Fop flop?

2001-07-11 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hi foppers I just checked out the latest fop from CVS (after a long hiatus). After building it I get the attached messages when I try to run it against an input file that works under the version of FOP I downloaded from the web page today. I suspect this is a problem with the CVS FOP but I'm

Re: FOP in a servlet under load

2001-07-18 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hi With my changes to FOP I can process tens of thousands of pages of XML:FO in only a few Mb of heap. I have asked for testers but so far noone has responded... this sounds like an ideal environment in which to test, no? The performance of FOP seems also to have improved, probably because

Re: FOP in a servlet under load

2001-07-18 Thread Mark Lillywhite
I just run 30 threads of my earlier chapter 15 allelements example on my home machine and noticed that compared to a single thread run, time spent on XSLT increased roughly 6 fold, time spent on build FO tree increased 30 fold, formating 12 fold. Context switches are at 6 per second level

Re: FOP in a servlet under load

2001-07-18 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hi, You can certainly fire them over to me - I'll be happy to test. Great! Thanks. I'm just about ready to send you a bunch of stuff, I think. Have worked out the citations business and will ask you a few questions privately if that's OK. Well, yeah, you're right. Rather than comment on this

Re: FOP in a servlet under load

2001-07-18 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hi Weiqi, In unmodified FOP, input from the source FO document occurs entirely at the beginning of the FOP run, and output entirely at the end. Therefore, the largest part of FOP processing occurs entirely in-memory and is therefore CPU bound. If you run 30 CPU bound threads concurrently on a

FOP jar and patches available

2001-07-19 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hey Fopstars I've finally managed to post my diffs, JARs, tars and output samples, along with a fairly lengthy explanation of what I've done, to the web. This includes a PDF bug fix so that Acrobat should work again, now. Check it all out at: Let me know if any

Re: logging

2001-08-01 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Isn't logging going to be a standard part of JDK 1.4? I thought that was going to be based on IBM's Log4J. Is Avalon's logging based on that? If not, should the 'standard' be considered? IIRC JDK 1.4 logging includes the ability to log to syslog (on unix) and whatever the logging mechanism is

RE: Public API Change in Driver (Was Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - Cocoon2)

2001-08-09 Thread Mark Lillywhite
FOP underwent some major refactoring to massively reduce memory usage, and it might not be possible to make a workable deprecated API for backwards compatibility. (Mark?) We don't break API compatibility lightly, and don't expect to have to do so again in the foreseeable future. Sorry for not

Attracting companies to FOP (was: Re: Public API Change in Driver)

2001-08-10 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Hi fopsians, Arved sed, I think that OS practise is proving out that largish projects (and FOP is a largish project) need a core team of at least 2 or 3 FT developers to provide momentum, continuity, and a rallying point. FOP doesn't have that, although long-time developers and

Re: FAQ: Where's the Windows zip file for Fop?

2001-08-28 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Why not stick the whole distro into a JAR file? Everyone has jar, don't they? (and aren't JAR and ZIP files compatible with each other?). Maybe this is a dumb idea but it seems a bit silly to have platform wars when there's a Java standard for archiving. I'm not really sure why we don't see

Re: OT(?): transcendental functions in XSLT

2001-09-17 Thread Mark Lillywhite
Howdy transformers, Thanks to those that helped me out. I tried the developerworks article that Trevor mentioned; the article was for an older version of xalan, but once I knew where to look I was able to bind to the java.lang.Math class and now I have transcendentals coming out my ears :)

RE: selected checkbox

2001-12-19 Thread Mark Lillywhite
I haven't followed this thread at all, however it occurs to me that you can get a Graphics object from Batik (can't you?), draw into it using the java.awt.Graphics API, and then output that as SVG. So couldn't you create a JCheckBox and paint it to an SVG Graphics() ? Maybe I'm talking rubbish