[Flightgear-devel] Understanding scenery archatecture

2009-12-11 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey gang. I've just started putting together some visual aids in understanding what happens in a scenery build process. That's well and good, but I'm having an issue with terrafit. I've recently discovered that my understanding of how terrafit works is wrong. I'd always assumed it took a grid

Re: [Flightgear-devel] Cliffs

2009-11-24 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I'd like to add a little story to this thread. Before I started my/our Landcover-DB-project (which is already a few years old) we were having an ongoing dispute about wether the underlying land cover data or some tweaking the data-techniques in the TerraGear toolchain had been responsible for

[Flightgear-devel] (no subject)

2009-11-18 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I'm planning on developing procedures that automatically assign cliff textures to any scenery beyond a certain slope. From reading through the flightgear devel archives, this idea has come up before. Does anybody know if any work was actually done with it? And if so, anyone know where I

[Flightgear-devel] Re: Cliffs

2009-11-18 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
That's wrong: they can and they do. Have you ever been in the Alps? I've often been amazed at in which unlikely places plants still grow happily. Stefan In general, you are correct. However, I'm doing scenery for Newfoundland, where there is almost no soil, just clay and rock. Short trees do

[Flightgear-devel] Cliffs

2009-11-16 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Terribly sorry to send this out again, but I never got any response to my previous query. I'm planning on developing procedures that automatically assign cliff textures to any scenery beyond a certain slope. From reading through the flightgear devel archives, this idea has come up before.

[Flightgear-devel] Cliffs

2009-11-13 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hallo gang. While working on figuring out my other texture issues, I've started looking at doing cliffs for steep surfaces. The idea of automatically assigning triangles a cliff like texture if they go beyond a certain steepness has come up before. I've found a few threads where it's been

Re: [Flightgear-devel] Texture oddities in Hi-rez scenery

2009-11-10 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Sorry I didn't get back to everyone on their input sooner, I was out of town for most of the last week. The work I'm doing is with UAVs; specifically I'm trying to give a human on the ground the ability to take control of a UAV. So I'm using Flightgear as the Visual Rendering Platform. It

[Flightgear-devel] Textures oddities in hi-rez scenery

2009-11-03 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hello all. I've encountered some very strange artifacts in the hi-res scenery build I'm doing of Newfoundland. I've experimented a bunch, but can't find one single thing that's causing them. It just seems as though scenery of a very high complexity causes them to happen. The main one is a sort

[Flightgear-devel] Things that cause fgfs-construct to be killed?

2009-10-16 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi gang. My last few builds of scenery have been killed in the exact same manor, and produced hilarious results to view from the air. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head the full list of things that cause fgfs-construct to be killed? I've bumped up the time limit,

[Flightgear-devel] Custom textures and landtypes

2009-09-28 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hello, once again. Sorry to be posting so many questions on several subjects sequentially. But things are going well, so I'm constantly running into new things that I need to adapt and understand. I've created some customized textures for my scenery. They've been added to the materials.xml

[Flightgear-devel] Hardware bottleneck for building scenery

2009-09-24 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey gang. I'm working on a high resolution version of the scenery for my home, Newfoundland. It's coming along VERY well, but I'm running into limitations of what my computer can handle building. Essentially, I've cut the fgfs-construct commands into the theoretically smallest allowable

[Flightgear-devel] Using ogr-decode and shape-decode

2009-09-14 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi all. I've got a bunch of shapefile data for the island of Newfoundland that I'm intending to use in Terragear. It's called Canvec data, and I think I'm going to need to use ogr-decode on it to get it into WGS84 format. Provided I'm understanding this correctly, that is. Everything in the

[Flightgear-devel] Using shapefiles other than VMAP

2009-09-11 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey gang. I'm not sure if the answer to this will turn out to be retardedly simple, or ludicrously complex, but here goes. I've build scenery for the island of Newfoundland with very high resolution for the elevation. But now the low-res, VMAP0 looks awful. In many cases, it cuts canyons and

[Flightgear-devel] Whoops: missing attachment

2009-09-11 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Sorry, here's the information contained in the html file to accompany my question: CanVec 001N10 1. Identification Information 2. Data Quality Information 3. Spatial Data Organization Information 4. Spatial Reference Information 5. Entity and Attribute Information 6.

[Flightgear-devel] Vmap1 and other useful data

2009-04-21 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey all. I've been working on building improved, high detail scenery for the island of Newfoundland. It's a very rocky place, with a rugged coastline, so a high resolution model makes a big difference. I've built scenery using 0.75 arc-sec DEM data, with a 15 meter error threshold, so it

[Flightgear-devel] genapts, demchop, and data from geobase.ca

2009-04-09 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi all. I have a set of Canadian data from geobase.ca. This is fairly high resolution data that is downloaded as .dem files. There are already formatted in ascii, and deminfo claims they are good to go. demchop runs on them just fine, and completes successfully, as does terrafit. And then

[Flightgear-devel] Elevation trouble with Scenery

2009-04-03 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I've been mucking around trying to build my own scenery for the last couple weeks, with a VAST amount of help from Geoff McLane. I've got it all working, and have been able to generate my own scenery. However, the elevation is coming out all messed up. Geoff has some photos of how it has come

[Flightgear-devel] DEM data

2009-03-20 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I just wanted to check on this before I muck it up, now that I finally seem to have terragear compiled. I've got a couple of 1201X1201 grid cells of raster data, covering a total of 0.5 deg X 0.5 deg. The extension on the files is .dem, and according to the details that come with it, the data

[Flightgear-devel] Building Canadian Scenery

2009-03-13 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
This questions is probably a little pre-mature, as I haven't actually been able to compile Terra-gear yet on either Windows or Ubuntu - the various instructions out there all seem to have links to other instructions for things you need - and these are often out of date. Anyway, that's not my

[Flightgear-devel] alutLoadWAVFile

2009-03-05 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
So I might have done something foolish. I've been doing a bunch of modifications to Flightgear 1.0.0 for research purposes. I decided I should check out Flightgear 1.9.1 to get a feel for it, and see if there was good reason to port my modifications over to that system, so I just downloaded the

[Flightgear-devel] Adding artifacts to the scenery

2009-02-26 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey there gang. I've been doing some local mods of Flightgear for a university research group, and am now about to take a fairly hefty step in the project, so I was hoping to get some advice and find some direction. I'm using Flightgear as a means of showing what a UAV is doing, is it is a

[Flightgear-devel] telemaster model

2009-02-24 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi there. I was going to do some work on modeling a Senior Telemaster in Matt Lab, but a friend told me that he thought someone had already worked on that. Does anyone know if there is already a model for a Telemaster out there, and if it's available? Thanks a bunch. -cullam

[Flightgear-devel] Window controls

2008-08-20 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hey. I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the window controls in FG 1.0.0. I know FGRenderer.resize has to do with the viewport. I'm actually looking for the window dimensions, full screen mode, etc. I'm passing information to a camera, and it needs to know how

Re: [Flightgear-devel] Window Controls

2008-08-01 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I'm actually not trying to patch Flightgear into a piece of Camera Software. I'm making some modifications and changes to Flightgear so it can give commands to the camera's hardware and internal API. The way that Curtis talks about is one of the ways that I'm looking at doing it. But I've got

[Flightgear-devel] Window controls

2008-07-29 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi there. I'm fairly new to this, so this is probably a very rudimentary question. I apologize. I'm hooking up a lumenera Camera for a live video feed from a UAV, so that the video gets handed to Flightgear, which then draws its HUD over the video stream. In order to do this, I need to be able

[Flightgear-devel] Including a camera API in Cygwin

2008-07-23 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
Hi there. I've been working on adding a live video functionality into Flightgear, using a Lumenera Camera. Just to be sure it works, I've created a standalone C++ program that interacts with the Cameras API, just to be sure that I know how to use all the functionalities that I'm going for. I'm

[Flightgear-devel] building view windows

2008-05-20 Thread cullam Bruce-Lockhart
I am working on a modification to 1.0.0 (on a windows XP system) to allow a user to open multiple windows of the same copy of flightgear, so they can display their flight from multiple angles at once. In my case, I want to do the panoramic cockpit, without having to use three separate