Re: [flexcoders] tabnavigator gets messed up

2015-07-01 Thread [flexcoders]
Thanks.  I'm working on doing that.  I can't really post the code that's 
failing, it's part of an application that's far too big to post, but have built 
a smaller example and can't seem to get it to fail.

I had been setting the selectedChild/index manually and took that out but it 
still fails.  The code only manipulates the tab contents via mx:state settings. 
 So, it's frustrating in that I don't really do anything to manipulate tab 
contents (which would have potential to be my bug).

Re: [flexcoders] tabnavigator gets messed up

2015-06-30 Thread Abhinay Dronamraju [flexcoders]
Show some code sample.

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 On Jun 29, 2015, at 10:04 PM, [flexcoders] wrote:
 Using FB4 with sdk4.0.
 My UI gets user details, then shows a tabbed interface.  Can view any tabs, 
 then get new user details.
 When the 2nd (and subsequent users) are chosen, the tabbed interface then is 
 messed up with the details of the 3rd tab being displayed over the top of the 
 details of the default (1st) tab.  It's just a visual representation that 
 looks wrong but it's quite messy looking.
 Any pointers on what might be causing this?