Re: representative example needed [was in fop-user]

2005-02-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
[Web Maestro Clay] It would be *great* if some enterprising and generous developer could spend the time to generate FOP-based XSL-FO documents from the XML, XSLT and XPath specs. In fact, that would be a useful tool for comparing how fop-0.20.5 compares to fop-1.0-dev (the FOP re-design/TRUNK

Re: representative example needed [was in fop-user]

2005-02-14 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Glen Mazza a écrit : So I think we should wait on this until the W3C makes up its own stylesheet without extensions, and makes the same stylesheet publicly available for any XSL processor to run. OK. I personally don't feel capable of writing a stylesheet from scratch: I'm not familiar enough

Re: border-before-width length-conditional

2005-02-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Jeremias Maerki a écrit : Am I right that for a table-cell in collapsing border model the conditional part of a length-conditional (ex. in border-before-width) has no effect (i.e. is ignored)? I would answer no, actually not exactly. If I understand the spec correctly, the conditional part has an

Re: Plass, Michael Frederick: Optimal Pagination Techniques for Automatic Typesetting Systems

2005-03-03 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Fop Team, Simon Pepping a écrit : On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 08:19:24AM -0700, Victor Mote wrote: Jeremias Maerki wrote: While looking for material on page breaking I found several references to this document: Does anyone know if it's worth