[flexcoders] Re: flexx 4.6 DateSpinner component

2012-01-05 Thread tkraikit
What exactly doesn't work? Were you able to get the custom component to appear? -- Tom --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, markflex2007 markflex2007@... wrote: Please help. this solution doesn't work for me. Thanks Mark --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, tkraikit tkraikit@ wrote

[flexcoders] Re: flexx 4.6 DateSpinner component

2012-01-03 Thread tkraikit
I haven't fully tested this out, but you can try doing the following: * create your own sub-class of DateSpinner * override the createDateItemList() function and have it return null for DATE_ITEM date parts e.g. something like this: package components { import spark.components.DateSpinner;

[flexcoders] Re: hSlider Thumb Skin positions incorrectly

2011-12-20 Thread tkraikit
It looks like you're in a mobile app but trying to base your skin off of the desktop HSliderThumb skin. Have you looked at using the mobile theme's skin as your starting point instead? -- Tom --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, stldvd stldvd@... wrote: ::bump:: Anyone? --- In

[flexcoders] Re: How to make SoftKeyboard show?

2011-10-20 Thread tkraikit
Hi Mark, Yes, you need to test on a real device to see the soft keyboard. Thanks, -- Tom --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, markflex2007 markflex2007@... wrote: Hi, I test this with simulator, do you think if I have to use real device to test for soft keyboard show? Thanks Mark

[flexcoders] Re: Formatting a date

2011-10-03 Thread tkraikit
I'm not sure I fully understand your use case, but if you want to create a date 90 days in the past you can just do subtraction on the Date object's time property to move it around. For example: var formatter:DateFormatter = new DateFormatter();

[flexcoders] Re: How to detect change of mobile orientation ? portrain

2011-09-23 Thread tkraikit
This will add an event listener so that your event handler will be called when the orientation is changed: Stage.addEventListener(StageOrientationEvent.ORIENTATION_CHANGE, orientationChangeHandler); Also take a look at StageOrientationEvent.ORIENTATION_CHANGING -- Tom --- In

[flexcoders] Re: Animating an arrow into a target

2011-09-08 Thread tkraikit
Off the top of my head, you could do something by just animating the width of the shaft and the x coordinate of the head in parallel, e.g. ?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8? s:Application xmlns:fx=http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009; xmlns:s=library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark