detect mouse button state without tracking events?

2009-03-08 Thread sunild999999

You can use Event.MOUSE_LEAVE to detect when mouse has left the stage.

You can listen for MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE if you need to know when the mouse is 

Can you listen for MOUSE_LEAVE and dispatch your own MOUSE_UP event to stop the 
list from scrolling?


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 This is a very urgent issue for us. =( Any help is deeply appreciated!
 On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 5:14 PM, Dave Kong davek...@... wrote:
I need to find out at this particular moment, if the mouse button is up
  or down.
  Trying to work around the issue with wmode=transparent in FF. If I scroll a
  list, and drags cursor outside of the player and then releases the button.
  That mouseUp event is never captured by Flash Player, so when I move mouse
  cursor back, buttonDown is always true for all mouse events. So I need a
  workaround on moues re-entry to detect if button is truly down, if not, call
  the scrollThumb's releaseButton function so it won't keep on scrolling.

[flexcoders] Re: file.upload() works fine on mac os x, does not work on a PC

2009-03-04 Thread sunild999999
Are you doing this w/an account that does not have the local admin privilege 
on the Windows workstation? Or does it work when you use HTTP?

Just a guess,

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, tchredeemed apth...@... wrote:

 I tried this in all browsers on my mac (firefox, safari, camino), and it 
 uploaded fine.
 I tried this on all browsers on my pc (firefox, ie6, ie7), and it did not.
 file.upload( new URLRequest( 
 _appGlobals.serverURL+data/attachment/?order_id=+_appGlobals.order.id ) );
 serverURL = https://www.oursite.com/
 order_id is set
 for some reason, it is faulting!  any ideas why?

[flexcoders] Re: Repeaters and databinding

2009-02-24 Thread sunild999999
Your myData Array needs to be an ArrayCollection.  ArrayCollections will 
CollectionChange events, Arrays do not.  So your repeater never gets notified 
that an item 
was added to your Array.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Jason jason.merr...@... wrote:

 Simple question.  
 Why does example 1 below work as expected, but example 2 does not 
 (the Pear checkbox is not added)?  I thought repeaters, like other 
 components, responded to changes in the dataprovider through 
 ?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?
 mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml; 
   private var myData:Array = [{ label:Banana }, { 
 label:Pear }, { label:Orange } ];
   mx:Repeater id=myRepeater dataProvider={myData}
   mx:CheckBox id=checkBox 
 label={myRepeater.currentItem.label} /
 ?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?
 mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml; 
   private var myData:Array = [ { label:Banana } ];
   private var fruit1:Object = new Object();
   private function init():void
   fruit1.label = Pear;
   mx:Repeater id=myRepeater dataProvider={myData}
   mx:CheckBox id=checkBox 
 label={myRepeater.currentItem.label} /
 How would you handle a situation like in Example 2, where the 
 dataprovider changes after the repeater initally runs (in this case, 
 after the applicationComplete event)?
 Jason Merrill

[flexcoders] Re: XML Parsing - maintaining a record pointer

2009-02-21 Thread sunild999999
Another idea would be to put your data into an XMLListCollection, get a view 
cursor to the 
list with createCursor().  Now you can use the the view cursor to iterate over 
XMLListCollection and use the cursor's bookmark property to remember your 
when necessary.

Probably more work than necessary for a simple scenario... in which case try 
and follow 
Tracy's advice to just do it w/e4x.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Libby libbychan...@... wrote:

 hi, flexCoders!
 thanks for all ur help in the past!
 Does Flex maintain your record pointer while reading an xml file?
 basically what i want to do is read each line and when I hit certain
 values, read on for 4 or 5 records, then return to the original
 process without starting back at the last record read at the first
 read. I can do this the hard way of course by maintaining my own
 pointer and treating the file as a giant array, but surely there is an
 easier way?
 for each (var xmlNode:XML in xml.children()) {
  // do stuff
  // if(xmlNode.something==aValue) {
 for each (var xmlNode:XML  read on into the file

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-18 Thread sunild999999
Doh! Jeffry is right, it's a Canvas which positions child components by x,y 

So use a VBox or HBox or something :)

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Jeffry Houser j...@... wrote:

   I think that x and y values are defaulted to 0, 0; which would put 
 your text in the top left of the canvas.  The box may layout the canvas, 
 but will not lay out children of the canvas.
  This looks like it might be a createChildren method?   I would usually 
 position elements in the updateDisplayList method. 

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
Um, I think you just need to think about this a little differently.

It's a percent value, so by definition it can only be 0-100.

If you want a child component to be half the width of it's parent container, 
then you set 
the child component's width to be 50%... just like you would do in HTML.

If that's not making sense, post some sample code and perhaps I or someone else 
show you how to restructure it to use percent widths/heights.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, - - sailorse...@... wrote:

 Using the percentWidth and percentHeight, how can I use values other than 
 0-100 ?
 Can I use the width of a component divided by two???
 How can I accomplish this?

[flexcoders] Re: perl and AMF

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
I haven't used this but there is a Perl AMF library:


Perhaps this is the ancient implementation you're referring to.

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Guy Morton g...@... wrote:

 Is anyone using perl as a backend for remoting?
 I can't find a complete implementation that isn't fairly ancient, but  
 perhaps i'm looking in the wrong places...

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
I think you want something like this:

var parentCanvas:Canvas = new Canvas();
parentCanvas.percentWidth =100;
parentCanvas.percentHeight = 100;

var childCanvas:Canvas = new Canvas();
childCanvas.percentWidth = 100;
childCanvas.percentHeight = 100;

var childText:Text = new Text();
childText.percentWidth = 100;


Let the childCanvas be 100% of the height of it's parent.  The parent container 
will know to 
leave enough room for childText.  I'm not explaining this very well, but the 
above code 
should do what you're looking for.

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, - - sailorse...@... wrote:

 Hi Sunil, this is what I'm trying to replicate in actionscript:
 mx:Canvasid=parentCanvas width=100% height=100%    
mx:Canvasid=childCanvas width={parentCanvas.width} 
 In MXML this layout is DYNAMIC, meaning if I resize my window, all my 
 components are 
also resized... 
 How can I replicate this in actionscript?
 Thank you.

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-15 Thread sunild999999
In Actionscript, you can use the percentWidth and percentHeight 
properties to specify width and height of your components.

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, sailorsea21 sailorse...@... 

 Hi everyone, when I create my layout with mxml components, my 
layout is 
 dynamic. If I resize my browser window, my components are also 
 How can I achieve this in actionscript using addChild???
   var Layout:Canvas = new Canvas();
 testlayout is my vbox that will be parent to the canvas.

[flexcoders] Re: Showing grid in line series graph

2009-02-15 Thread sunild999999
You need to specify a Stroke to use for the grid lines.  You can make 
the Stroke for the grid lines bolder by setting the weight 
property of the Stroke to a number greater than 1.

If you view the source of this example, you can see one way of doing 


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Vik vik@... wrote:

 That worked thankx.. but the grid lines are very light. almost hard 
to see..
 how to make them look a bit bold?
 Thankx and Regards

[flexcoders] Re: sprite.startDrag() - Only one sprite is draggable at a time :-(

2009-02-14 Thread sunild999999
Here are some links I've book marked on drag and drop:

- Adobe help

About half way through this page, they talk about what to do when you 
need to work around the limitation of startDrag only working on one 
thing at a time.

- earlier post in this group from Doug McCune about this topic

I think they are both similar approaches, but haven't really read them 
in a while.

[flexcoders] Re: Idiots guide to crossdomain.xml

2009-02-13 Thread sunild999999
If your SWF is hosted on server A, and it needs to access data from servers B, 
C, and D 
then you need to put a cross domain policy file on servers B, C, and D that 
permit access 
from server A.

Note, these servers (A,B,C,D) are different servers ... the names are not 
aliases. It kind of 
sounded like one of your host names is an alias for the other.

The cross domain policy file you deploy on each web server should allow access 
server A, since that is where your SWF is hosted:

allow-access-from domain=serverA.domain.com /

Also, newer versions of the Flash player will complain if your cross domain 
policy file does 
not have a site-control tag.  Here's a simple one I use:

site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies=master-only/

Which means there's only one policy file for my site.

Adobe has some good resources on their site:

Check out the articles titled Cross-domain policy file specification and 
security changes in Flash Player 10.


[flexcoders] Re: How to implement right click drill down for either PieChart or ColumnChart

2009-02-12 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, tungchau81 tungcha...@... wrote:

 I have two problems:
 I know how to create right-click menu using ContextMenu and 
 ContextMenuItem. However, I do not know how to make the right-click 
 menu to show up **if and only if** a user clicks on a wedge of a 
 PieChart or a column of a ColumnChart, not anywhere else. 

I did this with an AreaChart by adding an event listener for mouse clicks to 
each AreaSeries 
object.  I imagine you could do the same thing with PieSeries or ColumnSeries.

I'm not sure what to say about your second problem, I did the above in an AIR 
application :)


[flexcoders] Re: FadeIn Effect not working with custom item renderers in List

2009-01-20 Thread sunild999999
I got your example to work by removing the Canvas tags from this snippet:

mx:Label text={data.label} blendMode=layer/


[flexcoders] Re: Chart DataTime series - forcing the start and end points?

2009-01-20 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, jamiebadman jamie.bad...@... wrote:

 Is there a way to force the start and end points of the date time
 axis? I need to show exactly one month on a chart though I may not
 have a full month's worth of data to display.
 Thanks in advance,

The DateTimeAxis for charts has minimum and maximum properties that
you can specify w/Date objects. 


[flexcoders] Re: Illegible axis labels

2009-01-17 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Richard Rodseth rrods...@... wrote:

 Is there any way to control how much space is devoted to the axis compared
 to the chart? Or to control the width of a category (not of the column)? Or
 to set a minimum font size, after which the axis is dropped?

You can use the gutter styles (gutterLeft, gutterRight, etc) to specify how 
much space is in 
between the chart and the edge of the chart control.  Making your gutters 
bigger should 
allow more space for your axis labels.


[flexcoders] Re: Generating random colors, excluding others

2009-01-10 Thread sunild999999

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, gr33neye501 dev...@... wrote:

 Hi guys

 I'm trying to generate a series of random colours, but would like to
 exclude certain colour and closely related shade.

 For example, i'd like create any colours except red or similar shades.
 Anyone know of how I could do this. It's a really subjective thing I

 Help really appreciated

[flexcoders] Re: Generating random colors, excluding others

2009-01-10 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, gr33neye501 dev...@... wrote:

 Hi guys
 I'm trying to generate a series of random colours, but would like to
 exclude certain colour and closely related shade. 
 For example, i'd like create any colours except red or similar shades.
 Anyone know of how I could do this. It's a really subjective thing I
 Help really appreciated


I had to do something similar recently. I used HSB color values to generate 
distinct colors, 
and then converted them to RGB.

I saw you message this morning, and whipped up an example of my ColorManager 
using Degrafa:

To exclude colors, you can modify the code that generates colors to omit the 
hues you 
don't want.


PS: sorry if this is a repost (Yahoo's beta Rich-Text Editor broke on me)

[flexcoders] Re: Properly remove children

2009-01-07 Thread sunild999999

Just wanted to mention something I (in the comments) of one of Ted Patrick's 
blog posts.

He says that there's a known bug in Flash Player 9 where weak references were 
objects from being garbage collected:


From earlier reading, I started to use weak references for when ever possible, 
and thought 
I didn't have to worry about removing the event listeners. I upgraded to Flash 
Player 10, 
however, it still seemed like the weak refs were preventing GC (admittedly a 
w/using the Flex Profiler).

This very last comment on this JIRA bug seems to have reached the same 
conclusion as I 
have, that the issue may not be 100% fixed in Flash Player 10:


Suffice it to say, I have adopted the sage advice of others on this list and 
now always 
remove any listeners that I add (weak ref or not).


[flexcoders] Re: why the air app can not see the nativeMenu

2008-12-19 Thread sunild999999
I don't see a problem w/your example.

Note that on Mac OS X the native menu is not attached to the application 
window, like it 
would be on a Windows application.


[flexcoders] Re: SpeedoMeter

2008-12-11 Thread sunild999999
I concur, Thomas Gonzalez's gauge component rocks.


[flexcoders] Re: AIR 1.5 upgrade issue?

2008-12-10 Thread sunild999999

Not sure if this is your problem, but I recall reading something recently about 
changes to the 
HTMLLoader.loadString() method in AIR 1.5.

I googled and found this blog post (which offers a solution):



[flexcoders] Re: Bug: flash.display.Graphics being removed.

2008-12-08 Thread sunild999999
Usually, when code completion stops working in Flex Builder, it's because the 
I'm editing 
has an error/omission in it...


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, li wenzhi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 in my flex project using flexsdk3.1, while coding in flexbuilder, the 
cannot auto hint the graphics attribute after .
 graphics missing in flexsdk3.1?
 Ultrapower Flex Team Leader
 OpenRIA -- A Window You Exploring RIA World
 From: flexaustin [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com
 Sent: Saturday, December 6, 2008 5:56:11 AM
 Subject: [flexcoders] Bug: flash.display.Graphics being removed.
 Has anyone had this issue?  I do the following (using Flex Builder 3
 w/ sdk 3.1 and Flash Player 10).
 // BEGIN CODE  - - - - --
 import flash.display. Graphics;
 public function get drawGraphics( ):Graphics {
 if(_drawing) {
 return _drawing.graphics;
 } else {
 return null;
 // END CODE  - - - - 
 Every 3rd or 4th time I save my file, Flex Builder removes my import
 statement then I get t1046 Type not found...

[flexcoders] Re: X-axis values in flex chart

2008-11-19 Thread sunild999999
Have you tried using the AxisRenderer styles canDropLabels and/or 

Also, the docs for canDropLabels seem to say that behavior may be different 
based on 
the type of axis ... maybe you can try using another type of axis like 
DateTimeAxis instead 
of CategoryAxis?

the other Sunil

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Sefi Ninio [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Sefi Ninio [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
  Hi Sunil.
  Thanks for the time you took to answer.
  Unfortunately, this doesn't work either. I just tried it...
  On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 7:19 PM, Sunil Bannur [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
Did you try using labelRenderer property in AxisRenderer. Here is a
  sample from livedocs
  --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com flexcoders%40yahoogroups.com, Sefi
  Ninio sefi.ninio@ wrote:
   I ended up calculating the number of tick labels to skip and used the
   labelFunction to return the value every calculated value.
   This works great - I have a label every 10th value, and all values are
   displayed in the chart as they should.
   Only problem is that the label font size is still very small
  (actually, it's
   exactly the same size as when all labels are displayed).
   I even tried to define horizontalAxisRenderers and in it a custom
   with a specified fontSize but tis didn't work either...
   Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be accomplished? What I
  need is
   to display every Xth label, with a readable font size...
   On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:36 AM, sefi.ninio sefi.ninio@ wrote:
I have a Flex LineChart with a lot of x values (around 300) - which
makes them not readable within the chart's container height/width.
Is there a way to make the chart display, say, every fifth value?
I am using:
mx:CategoryAxis dataProvider={row} categoryField=x
labelFunction=formatHorizontalAxis /
The formatHorizontalAxis function formats unix-time into MM/DD/
using DateFormatter, and I suppose I could also implement it to return
every 5th value, but I was wondering if there is a better way to
  do this.

[flexcoders] Re: LinkBar | mx:dataProvider | does not work

2008-11-05 Thread sunild999999

Just a guess: when you specify the dataProvider that way, maybe need  to put 
your view 
stack inside of a mx:Component tag:

mx:ViewStack /

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, valdhor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 HmmmI would have expected that to work.
 It seems you have to specify the dataprovider property as part of the
 ?xml version=1.0?
 !-- Simple example to demonstrate the LinkBar control. --
 mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml;
  mx:Panel title=LinkBar Control Example height=75% width=75%
  paddingTop=10 paddingBottom=10 paddingLeft=10
  mx:LinkBar color=#FF fontWeight=bold
  !-- Define the ViewStack and the two child containers. --
  mx:ViewStack id=myViewStack borderStyle=solid width=100%
  mx:Canvas id=search backgroundColor=#CC
 label=Search width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Search Screen color=#00/
  mx:Canvas id=custInfo backgroundColor=#CC
 label=Customer Info width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Customer Info color=#00/
  mx:Canvas id=accountInfo backgroundColor=#FFCCFF
 label=Account Info width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Account Info color=#00/
 --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, ilikeflex ilikeflex@ wrote:
  I have below sample code(Code1) which is working fine and i have
  taken from livedocs. Now i have made modification to code1 and
  changed to code2.
  In code2 i am declaring the dataprovider property of the linkbar in a
  different way.I am using the mx:dataProvider tag.In this case
  linkbar does not show viewstack contents.
  I have been putting my head into this but could not find any solution.
  Any pointers are highly appreciated.
  ?xml version=1.0?
  !-- Simple example to demonstrate the LinkBar control. --
  mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml;
  mx:Panel title=LinkBar Control Example
  height=75% width=75% horizontalAlign=center
  paddingTop=10 paddingBottom=10 paddingLeft=10
  mx:LinkBar color=#FF fontWeight=bold
  !-- Define the ViewStack and the two child containers. --
  mx:ViewStack id=myViewStack borderStyle=solid
   width=100% height=80%
  mx:Canvas id=search backgroundColor=#CC
   label=Search width=100% height=100%
 mx:Label text=Search Screen color=#00/
  mx:Canvas id=custInfo backgroundColor=#CC
   label=Customer Info width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Customer Info color=#00/
  mx:Canvas id=accountInfo backgroundColor=#FFCCFF
  label=Account Info width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Account Info color=#00/
  ?xml version=1.0?
  !-- Simple example to demonstrate the LinkBar control. --
  mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml;
  mx:Panel title=LinkBar Control Example
  height=75% width=75% horizontalAlign=center
  paddingTop=10 paddingBottom=10 paddingLeft=10
  mx:LinkBar color=#FF fontWeight=bold
  !-- Define the ViewStack and the two child containers. --
mx:ViewStack id=myViewStack borderStyle=solid
  width=100% height=80%
  mx:Canvas id=search  backgroundColor=#CC
   label=Search width=100% height=100%
  mx:Label text=Search Screen color=#00/
   mx:Canvas id=custInfo backgroundColor=#CC
   label=Customer Info width=100% height=100%
   mx:Label text=Customer Info color=#00/
   mx:Canvas id=accountInfo backgroundColor=#FFCCFF
   label=Account Info width=100% height=100%
   mx:Label text=Account Info color=#00/

[flexcoders] Re: ComboBox with Add New... item

2008-10-23 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, frosifer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 Does anyone have a good way of creating a ComboBox where the first
 item is an Add New... option that is NOT part of the underlying data
 collection (i.e., the data provider). I do not want to add an item at
 the beginning of the data provider, and I want to make sure changes in
 the collection are reflected in the dropdown. Hope this question makes

Hi, you can use the prompt property of the ComboBox:


[flexcoders] Re: Plotting values equal to Zero on the Line Chart

2008-10-03 Thread sunild999999

When there is no data for a given day, are you representing this with an actual 
0 (zero), or 
a null value?

My experience is that when the data is 0, the chart plots data on the axis and 
often it 
looks like there is no value at that point (because the chart line is plotted 
on the axis 

Enable dataTips for your chart and mouse over a point with no data, does a 
tool tip 
appear?  I would expect no tool tip when the value is null.

The way I understand it, interpolateValues is only used when the data is 
missing (null), not 
zero.  So it sounds like you have no value, not a zero value :)


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, David Unger [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 I'm relatively new to flex, and I have been using the line charting
 control to display a line chart of how many times a media type on my
 site has been accessed on a daily basis.  The problem is that any time
 I have a value of zero for any one day there is a break in my chart.  
 If I set interpolateValues to true on each of my line series, it
 just connects the line to the next day with a value, instead of
 connecting to the a value of zero on the X axis.  I have searched all
 over to find an answer on how to plot values of zero on the access and
 have come up empty handed.  Is there a straightforward way to do this?
  Am I missing something?

[flexcoders] Re: decrementing the x axis on a chart

2008-10-03 Thread sunild999999
I concur, massaging the data is perhaps the way to go.  Another option would be 
to just 
generate your chart and rotate it 180 degrees ... but this might have other 
issues (i.e. 
upside down text, or data-tips, etc.)

I did a data massaging approach here:

Two important things to note:

1) I used the dataFunction property of the AreaSeries (LineSeries in your case) 
to massage 
the data.  In my case I negated the value of each data point.  This modifies 
the data to be 
plotted, not the actual data itself.

2) I used the labelFunction property of the LinearAxis to format the labels.  
So even though 
my data was plotted as a negative number, the axis labels show them being 

I think you can achieve what you're looking for by doing something similar.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Tim Hoff [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 You're goung to have to massage the data to get your desired result. 
 Youcan also use a second dataProvider and layer it on top of the first
 dataProvider (alpha = 0), if you want to keep the labels intact.
 --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, flexie_eric flexie_eric@
  Can someone tell me how to to reverse the scale on an axis in flex so
  that it decrements rather then increments.
  ie, if my x values are 0 to 10 on the x-axis i want the x scale to
  show 10 to 0.

[flexcoders] Re: flicker problem with zoom effect

2008-09-25 Thread sunild999999
I think this depends on how you've setup your effects.

For example, I had funny problems w/effects that were part of view state 
transitions.  This 
happened because I neglected to specify where in the transitions that the add 
child/remove child actions should have occurred (b/c I didn't use 
AddChildAction or 

Might be easier to pinpoint if you post your code or a simple example.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Seth Caldwell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 I'm using a zoom effect, and when I remove a popup window, the hide effect
 zoom-shrinks the popup. then when the zoom finishes, the popup is removed.
 This all works, but when finishing, the whole site flickers briefly
 afterwards. Its quite annoying.
 Has anyone encountered this and know of a fix?
 See the example at http://www.collarfree.com - click on one of the smaller
 images to see it zoom and center in a popup. Click and the popup shrinks and
 disappears and then the site flickers.
 Apologies if this has been previously addressed, I searched as well as I
 could and didn't find anything.
 Seth Caldwell
 Project Manager / Developer
 work   (805) 450-1741
 web  blocked::blocked::blocked::http://www.collarfree.com/

[flexcoders] Re: Issue with runtime adding of axis labels in DateTimeAxis

2008-09-16 Thread sunild999999
For what it's worth, I do this all the time with charts: call removeItemAt(0), 
and then call 
addItem( newDateHere )

It works well. The oldest date is removed from the beginning of the array 
collection and a 
newer one is tacked on to the end, the chart updates automatically.  No need to 
call any 
other methods (like refresh).

As suggested a code example would help...


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Arun Shankar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 dataprovider which is an ArrayCollection for the dateTimeAxis is bindable 
 one. My code 
looks something like this
 ArrayCollection.addItem(date object);
 i believe the first item would get removed and the new date object would get 
 added to 
the end of the list and the call to refresh() should ultimately makes the chart 
to redraw 
with the new change in the collection.
 i guess flex caches the dateTime axis labels which is ultimately causing this 
 problem. I 
tried clearing the cache but I could not do that because there is no straight 
forward to do 
that in flex. 
 --- On Mon, 15/9/08, Pan Troglodytes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
  From: Pan Troglodytes [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Subject: Re: [flexcoders] Issue with runtime adding of axis labels in 
  To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com
  Date: Monday, 15 September, 2008, 9:25 PM
  This may be caused by a lack of binding in your data
  objects.  Can you post
  an short, simple example that replicates your issue?
  On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 4:21 AM, arajendr
 Hi All,
   I've been facing this problem for a while. My
  application gets new
   data every 5 mins and I need to update the DateTime
  axis label at
   runtime to include the new label data which would
  ultimately shift the
   axis one item to the left so that the left most axis
  label would be
   removed from chart and the new axis data would get
  added to the right
   most part of the axis.
   I've been able to get the new axis label data on
  the right most part
   but the left axis label data which i've removed
  from the dataProvider
   collection is still appearing in the chart. is it a
  bug with DateTime
   axis? Anyone have come across this problem before? let
  me know if you
   have seen this kind of problem before and whats the

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[flexcoders] Re: Displaying a date in a line chart

2008-09-10 Thread sunild999999

Here are two approaches I've used:

1) Using a DateTimeAxis:
 If the data representing your dates is in the format that can be easily 
converted into a 
Date object (see docs for the Date constructor), your DateTimeAxis will 
understand the 
dates implicitly. Otherwise, you need to write a parseFunction (see 
DateTimeAxis docs) so 
your data can be converted into a Date object.

Then as Tom suggested, use the labelFunction property to specify a function 
that will 
return a properly formatted date string ... in the labelFunction use a 
DateFormatter to 
print the dates in the UK format ( or just use the Date object's toLocale 

2) Using a CategoryAxis:
Instead of using a DateTimeAxis, consider using a CategoryAxis. This approach 
is similar, 
except now you don't need to worry about writing a parseFunction.  Just write a 
labelFunction as described above.

The CategoryAxis won't deal with dates as nicely as DateTimeAxis, but it works 
nicely for 
fixed date ranges (it wouldn't be so good for doing a Google Finance type of 
chart where 
you can change time frames of the chart).

Check out the docs for the labelFunction and parseFunction properties of the 
DateTimeAxis (or CategoryAxis). They show the function signature that's 
required, from 
there it's easy :)


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Tom Chiverton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 On Wednesday 10 Sep 2008, gr33neye501 wrote:
  The data is a collection of Date objects, and is displayed in US
  format. I am trying to get the axis to display the date in DD/YY/
  or DD/MM/YY format.
 Just use a label function on the Axis(Renderer).
 Tom Chiverton
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[flexcoders] Re: Hi

2008-09-09 Thread sunild999999
OS X comes w/Apache installed ... you used to start it by editing 
/etc/hostconfig or by any 
of the usual command line methods:

sudo apachectl start

Looks like in OS X 10.5 you can also start it by going to System Prefs - 
Sharing and then 
enabling Web sharing.

I believe the default location of document root is in 

I normally use MAMP which is a little overkill if you just want a web server...

PS: Macs rule :)

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Robert Thompson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 Thanks.  For whatever reason nothing appears in the bottom right  
 corner for me, even on Internet Explorer, for the FLEX3 Component  
 I'll check the sdk directory though.
 Tried to run it right from the explorer.html but it wouldn't for  
 Safari or Firefox.
 I imagine it needs the http:// protocol instead of file://
 I've figured out a lot since I got my MacPro but not how to start a  
 small Web Server to test things via http://
 Any Mac machines rule people out there that know how to do this?
 On Sep 9, 2008, at 4:15 AM, Haykel BEN JEMIA wrote:
  Paul and Nancy were talking about the bottom right pane of the  
  explorer that displays the source of the selected control.
  The sources of the explorer are available with Flex Builder. They  
  are under sdks\version\samples\explorer.
  On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 8:24 AM, Robert Thompson  
  We might be talking about different things.
  (1) Under the FLEX 2.0 examples, you could, for example, go to the  
  FLEX Style Explorer,
  (2) Then click on Experience the application which leads you to  
  (3) You can then Right Click anywhere on the app and click View  
  Source and it appears for the MXML page, and then to the left you  
  see all the files for actionscript, components, etc. And There is a  
  download source (ZIP) link at the bottom.
  Does any of this appear for you for the FLEX 3.0 component explorer  
  Or for any other FLEX 3.0 example for that matter?
  Hopefully they will be updated soon.

[flexcoders] Repeat SSL certificate warnings in AIR app on Windows

2008-08-04 Thread sunild999999
I'm working on an AIR project that uses a Timer to fetch data w/an HTTPService. 
 The UI 
for the appliance uses a self signed SSL certificate.

As expected, the AIR app throws up a warning dialog about not trusting the self 
cert.  But I get different behavior on this between Windows and Mac OS:

- On the Mac OS X 10.5, I am warned only once about the cert.

- On Windows XP, I am warned each time an HTTPService is used (when 
w/the appliance, and each time the Timer triggers an update).

I know I can install the certificate in the browser to make it trust it... 
but the average 
user of the appliance wouldn't necessarily know this.

This seems like a bug, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a really simple app that exhibits this behavior. Clicking the Reload 
button on Win 
XP generates the cert warning each time, but not on Mac OS.  Sorry, the URL 
below is for a 
private IP ... the example is so simple, you don't need to run it anyway :)

?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?
mx:WindowedApplication xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml;
width=800 height=600
creationComplete=init() viewSourceURL=srcview/index.html

import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;

public function init():void {

loginService.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, handleResult);

public function handleResult(event:ResultEvent):void {
pageContentsTA.text = event.result.toString();

public function handleReload(event:MouseEvent):void {

mx:HTTPService id=loginService url=; 
resultFormat=text /
mx:Button id=reloadBN label=Reload click=handleReload(event) /
mx:TextArea id=pageContentsTA width=100% height=500 /



[flexcoders] Re: Multiple select with mx:List

2008-08-04 Thread sunild999999

Per the documentation for the List component:

The user can select one or more items from the list, depending on the value of 
allowMultipleSelection property.

The docs for this property say it's a boolean property, and the standard means 
selecting multiples apply (shift-click or control-click).

Also, there is a selectedIndices property which is An array of indices in the 
data provider 
of the selected items.



--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Joshua Jackson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 Dear all,
 How do I do multiple selection with mx:List. Is there any parameter
 that I have to set? Because I can only select on item from mx:List.
 Could anyone give me a hint on this?
 Many thanks.