[flexcoders] Dragging an image out of a tilelist

2009-02-13 Thread lanekelly5
First post to the group. Glad I found this as a resource... I have a TileList control with cells that contain an image and a label. See the itemRenderer code: Code: mx:HBox xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml; horizontalAlign=center verticalAlign=middle mx:Image

[flexcoders] Re: Dragging an image out of a tilelist

2009-02-15 Thread lanekelly5
; imageProxy.width=15; DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, ds, event, imageProxy, -15, -15, 1.00); } --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, lanekelly5 lkel...@... wrote: First post to the group. Glad I found

[flexcoders] TabNavigator data provider

2009-02-19 Thread lanekelly5
I have a ViewStack which I'm controlling with a LinkBar (via the dataProvider). I want to have a second TabNavigator (actually the google code SuperTabNavigator) controlling this same ViewStack. What I can't seem to figure out is how to assign a dataProvider to the TabNavigator. Are there any

[flexcoders] Accordion problem - rowCount/scrollbar

2009-02-20 Thread lanekelly5
Is there a way to essentially disable the rowCount property of an accordion and just have it show as much content (including partial rows) in the vertical space that is available? I'm finding that if I set a rowCount which takes up less space than the expanded section has available I get an

[flexcoders] Re: Accordion problem - rowCount/scrollbar

2009-02-20 Thread lanekelly5
if you do not set it? Tracy Spratt Lariat Services Flex development bandwidth available From: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com [mailto:flexcod...@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of lanekelly5 Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:32 AM To: flexcoders

[flexcoders] Re: Accordion problem - rowCount/scrollbar

2009-02-20 Thread lanekelly5
it? Tracy Spratt Lariat Services Flex development bandwidth available From: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com [mailto:flexcod...@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of lanekelly5 Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:32 AM To: flexcoders@yahoogroups.com Subject

[flexcoders] Detaching RichTextArea controls

2009-02-20 Thread lanekelly5
I saw this link posted in an old message: http://www.code4net.com/rte/ Does anyone know how this was done? I need to create one or more TextAreas based on user input and having a single set of RTE controls apply to the TextArea with focus would be perfect.

[flexcoders] Accordion question - height minus header space

2009-02-20 Thread lanekelly5
I'd like to size the TileLists inside each accordion panel properly. If I have 4 panels (and thus 4 header buttons for navigation), how can I calculate the available space for a panel? I assume this would be the specified height of the accordion minus the height of a header * numChildren.

[flexcoders] Using an Alert when handling another event?

2009-02-23 Thread lanekelly5
I'm using a SuperTabNavigator control from the flexlib package. When the user clicks on the close button for a tab it fires the tabClose event. I have specified a handler for this in the mxml for the SuperTabNavigator component: tabClose=confirmTabDelete(event); In the confirmTabDelete

[flexcoders] Re: Accordion question - height minus header space

2009-02-24 Thread lanekelly5
I think I have it close using: accordion.height - (accordion.numChildren * accordion_header_height) What I'm finding though is that the calculation comes in roughly 3 pixels too short. If I use the result of the above for my TileList hight (the element that I'm placing in the accordion

[flexcoders] Error when adding RTE toolbar to other container

2009-02-24 Thread lanekelly5
I'm trying to use the trick where you remove the toolbar from a RichTextEditor and add it elsewhere. Ideally I'd like to have a single static toolbar that interacts with the TextArea that has focus, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Anyway, below is the code I use to add the

[flexcoders] Dynamically updated ToolTip on move

2009-02-27 Thread lanekelly5
I have a component that dispatches an event when it is being moved. In that handler I wanted to pop up a ToolTip and display the current X/Y coordinates. I must be missing some of the logistics behind ToolTip behavior because I'm just getting the static text. Here's the code in my handler

[flexcoders] Navigating to a new child in a ViewStack - how to target the child being hidden?

2009-07-01 Thread lanekelly5
I'm putting together a prototype of an app and I have a ViewStack that is being controlled by a button toolbar. In each of these views there is a video player. What I need to do is to pause the video in the view that is being hidden. I see the change event triggered when I change views, but

[flexcoders] Help trying to sort data provider for DataGrid

2009-08-20 Thread lanekelly5
I'm trying to load a few elements of an RSS feed into a DataGrid, and I'm having trouble with the code to pre-sort the data before the grid gets it. Here's a snippet of the code: private function requestRSS(e:FlexEvent):void { initVars();

[flexcoders] FLVPlayback component - preview image

2009-10-30 Thread lanekelly5
After getting frustrated with the lack of functionality of the preview property of the FLVPlayback component at runtime (apparently you can't assign it a path to a PNG and have it work like expected), I was wondering if anyone had extended the class to add that feature in. I'm using the

[flexcoders] Flex linkBar control - multiple lines?

2009-11-17 Thread lanekelly5
Any way to make the linkBar control wrap around to use multiple lines? I have an application where the client wants two rows worth of menu items and it would be nice not to have to work around the convoluted logic of using two linkBar controls (one for each line) since the links will be built

[flexcoders] Help setting the selectedChild of a viewstack

2009-11-23 Thread lanekelly5
I'm trying to grab a portion of the BrowserManager.fragment (I bring it in as an object) and then use it to set the selectedChild of a ViewStack. I'm running into a type conversion error. Essentially this is what I'm trying to do: o.view contains the portion of my fragment - say it is set to

[flexcoders] Source view files not generated

2010-07-08 Thread lanekelly5
Apologies if this has been covered, but the group's search feature isn't working for me (it's throwing server too busy errors). I have one project that isn't cooperating when I try to export a release build and enable source view. I have the box checked and it creates the srcview folder, but

[flexcoders] Setting a chromeColor within a skin?

2011-08-02 Thread lanekelly5
I created a skin that is a copy of the TabBarButtonSkin and I see where there's a property set: useChromeColor = true; I have some CSS that uses a different chromeColor for the selected tab vs the unselected tab and I'm wondering how that value gets integrated into the skin. I don't see

[flexcoders] White button label color - disabled state problem

2011-08-02 Thread lanekelly5
For some reason if I make the text of a button white, the alpha.disabled property in the SparkSkin container of my custom button skin doesn't behave properly. I can set the alpha.disabled=.99 on the SparkSkin and the white text is really hard to read. I would expect that it would make the

[flexcoders] navigateToUrl( ) - can I determine when completed?

2011-09-12 Thread lanekelly5
I have a function call in my app that calls the server and expects back a CSV file that I want the user to be able to save. Right now I make that call via navigateToURL() with a parameter of _blank. Due to a change in requirements, I need to refresh a grid after that server call is completed

[flexcoders] Form field validation - required property not working

2011-09-23 Thread lanekelly5
I have a TextInput control in my form that is required only when a RadioButtonGroup has a certain selected value. There is a RegExpValidator defined that is tied to the TextInput source property. Here's the validator: mx:RegExpValidator id=employeeEmailValidator source={formEmail}

[flexcoders] White button label text in Alert

2011-09-29 Thread lanekelly5
For the life of me I can't get the button label text to be white when I roll over the button in an Alert control (Flex 4). I have a custom button skin for all the buttons in my app and the white color for the labelDisplay part works just fine in all states. But when I use that skin for

[flexcoders] Styling title area of Alert control

2011-10-14 Thread lanekelly5
Does anyone have a good example of how to change the title area of an Alert control in Flex 4 (Spark)?