Re: Encryption

2003-02-10 Thread Jeremias Maerki
Hi Patrick On 10.02.2003 06:17:26 Patrick C. Lankswert wrote: Ok... with two separate weekends of the stomach flu in my house, it took a little longer than I had hoped. However, I have a working copy of the V1 R2 encryption with support for user and owner passwords, print, copy, content edit

include file in XSL

2003-02-10 Thread Athalye, Rishi
Hi, We are creating a PDF by applying the XSL to the data (XML). We are using several XSLs which present the data in different formats. There is some content which is common for all these XSLs. Can I do something similar to what is achievable via an include directive in HTML. Thus, I would not

RE: include file in XSL

2003-02-10 Thread George Yi
You can put those common things in a template and use call-template to handle this. -Original Message- From: Athalye, Rishi [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 4:07 PM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: include file in XSL Hi, We are creating a PDF by applying the

Re: include file in XSL

2003-02-10 Thread Clay Leeds
Rishi, An xsl:include element exists: NOTE: it must exist only as a child of xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform. In other words, it must appear just below the root xsl:stylesheet element. There is also xsl:import which is similar. I recommend picking

Re: [Fwd: Percentages + absolute lengths]

2003-02-10 Thread Peter B. West
Fopdevs, Sorry about the delay in getting the integration wiki going. One of the reasons was that I wanted to formulate a couple of questions to the editors about aspects of the property handling, because the issues had the potential to cause awkward modifications to the code. The one that

Re: /BT in PS

2003-02-10 Thread Jeremias Maerki
On 11.02.2003 07:37:44 Zhong Yi wrote: Thanks for clarifying /BT for me. I have been able to get WinCVS working. Good to hear. So far I have implemented QUAD_TO segment in, text drawing and correct those color issues. I did not implement a StrokeSVGText for PS because