[flexcoders] help with datagrid cell custom itemrenderer

2009-02-15 Thread sbeausol
Hi- I've been able to implement a custom Text Color Item Renderer for a datagrid based off of this post Custom item renderer http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui/2007/03/thinking_about_item_renderers_1.h\ tml . I've added 2 classes, a ComputedStylesColumn and ComputedStylesRenderer and I can

[flexcoders] Help with a smarter custom LabelRenderer

2009-03-02 Thread sbeausol
Hello- I've been able to successfully implement Ely's Custom LabelRenderer for my own purposes (Custom LabelRenderer http://www.quietlyscheming.com/blog/charts/chart-sampler/ ) however I was hoping to make it smarter. In my app, I have a Line Chart with my primary piece of data being modified