FLUXLIST: Has anyone thought to ask Charlie Burch ?

2000-05-25 Thread Ken Friedman

Come on, people.

Charlton Burch has just now spent five years developing a special issue of
his magazine. Lightworks is a unique publication, demanding, time consuming
and expensive to produce.

Posting the contents of the magazine to the web and making them available
free is hardly "free advertising" if it competes with the magazine rather
than helping create demand for copies.

As I see it, posting the complete contents of the magazine and the audio is
competition. Perhaps Charlie Burch sees it another way, and if he does,
then get his permission to post.

Until you get permission to post, Lightworks and the contents of the issue
are protected by copyright.

Lightworks and Charlton Burch are well known. In some circles, he is a
legend. He has always done an astonishing project with meticulous care for
the artistic content. He's not a major publisher -- he is an artist who
invests passion and soul in Lightworks.

There have been some lively debates on this list about moral right -- the
right of an artist to decide how his or her work will be used and displayed
-- as well as about copyright. One reason Burch invests so much time and
money in Lightworks is the care with which he develops each issue for a
specific effect, published the way he wants it to be done. Perhaps he'd
publish more often if enough subscriptions or sales made it possible, but
they don't. In the meantime, he's an independent publisher and an artist
like many people on this list. His moral right as an artist deserves
respect as a human being. His copyright as an artist and an independent
publisher demands respect under the law.

The suggestion that Lightworks be scanned and posted to the web involves
moral right and copyright. Scanning and posting the entire contents of a
publication is not advertising. It is republishing. It is inappropriate to
republish Charlton Burch's magazine until he gives permission.

If you intend to benefit Charlton Burch and Lightworks, contact him and ask
permission to scan and post.

-- Ken Friedman

Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 19:46:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lord Hasenpfeffer [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Subject: FLUXLIST: lightworks

 lightworks is a great magazine with muchflux stuff in it. and charlton burch
 is a very nice guy. buy back issues. send him lots of money.

How about if somebody scans the pages and rips the audio from their copies
and then puts them on the web for everybody to enjoy?

This would be very beneficial because people who'd never know about Mr.
Burch and his mag otherwise would suddenly be enlightened to them!



Re: FLUXLIST: Has anyone thought to ask Charlie Burch ?

2000-05-25 Thread ann klefstad

Ken Friedman wrote:

 Come on, people.

Dear Ken,

Myke made his suggestion tongue-in-cheek, with a certain bitterness. In the debate
over copyright, his position has been that it is illegitimate to take work without
authorization. So in this case where it would obviously be a base act to post the
work on the web, he ironically suggested it. A Modest Proposal.

Email is often too devoid of context--one reason to have those long strings
following postings around!

Be assured, M'sieu Pepperbunny would never actually do such a thing as rip off
another artist.


Re: FLUXLIST: Has anyone thought to ask Charlie Burch ?

2000-05-25 Thread Lord Hasenpfeffer


Hi!  I was not seriously suggesting what I suggested.
Thank you for so coherently defending my point of view.

Metallica = Charlton Burch = Lord Hasenpfeffer = All Artists Everywhere

As far as moral right - I'm constantly being told by atheists and agnostics
that my morals are worthless shite.  If that is true then who can legitimately
declare that such a thing as "moral right" even exists?  I mean, it
either does or it doesn't.  Which is it?