Re: Problems running FOP

2001-08-08 Thread Peter S. Housel
TAR File Smart CR/LF Conversion in the Configuration dialog, just in case it guesses wrongly about whether a file is a text file or not. Cheers, -Peter S. Housel- [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Xslt task issue (was Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - Fop)

2001-08-26 Thread Peter S. Housel
At Sun, 26 Aug 2001 16:48:52 +0200, Karen Lease wrote: OK. I fixed it. I found a way to build the font files without using the mergefile attribute on Xslt (thanks to an example in the XSLT Recommendation on how to use the key function on an external document - cool!). Then I changed

Re: Alternative to SVG

2001-10-30 Thread Peter S. Housel
I don't think it's possible to embed pdf directly into another pdf document. It *might* be possible to support eps directly with fop by using pdf xobjects (not quite sure here, but I think I remember somthing about that from the pdf spec), but then the pdf document would have to be printed on

Re: timeframe for maintenance release

2001-12-06 Thread Peter S. Housel
font encoding patch in the release? Cheers, -Peter S. Housel- [EMAIL PROTECTED] - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: uncommitted patches

2002-01-10 Thread Peter S. Housel
while browsing the archives I found the following uncomitted patches, and as it is quite frustrating if your patch gets not noticed (and you worked hard for it..) we should try to commit all (if possible). * improved font-encoding by Peter S. Housel (see

Suggestions for the How to get Help page

2002-03-18 Thread Peter S. Housel
1. In item 1, the word embed is spelled incorrectly. 2. The word get in the title should probably be capitalized. 3. A link to ESR's How to Ask Questions the Smart Way ( might be helpful. Cheers, -Peter S. Housel- [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: infinity character and PDF

2002-04-10 Thread Peter S. Housel
to change the font for special characters. Another alternative is to embed a TTF font that includes all of the characters you need. The docs/examples/fo/ file lists all of the characters supported by each of the default fonts in their standard encodings. Cheers, -Peter S. Housel- [EMAIL

Re: Re: the license of Chinese hyphenation pattern file

2002-07-23 Thread Peter S. Housel
stoneson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: the problem is : when I use to write a part of Chinese in the block or table-cell, the Chinese text could not broken in the end of line. so I use the hyhens to fixed it, the problem solved, but there is not hyhens file of Chinese for FOP, I wonder is

Re: Sun XSL Formatter

2002-12-14 Thread Peter S. Housel
Arved Sandstrom [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Well, Java or C or C++ or Haskell, it would have been nice to have a clue. We have an ASF tradition of developing communities...this kind of stuff that Sun and IBM does is getting old. Don't open-source it; sell it. I will argue against its adoption