Re: [Flightgear-devel] too many scenery objects

2011-09-19 Thread J. Holden
I don't know why it's crashing, but I've done tests with +600 objects all in a very small area and sometimes there is a slight delay as FlightGear loads a new view as all the objects load. Not a lag, but you look out the window and suddenly an object appears. If the scenery is crashing, then I

Re: [Flightgear-devel] too many scenery objects

2011-09-19 Thread Michael Sgier
John, it's not crashing. It's possible to either fly to an airport or move the plane position aircraft on ground. It only hangs if you select directly an airport for ex. TNCM. Try and convert TNCM to see the effect.  So I guess it's maybe the number of objects that makes fgfs hanging only at

[Flightgear-devel] Alaska mapping/scenery improvements

2011-09-19 Thread HB-GRAL
Hi there Is there anyone out doing some mapping/scenery improvements on Alaska ? I decided to make Alaska as a center for testing some new sources and experimental scenery improvements. Does anyone know about a FlightGear Alaska initiative in the past ? Beside of contribution to scenery or map

[Flightgear-devel] Mapping Airspace

2011-09-19 Thread HB-GRAL
Hi all To improve our map resources with further data I started an experiment with free available airspace data. Actually this is far from being a good map and finished design, it is just a start to implement (unofficial!) airspace information: I need

[Flightgear-devel] Fix for missing references to SGThreads/SGMutex

2011-09-19 Thread Roland Häder
Hi, I have finally fixed this myself: Just extend 'fgpanel_LDADD' with -lsgthreads. Can someone commit this fix? I also needed to add some GL stuff to the same command. Regards, Roland diff --git a/utils/fgpanel/

Re: [Flightgear-devel] the stutter/lag in the big terrain scene using the file format ive

2011-09-19 Thread Curtis Olson
Hi Nicegood, Unfortunately I haven't done a lot of work in the scenery / paging engine lately. I would recommend asking about this on our developers mailing list. Hopefully the developers who have worked more in these areas will see your question and be able to respond with some suggestions.