[flexcoders] Using Scale 9 in Flex css

2011-11-21 Thread ZIONIST
Hi guys i have a .png image that is 400 px by 250 px and would like to use it as a background image of a canvas in flex that is 840 px wide and 600 px high. when i set the image as a background image for the canvas and i set backgroundSize to 100%, the image stretches. How can i use 9-slice

RE: [flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form is validated

2011-11-21 Thread michael_regert
Can you give an example of how you've written your validator? I'm suspecting it is on how you defined the trigger. Michael J. Regert From: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com [mailto:flexcoders@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Khanh Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 4:20 PM To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com

[flexcoders] Filter arraycollection with selected node

2011-11-21 Thread isa_loyer
Dear Flexer, I have a tree with checkbox. My tree has parent and children element. I'd like to filter an arraycollection with consider only tree node selected. Can you help me to do that. Thank

[flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form is validated

2011-11-21 Thread DP
Actually, I'm sure he's talking about the required attribute creating a red border (not a focus border) because the field doesn't have a value in it just yet. The Focus border is something entirely different. --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Khanh khanh4all@... wrote: It's a focus border.

[flexcoders] flash player vs Adobe AIR Runtime

2011-11-21 Thread rid_b80
Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone know if flash player and Adobe AIR Runtime behaves differently. It' because the application load style externally, so the style is compiled with Flex SDK 4.5. The weird thing is I have online application compiled with Flex SDK 4.1 and Desktop application

[flexcoders] RE: I am my own boss!!

2011-11-21 Thread Adolfo Ruiz
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