RE: Fop Memory Use

2011-05-20 Thread Eric Douglas
Appears to be solved. I believe I've found where the memory went. The PNGRenderer needs a lot of memory to transform large documents. If I'm reading this right, from the results of JVisualVM, the memory use is the pixel size. The PNGRender stores every page as an image, which can be retrieved

Re: Fop Memory Use

2011-05-20 Thread Andreas L. Delmelle
On 20 May 2011, at 20:44, Eric Douglas wrote: Hi Eric snip / The FO actually wasn't using much memory, just something Fop was doing when I tried to use that FO to generate a parge PDF all at once. So, I just save my FO files in an array and generate the PNG page images no more than 10 at