[flexcoders] Repeat SSL certificate warnings in AIR app on Windows

2008-08-04 Thread sunild999999
I'm working on an AIR project that uses a Timer to fetch data w/an HTTPService. The UI for the appliance uses a self signed SSL certificate. As expected, the AIR app throws up a warning dialog about not trusting the self signed cert. But I get different behavior on this between Windows and

[flexcoders] Re: Multiple select with mx:List

2008-08-04 Thread sunild999999
Hi, Per the documentation for the List component: The user can select one or more items from the list, depending on the value of the allowMultipleSelection property. The docs for this property say it's a boolean property, and the standard means for selecting multiples apply (shift-click or

[flexcoders] Re: Hi

2008-09-09 Thread sunild999999
OS X comes w/Apache installed ... you used to start it by editing /etc/hostconfig or by any of the usual command line methods: sudo apachectl start (etc). Looks like in OS X 10.5 you can also start it by going to System Prefs - Sharing and then enabling Web sharing. I believe the default

[flexcoders] Re: Displaying a date in a line chart

2008-09-10 Thread sunild999999
Hi, Here are two approaches I've used: 1) Using a DateTimeAxis: If the data representing your dates is in the format that can be easily converted into a Date object (see docs for the Date constructor), your DateTimeAxis will understand the dates implicitly. Otherwise, you need to write a

[flexcoders] Re: Issue with runtime adding of axis labels in DateTimeAxis

2008-09-16 Thread sunild999999
For what it's worth, I do this all the time with charts: call removeItemAt(0), and then call addItem( newDateHere ) It works well. The oldest date is removed from the beginning of the array collection and a newer one is tacked on to the end, the chart updates automatically. No need to call

[flexcoders] Re: flicker problem with zoom effect

2008-09-25 Thread sunild999999
I think this depends on how you've setup your effects. For example, I had funny problems w/effects that were part of view state transitions. This happened because I neglected to specify where in the transitions that the add child/remove child actions should have occurred (b/c I didn't use

[flexcoders] Re: Plotting values equal to Zero on the Line Chart

2008-10-03 Thread sunild999999
Hi, When there is no data for a given day, are you representing this with an actual 0 (zero), or a null value? My experience is that when the data is 0, the chart plots data on the axis and often it looks like there is no value at that point (because the chart line is plotted on the axis

[flexcoders] Re: decrementing the x axis on a chart

2008-10-03 Thread sunild999999
I concur, massaging the data is perhaps the way to go. Another option would be to just generate your chart and rotate it 180 degrees ... but this might have other issues (i.e. upside down text, or data-tips, etc.) I did a data massaging approach here:

[flexcoders] Re: ComboBox with Add New... item

2008-10-23 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, frosifer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone have a good way of creating a ComboBox where the first item is an Add New... option that is NOT part of the underlying data collection (i.e., the data provider). I do not want to add an item at the beginning of

[flexcoders] Re: LinkBar | mx:dataProvider | does not work

2008-11-05 Thread sunild999999
Hi, Just a guess: when you specify the dataProvider that way, maybe need to put your view stack inside of a mx:Component tag: mx:LinkBar mx:dataProvider mx:Component mx:ViewStack /

[flexcoders] Re: X-axis values in flex chart

2008-11-19 Thread sunild999999
Have you tried using the AxisRenderer styles canDropLabels and/or canStagger? Also, the docs for canDropLabels seem to say that behavior may be different based on the type of axis ... maybe you can try using another type of axis like DateTimeAxis instead of CategoryAxis? Regards, the other

[flexcoders] Re: Bug: flash.display.Graphics being removed.

2008-12-08 Thread sunild999999
Usually, when code completion stops working in Flex Builder, it's because the I'm editing has an error/omission in it... Sunil --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, li wenzhi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: in my flex project using flexsdk3.1, while coding in flexbuilder, the uicomponent cannot

[flexcoders] Re: AIR 1.5 upgrade issue?

2008-12-10 Thread sunild999999
Hi, Not sure if this is your problem, but I recall reading something recently about changes to the HTMLLoader.loadString() method in AIR 1.5. I googled and found this blog post (which offers a solution): http://arunbluebrain.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/changes-to-htmlloaderloadstring-in- air-15/

[flexcoders] Re: SpeedoMeter

2008-12-11 Thread sunild999999
I concur, Thomas Gonzalez's gauge component rocks. Cheers, Sunil

[flexcoders] Re: why the air app can not see the nativeMenu

2008-12-19 Thread sunild999999
I don't see a problem w/your example. Note that on Mac OS X the native menu is not attached to the application window, like it would be on a Windows application. HTH, Sunil

[flexcoders] Re: Properly remove children

2009-01-07 Thread sunild999999
Hi, Just wanted to mention something I (in the comments) of one of Ted Patrick's blog posts. He says that there's a known bug in Flash Player 9 where weak references were preventing objects from being garbage collected: http://www.onflex.org/ted/2008/09/useweakreferencesboolean-false.php

[flexcoders] Re: Generating random colors, excluding others

2009-01-10 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, gr33neye501 dev...@... wrote: Hi guys I'm trying to generate a series of random colours, but would like to exclude certain colour and closely related shade. For example, i'd like create any colours except red or similar shades. Anyone know of how I could

[flexcoders] Re: Generating random colors, excluding others

2009-01-10 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, gr33neye501 dev...@... wrote: Hi guys I'm trying to generate a series of random colours, but would like to exclude certain colour and closely related shade. For example, i'd like create any colours except red or similar shades. Anyone know of how I

[flexcoders] Re: Illegible axis labels

2009-01-17 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Richard Rodseth rrods...@... wrote: Is there any way to control how much space is devoted to the axis compared to the chart? Or to control the width of a category (not of the column)? Or to set a minimum font size, after which the axis is dropped? You can

[flexcoders] Re: FadeIn Effect not working with custom item renderers in List

2009-01-20 Thread sunild999999
I got your example to work by removing the Canvas tags from this snippet: mx:itemRenderer mx:Component mx:Canvas mx:Label text={data.label} blendMode=layer/ /mx:Canvas /mx:Component /mx:itemRenderer Sunil

[flexcoders] Re: Chart DataTime series - forcing the start and end points?

2009-01-20 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, jamiebadman jamie.bad...@... wrote: Hi, Is there a way to force the start and end points of the date time axis? I need to show exactly one month on a chart though I may not have a full month's worth of data to display. Thanks in advance, Jamie. The

[flexcoders] Re: How to implement right click drill down for either PieChart or ColumnChart

2009-02-12 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, tungchau81 tungcha...@... wrote: I have two problems: Problem#1: I know how to create right-click menu using ContextMenu and ContextMenuItem. However, I do not know how to make the right-click menu to show up **if and only if** a user clicks on a wedge

[flexcoders] Re: Idiots guide to crossdomain.xml

2009-02-13 Thread sunild999999
If your SWF is hosted on server A, and it needs to access data from servers B, C, and D then you need to put a cross domain policy file on servers B, C, and D that permit access from server A. Note, these servers (A,B,C,D) are different servers ... the names are not aliases. It kind of

[flexcoders] Re: sprite.startDrag() - Only one sprite is draggable at a time :-(

2009-02-14 Thread sunild999999
Here are some links I've book marked on drag and drop: - Adobe help http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html? content=05_Display_Programming_14.html About half way through this page, they talk about what to do when you need to work around the limitation of startDrag only working on one

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-15 Thread sunild999999
In Actionscript, you can use the percentWidth and percentHeight properties to specify width and height of your components. --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, sailorsea21 sailorse...@... wrote: Hi everyone, when I create my layout with mxml components, my layout is dynamic. If I resize my

[flexcoders] Re: Showing grid in line series graph

2009-02-15 Thread sunild999999
You need to specify a Stroke to use for the grid lines. You can make the Stroke for the grid lines bolder by setting the weight property of the Stroke to a number greater than 1. If you view the source of this example, you can see one way of doing this:

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
Um, I think you just need to think about this a little differently. It's a percent value, so by definition it can only be 0-100. If you want a child component to be half the width of it's parent container, then you set the child component's width to be 50%... just like you would do in HTML.

[flexcoders] Re: perl and AMF

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
I haven't used this but there is a Perl AMF library: http://www.simonf.com/flap/ Perhaps this is the ancient implementation you're referring to. --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Guy Morton g...@... wrote: Is anyone using perl as a backend for remoting? I can't find a complete

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-17 Thread sunild999999
I think you want something like this: var parentCanvas:Canvas = new Canvas(); parentCanvas.percentWidth =100; parentCanvas.percentHeight = 100; var childCanvas:Canvas = new Canvas(); childCanvas.percentWidth = 100; childCanvas.percentHeight = 100; var childText:Text = new Text();

[flexcoders] Re: DYNAMIC actionscript child layout.

2009-02-18 Thread sunild999999
Doh! Jeffry is right, it's a Canvas which positions child components by x,y coordinates. So use a VBox or HBox or something :) --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Jeffry Houser j...@... wrote: I think that x and y values are defaulted to 0, 0; which would put your text in the top left of

[flexcoders] Re: XML Parsing - maintaining a record pointer

2009-02-21 Thread sunild999999
Another idea would be to put your data into an XMLListCollection, get a view cursor to the list with createCursor(). Now you can use the the view cursor to iterate over your XMLListCollection and use the cursor's bookmark property to remember your position when necessary. Probably more

[flexcoders] Re: Repeaters and databinding

2009-02-24 Thread sunild999999
Your myData Array needs to be an ArrayCollection. ArrayCollections will dispatch CollectionChange events, Arrays do not. So your repeater never gets notified that an item was added to your Array. Sunil --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Jason jason.merr...@... wrote: Simple question.

[flexcoders] Re: file.upload() works fine on mac os x, does not work on a PC

2009-03-04 Thread sunild999999
Are you doing this w/an account that does not have the local admin privilege on the Windows workstation? Or does it work when you use HTTP? Just a guess, Sunil --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, tchredeemed apth...@... wrote: I tried this in all browsers on my mac (firefox, safari, camino),

[flexcoders] Re: Is there a way to detect mouse button state without tracking events?

2009-03-08 Thread sunild999999
Hi, You can use Event.MOUSE_LEAVE to detect when mouse has left the stage. You can listen for MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE if you need to know when the mouse is back. Can you listen for MOUSE_LEAVE and dispatch your own MOUSE_UP event to stop the list from scrolling? Sunil --- In

[flexcoders] Re: Best option for implementing a growl like notification system ?

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999
Hi, I won't comment on what the best approach is but, maybe you can look at Christian Cantrell's Growl implementation for AIR: article: http://weblogs.macromedia.com/cantrell/archives/2007/10/make_text_fade.html code: http://code.google.com/p/as3notificationlib/ Sunil --- In

[flexcoders] Re: HTML component does not display images

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999
Maybe you need a body tag in your html? --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, florian.salihovic florian.saliho...@... wrote: What am i missing? Passing htmlHttp Worldimg src='pic1.png' //html to the HTML component's htmlText property will only display the text, not the image. Best regards.

[flexcoders] Re: How to stop null on delayed execution.

2009-03-10 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Wesley Acheson wesley.ache...@... wrote: Is there any refrence for a component (particualy containers) life cycle? This page in the Flex Developer's Guide was very helpful in explaining how to override the Flex component life cycle methods. I also

[flexcoders] Re: Problems opening window from AIR system tray app

2009-04-06 Thread sunild999999
I think your guess to the problem is right on, your main application extends Sprite, not NativeApplication. What was the exception you got when the app extended NativeApplication? Regards, Sunil --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, michob mic...@... wrote: I just found a reference that is

[flexcoders] Re: FLEX defaut xml parser issue with Auto Exponential conversion issue

2009-04-08 Thread sunild999999
resultFormat is a property of the HTTPService that you're probably using to retrieve the XML. http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/mx/rpc/http/HTTPService.html#resultFormat Sunil --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Ramabhadra Reddy ramabhadrare...@... wrote: Thanks Tracy Spratt for your

[flexcoders] Re: Illegible axis labels

2009-04-09 Thread sunild999999
--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, thomas.parquier mailingli...@... wrote: Furthermore labels dont get staggered/rotated when canstagger=true and labelRotation=-45. The label rotation won't work unless the fonts are embedded. Another option would be to target Flash Player 10 and use a