[Flightgear-devel] SimGear Compile error - related to openal

2004-11-21 Thread heckelyu
Hi, all, I encountered a compile error when make the simgear-0.3.7 for FlightGear-0.9.6. I am working with Cygwin in windows 2000 and I have plib and Zlib done. What I did: - download OpenAL from CVS. - put the openal in /usr/local/source - cd openal/linux $ ./autogen.sh $ ./configure $

[Flightgear-devel] How does the Replay Subsystem work?

2004-11-30 Thread heckelyu
Title: How does the Replay Subsystem work? Hi, I am trying to read flight data from a FDR (Flight Data Recorder, black box) and input some of the data into FlightGear's Replay system to display the flight. If using the Replay functionality in the FlightGear and I only care some of the

RE: [Flightgear-devel] How does the Replay Subsystem work?

2004-12-05 Thread heckelyu
Thanks Erik. I failed to find acms.xml file in official released 0.9.6 base file...but I understood you point. After checking codes, I found that the replay works without interaction with FDM because: if ( ! replay_master-getBoolValue() ) { cur_fdm_state-update(

RE: [Flightgear-devel] How does the Replay Subsystem work?

2004-12-05 Thread heckelyu
snip Hmm, this is the internal replay system which replays actual FlightGear flights and doesn't interact with any external connection? Yes, it is the internal replay system. What I did based on it are: - Change the short, mid, long terms to one term only. - At the initialization phase, read

RE: [Flightgear-devel] Things to do to improve Flightgear

2004-12-14 Thread heckelyu
I believe that flightgear is a great game but in my opinion it is not very user friendly.In order to have more users trying our game and thus provide more feedback we have to make some steps: 1) Update the splash screens. We have the same ugly splash screens for the past 3 years Good