Re: RES: [flexcoders] Re: code out of sync with flash builder

2011-11-10 Thread Hans Goeckel
Just tried it and it worked.  Thanks

RES: [flexcoders] Re: code out of sync with flash builder

2011-11-09 Thread TGI
I had the same problem some time ago.

I remember that I erase some files and got things fixed. 

See if help:


cd c:\users\youusername\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5

del *.cache /s




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well I am running windows 7, but I sure as hell am not going back to XP :D


Did you have to go through this process every time you debug? or only when
encountering the problem and then it would solve it for a while?

On 8 November 2011 16:40, Hans Goeckel wrote:


I've had a similar problem.  Flash Builder shows me the current source when
debugging, but when you try to step through it, it is obviously running a
previous version of the source.  What fixed it for me is to switch to
another project in the workspace, compile it, then return to the main
project, and recompile the modules that were screwing up.  Hope that fixes
it for you too.


Interestingly this problem seems to only occur on my new Windows 7 system
with the latest Java.  My older XP system would crash when running out of
Java heap space, but would never go out of sync.